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Title: Watchers  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Production Company: Sin City Entertainment

Director: Michael Raven

Cast: Katja Kean, Mr. Marcus, Syndee Steele, Bridgette Kerkove, Julie Meadows, Shelby Myne, Tavalia Griffen, Chennin Blanc, Shay Sweet, Randy Spears, Evan Stone, Mike Horner, Dillon Day, Pay Myne, Shane Collins, Eric Masterson and Chris Cannon.

DVD Features:

Chapter selection - 5 Chapters

Slide show with 34 color slides shot during the making of this flick.

Website Info: www.sincityvideo.com

Previews for Eighteen & Awsome 1 & 2, and Just 18 1-4.

"Sexy Talk" phone number

Behind the scenes featurette


In Michale Raven's latest pornographic epic, the battle of good versus evil is spewing with temptation, and the leader of the pack just happens to be my absolute favorite male performer-the incredibly hot, Mr. Marcus! When our story opens we get a taste of what hell must actually be like when Bridgette Kerkove, a hooker, is lured into Marcus's world of sin and self-destruction. Another young streetwalker (Syndee Steele) is also battling some demons but is unknowingly protected by an angel of mercy (Randy Spears). Marcus, who fucks a number of women in this flick is always hot and gets it on first with the sultry Katja Kean and Tavalia Griffin in a scene so hot you could probably stop the disc here.

When Bridgette's dead body turns up, Special Investigator Mike Horner assures Julie Meadows and her detective partner that it must be the work of a cult. Later, Julie and her partner decide it is time to let off some steam by getting nasty on the couch. This scene and its starlet are so hot. Julie is one of my favorite girls on the scene and she looks very natuaral and sexy in this role. The lucky guy is so pleased he finally shoots a long load near her pussy, but it ends up hitting her in the face.

Later Marcus has a scene with the two sidekicks (mentioned earlier) and vixens, Shay Sweet, Shennin Blanc and Syndee Steele. Shay looks great as usual and is out of control with Katja; the two blondes kissing and fuking each other like tramps are sure to excite and please most audiences. Katja sucks hard on Shay's nipples and then moves her head down to her beautifully shaved pussy. Katja pulls out a long dildo and fucks Shay in the ass deep and hard. Shay really loves this and she finally cums allover the rubber cock and then Katja repeats the process all over again. Syndee and Shennin are forced to sit and watch as their fellow hooker-friend gets the fuck of her life from the devil himself. Just before they start in on Syndee the cops bust up the little orgy and engage in a gun battle with Marcus' cult of male and female followers.

In the end, the battle between Marcus and Spears decides the fate of the sexual underworld. Can Syndee be saved before it's too late? I won't spoil it for you, I will say though that Spears and Steele have a sweet and sensual encounter that's beautifully choreographed and photographed. This is a must see and a must have for your collection!

This feature is very well acted (except for Steele-learn how to use punctuation Girl!), the plot is exciting and it's shot like a cable cop show. I was very impressed with the time and care that Raven must have given this story and the artistic measure he took while creating such an exciting fuck film. I would recommend this flick to anyone who is interested in adult features; this is the best feature I have seen all year. The only real complaint is that I would have enjoyed seeing Marcus fuck the shit out of Julie Meadows. Maybe next time..

Erica Marshall

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