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Title: Devoured  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Date Reviewed:

                                                January 19, 2001                                                         


Title:                                       Devoured


Overall Rating:                      C+

Picture Quality:                      B+

Bonus Features:                     C


Production Company:            Adam & Eve 


Director:                                 Nicholas Steele


Cast:                                       Silvia Saint, Felicia, Nikita Denise, Julie Meadows, Bunny Luv, Mark Davis, Dale Da Bone, Alec Metro and Voodoo.


DVD Features:                      1.         Chapter selection - 6 Chapters with Hot Shot features that        enable you to jump directly to the money shots.

                                                2.         Cast Biographies on Silvia Saint, Mark Davis, Dale Da Bone, Bunny Luv and Felicia.

3.            Slide show with 20 color slides shot during the making of           this flick.

4.            Live Sex Chat information

5.            Previews for Fire and Ice, Turquoise Blue, Tales from the     Pink, Serenade, Scent of Passion, Snow Leopard, The      Ultimate Experience, A Slave to Fashion, Infinite Bliss,         Touch, The Naked Truth and The Ultimate Experience II.



In the Adam & Eve love-story Devoured, The beautiful, and now retired, Silvia Saint catches the eye of Billionaire Mark Reeves (played by British stud, Mark Davis).  Silvia is a rival businessperson and Mark is anxious to destroy her before he gets in the way of a major deal.  Mark should not feel so threatened though; the man has everything money can buy.  The first thing it buys him is a nasty little fuck with the dark-haired vixen, Voodoo (who doesn't speak a word of English).  He and his business partner moan profusely as the chick takes time out of her day to suck their hard cocks.  She then takes it from behind while continuing to slobber all over the partner's dick.  She's fucked in the ass by both guys and then takes a nice load in the face from each of her suitors.


Mark calls upon another partner (Dale Da Bone) to rid the business world of Silvia, but before he can do his partners dirty work, he must do the deed with his girlfriend, Ms. Bunny Luv.  The couple has a hot little romance fuck outdoors.  Moments worth mentioning-Dale on his knees sucking Bunny's slippery cunt while she stands over him, wrapping her legs around his shoulders.  This is a really intense foreplay scene and you can hardly wait until he pulls out the big gun!  He sucks and tongues her pussy until she cums.  Later she fucks him, backward cowgirl, and then standing up, from behind (very nice!) until he pulls out and cums all over her tight ass. 

Later that day Dale attempts to follow Silvia and photograph her every move.  Well, you can imagine what the boy captures on film!  His first glimpse of sexy Czech is outside her house with boyfriend.  It's a shame Silvia's not making movies anymore because she has to be the sexiest woman in the industry.  She looks like a fifties pin-up girl-it's like watching Marilyn Monroe being fucked in the ass! 


Richard, Silvia's lover, seems distressed because someone wants to buy his business so he takes a little breather at the Crab Shack.  The bartender at the shack is Katie (Julie Meadows) and she has a surefire remedy for all that ails the distressed Suit.  Katie lies back on a pool table and sucks his hard cock.  Julie is another one of my favorites. She normally looks really natural and sexy but they have her a bit too dolled up in this movie. It doesn't make her performance any less satisfying however, the girl has the body of a high school girl but grinds it like a fuckin pro!  This is an extra long scene and the couple fucks all over the place until he finally spits his cheese wiz all over her tits.


Silvia is upset but finds comfort in her good friend Felicia.  The two go horseback riding together and then a boring girl-girl in slow motion ensues.  It's very Playboy channel and since I'm sick to death of girl-girl scenes with Felicia I'm probably bias, but I hated this scene and found it incredibly tedious and slow.  Not even Silvia Saint with a horsewhip made this scene worth watching.  No, I take that back, Silvia with a horsewhip is worth watching no matter who she's with. 


Silvia has dinner that night with Mark and the couple goes at it in what is the second slow-motion sex scene in the movie.  Up until the all-girl scene, they were limiting their use of this annoying camera feature but unfortunately, Adam and Eve just can't leave well enough alone.  I love Adam and Eve stories but I'm afraid their use of slow motion cinematography is a bit over used. 


The flick ends here and the plot ends up dazed and confused, which is a shame because I really liked this movie for the first forty-five minutes.  The players are all really sexy and most of the scenes are strokable enough but the story ends up going nowhere and the last two scenes are just flat-out boring. 


Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments:       ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com



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