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Title: Trial By Copulation  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Trial By Copulation

Trial By Copulation


Overall rating: C+

Female looks: A-

Male looks: B

Sex: B-

Plot/Acting: B

Extras: A-

A/V Quality: A


Director: James Avalon

Starring: Gwen Summers, Tina Thomas, Syren, Dee, Caroline Pierce, Phyllisha Anne, Katie Gold, Inari Vachs, Temptress, Azlea Antista, Herschel Savage, Mark Davis, Ian Daniels, Anthony Crane, Rob, Chris Cannon

Sound: B

Picture: B


"Trial By Copulation" is a dark vision of a dystopian world. Porn-noir, so to speak. Herschel Savage plays Mr. H. He's accused of a crime and brought to trial in a series of events that are intentionally confusing and unfathomable. The story, such as it is, seems to be an excuse to have a stylishly moody setting. So don't go digging too deep into the plot - it's just a porn flick with mood lighting.


First scene features Gwen Summers and Phyllisha Anne as a pair of Fetish Cops who bust in on Mr. H and search him for evidence. They find it in the form of his erection and decide to tamper with it. Over his protests, Phyllisha sucks Mr. H's cock with great skill. It's a hot blowjob that has Gwen watching with lust in her eyes. They lead him to the couch and force him to fuck Phyllisha doggy style as Gwen pulls his hair. It's all hard thrusts and cries of "Ow" from our hero until Gwen sits him down and straddles him while Phyllisha sits on his face. Gwen is a squeaky lady and the three of them together make a lot of rough and tough noises. The lighting gets in the way at times, obscuring some of the action. Mr. H cums on Phyllisha's tongue, she passes it to Gwen's mouth (eeeww) and she puts it in a test tube. They make with some legal talk and leave him. It was a set up, but no one's sure what for.


Mr. H goes to court and more confusing plot happens there with Syren playing the judge. On his way home he sees Inari Vachs and Katie Gold on a couch in the hall. They're tarted-up girls and they taunt him before getting it on with each other ("You can watch but you can't touch!"). The sex between these two is pretty good. They start with mutual rubbing through their panties and work up to the nasty stuff in a very drippy, spitty manner. It doesn't suck. Katie rides Inari's face for a time and it ends with Inari practically on her head, legs spread wide, as Katie fingers her. They finish up and bid Mr. H good night.


Mr. H has a dream of a mysterious, sepia-toned woman and then in the morning goes to see his lawyer, played by Tina Thomas. She's with another client, a silent Mark Davis, and they dance (rather well, actually) before she pulls out his cock and blows him. She has a great tongue and uses it well. They strip down to reveal Tina's hot body in a great corset and stockings. Mark eats her pussy as she holds her legs high. The lighting is awful, which is too bad with such good action. He begins to fuck her and at this point I noticed that there was no sound other than the music. I hate that. I want to hear the actors. It is nice to watch, though, as they do it doggy style and he ends up blowing his load on her face.


Tina tells Mr. H to see a therapist and doesn't give him any other details. We still don't know why he's in trouble. More plot gets him to a bar with his fiancée (also played by Syren) who breaks up with him by fucking the busboy right there in the bar.


Syren sucks on Ian (the busboy) Daniels' dick for a good long time. Her hands are busy along his shaft as her tongue makes frequent appearances. Cut to reverse cowgirl while Syren rubs her clit. This is the best view in the film. We are treated to a full shot of Syren's fantastic body. With her full curves and large, natural breasts Syren is arguably the best-looking woman in the picture. Once again, we do not get to hear the actors; the only sound is the music. It's good, but it isn't Syren moaning in pleasure, which is what I really want to hear. They try some doggy style fucking and end it with missionary in a chair. Watching Syren makes it all worthwhile.


More plot that doesn't make much sense happens and, after a weird dream, Mr. H goes to see the therapist. It turns out to be a pseudo-voodoo ritual with Dee dancing in a room covered in symbols with two grass-skirted men watching her. Dee has the kind of body that would make any mail-order lingerie look good. Mr. H settles in for the show. This is a disturbing and disjointed scene (again, intentionally) with startling noises, an actual pig's head on a stick and a dead fish on a string. Yet again, the only sound is the music.  Dee takes the two men at either end of her and gets some doggy style anal action as well. Then Mr. H imagines her straddling him. She gets a bit of DP and then all three cum on her. But it was all a dream! While the scene is unsatisfying, Dee is a lean and tan hottie who deserves more screen time, but that will have to wait for another movie.


Mr. H is hustled to court and we see a film of the Mystery Girl (Caroline Pierce) giving a mysterious blowjob. She's very, very good at it, but the scene is far too short.


Next day Mr. H is back in court for the titular Trial By Copulation. He gets a girl and his opponent Mr. S gets a girl. They must fuck for an hour and then, when the bell rings, the first man to cum goes free and the other gets the death penalty. All clear? Great. Go!


Mr. H gets sexy cheerleader Temptress, a leggy, slim blond with sweet natural tits. Mr. S (Chris Cannon) gets sexy cheerleader #2, Azlea Antista, whose fake tits are obvious, but her curvy bod is easy on the eyes. On the whole, Mr. H and Temptress are the more exciting couple. They kiss deeply as she jerks his dick. Mr. S spends some time licking on Azlea's cunt. Temptress gets on all fours and blows Mr. H slowly, she takes his shaft to the base with ease. They move to a 69 as Mr. S gets a blowjob of his very own and Syren fondles herself. The men then take the women doggy style and we see some nice views of the action. All four get into missionary and Mr. H kisses Temptress again as  they fuck slow and hot. The hour is up and Mr. S cums first, condemning Mr. H to death.


The hanging is the weirdest part of all and ends with a parachute scene, but I won't spoil the surprise.


Overall: James Avalon had a vision and he brought it to the screen successfully. He may have had a point with this film, but I missed it. Confusing does not always mean "interesting." The flick was stylish, but seemed too artsy-noir to make me take the effort seriously. The dark and moody lighting was well done, but it sometimes got in the way of the action. The music was fantastic, but it was the only sound in several scenes. I suggest turning on the German language track to hear dubbed groaning and moaning ("Ja! Das es gut! Ja!"). Grade A effort, grade C+ result.


Extras: The DVD actually gives the type of extras you might expect in mainstream discs. The scene selections are all titled. There's a great cast list with the bios, stats, and short filmography for many of the female cast members. A slide show style photo gallery and 13 full previews of other Metro films are nice touches. The best part, however,  is the Behind the Scenes featurette that shows some of what goes into the making of the film. We get a peek at the actresses getting into costume and practicing their lines as well as some between takes footage. Good stuff.





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