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Title: Winter's Passion  
Reviewer: Sheyna  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


A Winter''s Passion is an excellent choice for couples, single women or men interested in introducing their woman to porn. This film has something for just about everyone, unless you are a gangbang-cumbath-gonzo fan.  All the performers are great looking and the scenery is beautiful, including a classy beach house with nice furnishings.  There is no female degredation or fetish stuff and the characters appear to have at least somewhat caring relationships with each other. 

I have to start off by saying, however, that this DVD is a "WinDVD" which means it comes with its own set of controls that overrides your computer''s DVD player and for some reason, I could not get the audio to work.  I checked all the Help menus but couldn''t figure it out, so I had no sound throughout the whole film! 

There does appear to be a romantic plot and storyline, however, which takes up some amount of time in the film.  The story starts out with a group of young, hot looking men and women having a friendly dinner together in the beach house.  After dinner and some wine, they all start fucking right there on the table with the food still on it.  Never thought of that one before.  There is terrific camera work in this scene.  An excellent blowjob is performed by Rebecca Lord, never missing a beat, while several other combinations of people are getting nasty on a leather couch.  The  blond takes a hammering.  There is discrete condom use. 

The next scene starts with a lengthy shower scene that will turn your woman on and give her ideas, followed by more great sex between great looking performers in a beautiful bedroom with good camera work.  A following scene featuring a cute redhead could be an audition for Barnum and Bailey Circus because a three-way gets pretty acrobatic and gymnastic.  The redhead has a really nice pussy. 

The last scene left me wanting desperately to fuck the male star, who I think is named John Decker, but not sure about that.  He gives terrific 69.  The blond, who I think is Shayla LaVeaux, gives a good blowjob to his clean-shaven cock and balls.  Then she gets into a rolicking reverse cowgirl for quite some time.  This guy seems to really have the moves and he is young, muscular and fine looking. 

Overall, except for the fact that a) I had no sound with this movie; b) the WinDVD fast-forward feature is not so hot, and c) I am actually a gonzo fan, I really enjoyed this film and like I said, would recommend it to most mainstream porn watchers.  I give it an overall excellent rating.    


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