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Title: Obsession of Laure  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A



Title: L''Obsession de Laure (The Obsession of Laure)


Starring: Laure Sinclair, Nikita, Vicca, Anita Dark, Anita Blond, Zolt Walton, Francesco Malcom, Nadia Linden, Andrew Youngman, Christophe Clark.


Studio: Wicked Pictures in association with Mark Dorcel


Extras: Audio tracks in French, Spanish, German, and Italian. Subtitled in Swedish, Portuguese, and Danish. Ad for www.dorcel.com.  Biographies of Anita Dark, Victoria Queen, and Laure Sinclair.  Still photo library, jump-to-a-scene.


Format: Single-sided DVD

Length: 90 minutes


OVERALL:      A  (an excellent work)

Picture quality: A  (very clean and sharp, occasional jerkiness of camera angle)

Sound quality:  A (good clean sound, nice orchestral soundtrack)

Acting quality:  B (This isn''t Hollywood, but it''s not bad!  The women are gorgeous!)



This film is divided into 11 scenes.  I will take a look at each one below.  This film had a decent plot.  Plots are notoriously weak in pornos, but this one was good enough to make it so that the successive sex scenes flowed logically from the previous ones.  The women are exquisitely beautiful.  I can''t pick a favorite between Laure and Vicca, but both are great.  The sex is spirited.  The soundtrack is nice with a synthesized orchestral sound that is much better than the usual American audio.  I''d give this title a strong recommendation.


A Look at Each Scene:

Scene 1:

Anita Dark visits a shrink for some counseling.  Her husband is making her fuck other men for his entertainment, and she doesn''t like it.  After a mild pretense, we get to see some good doctor-patient action.  She gives him a skillful blowjob and the doc reciprocates by banging her in several positions, along with a nice assfuck.


Scene 2:

The doc''s wife (Vicca) arrives home and brings with her her new houseguest, Laure Sinclair (she is the new French teacher for their son).  The wife calls her husband at his office.  Unfortuantely he is preoccupied receiving a blowjob from his patient.  His wife suspects something is amiss and decides to go get some hanky panky of her own.  She heads over to some stud''s house to get banged. Vicca is a real goddess and looks beautiful in her fur coat - VERY fuckable.


Scene 3:

While Vicca is en route to her tryst, Laure has the house to herself.  She checks out her new room and begins to masturbate.  She''s a really hot piece of ass.  A nice soundtrack cuts in with some music and she does a striptease and friggs herself to orgasm.  The doc''s son surreptitiously sneaks in and watches her without her knowing.  If I were to host a foreign exchange student, I''d want her to look like Laure.  Nothing like some hot international pussy.  Laure gives us a great show and this is one hot scene.


Scene 4:

Scene 4 is pure genius.  Vicca is dressed to kill in a tight white teddy and stockings.  Her lingerie is exquisite and her thin, firm body is incredible.  This is what porn is all about.  Vicca puts on a tease for her young stud, a gigolo-type who seems to spend his entire day lounging in his underwear, lifting weights, and having sex.  What a life!  Unfortunately this scene is slightly dark in terms of lighting and too short!


Scene 5:

At dinnertime, the wonderfully dysfunctional family (both Mr. and Mrs. have engaged in extramarital action today) sits down to eat and Laure remembers she brought along a bottle of French wine as a gift.  When she goes to retrieve it, the doc''s son follows after her.  He wants some pussy after the show he saw that afternoon.  He blackmails Laure into giving him a quick blowjob.  This scene is also excellent.  Laure really looks hot - she is dressed very elegantly and looks the part of a rich bitch forced to suck dick.


Scene 6:

The doc and his wife get in on in their bedroom.  A nice soundtrack plays in the background as he feels her up and they get busy.  Again, Vicca is a goddess.  I cannot overemphasize how beautiful she is.  She gives a killer blowjob and he eats her out on the bed.  As they begin to fuck, Anita Blond watches from the shadows.  Anita is the housemaid.  The sex is amazing and incredibly hot.  I especially liked watching Vicca ride him on the bed.  Anita stops being a voyuer and walks right in the room, joining in the sex.  I really didn''t think it was necessary to add her to this scene.  The scene was great without her but it should suit your two-girl one-guy fetish.  Vicca takes it up the ass after the doc fucks Anita. As the threesome fuck each other, the son gets busy with Laure out in the living room on the couch.  Laure gets her clit sucked and her pussy pounded.  The doc finishes his scene by cumming on the faces of his two ladies; his son finishes by cumming all over Laure''s tits.  He shoots a monstrous load and Laure really gets into it.


Scene 7:

It is breakfast on day two at the household.  Laure gets to go visit our friend the playboy at his poolside parlor of love.  She complains about having shoulder pain, so he gives her a massage... touching.  Laure is soon on her hands and knees gobbling his pecker.  Vicca is watching from the background and frigging herself.  Laure rides the boy-toy and we get some nice views from the mirrors on the walls.  He fucks her in the ass as she fingers herself.  He cums on her face and tits to end the scene.


Scene 8:

The doc is a lucky man.  He''s thinking about Laure and is troubled. He wants her cunt and hasn''t gotten it yet.  What''s a man to do?  He calls his secretary into his office and orders her to strip and masturbate for him.  She obliges.  If only the workplace were this casual... She is a looooong legged blonde with an incredibly lean tight body.  The doc jerks off while she masturbates.  Next, he bends her over the desk and makes her suck his dick.  The doc walks behind the desk and fucks her in the rear.  The usual sex unfolds and he bones her in the ass.  In one strange part, he fucks her feet.  It ends with a (bad) facial cumshot.


Scene 9:

Laure is tutoring the doc''s son that evening.  After finishing up, she walks by the doc.  He awkwardly asks her if they can "get to know each other" better.  She says no, and he tries to grab her.  She firmly says no, and walks away.  The doc isn''t used to rejection, and he wants her badly.  Poor man.  Next we see Laure bathing in her bathtub.  Anita Blond walks in out of nowhere and a lez scene begins.  I didn''t really get into this scene.  The next morning the doc apologizes to Laure and all is forgiven - supposedly.  His son spends the day frolicking around Budapest (the setting of the story) with Laure while the doc sits in his office and mopes.  Laure and the son get it on in the stairwell of some building.  It''s nice seeing Laure clad in a fur coat sucking on a dick, but the lighting is poor in this scene - too dark.  True, this adds to the voyeuristic and dangerous element of public sex, but it could have been done better. The sex is hot, as is most on this DVD.


Scene 10:

The doc''s family is throwing a house party (in the porn world, this translates to mass orgy).  The doc gets it on with two lovely ladies (Anita Blond and one who I do not know).  His wife doesn''t seem to mind, so they must have an "open" marriage.  As he fucks these two whores, directly in front of him Laure is blowing and banging some guy.  He wants her.  He gets up and tries to touch her but she pushes him away.  The nerve! Nobody rejects the doc!  The sex in this scene is fine, but it doesn''t have much in the way of plot, unlike much of the rest of this DVD.


Scene 11:

The doc gets his revenge in this scene.  He buys Laure a one-way ticket back to Paris and tells her she shouldn''t have declined his advances (if that isn''t sexual harassment... but who cares, it''s only porn).  That evening as the doc bangs his wife, he keeps having visions that he''s having sex with Laure.  He is obsessed with her, and can''t escape her grip.  I don''t pity him, he''s got himself a goddess slut for a wife, what more does a man need?


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