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Title: XXX  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Review: This was a great film. Nic has combined a good script with some very hot sex. Detectives Steve Hatcher and Sindee Cox are assigned to stakeout the home of a sexy murder victim. The household is inhabited by Madam Melissa Hill and working girls Kim Kataine, Sid Deuce and Anna Malle. Melissa and Kim fuck around for a while, some oral and finger fucking ensue and then the cops watch as Melissa does a solo dance in front of the window. Melissa dances around, rubbing her body with a purple feather boa. Needless to say, this gets Sindee and Steve all hot and bothered and they have a great fuck on the couch. A local congressmen (Jonathon Morgan) pays the madam a visit and requests the company of two submissive whores he can act out his dirty little fantasies on. Wish granted. His whores come into the room on their hands and knees led on dog leashes by Kataine. Anna Malle and Sid Deuce, decked out in full S&M garb look really hot and slutty, Anna can suck mean political-dick. Sid is a bit loud and over-the-top, but the scene is still rough and sexy. There is a lot of slapping and spitting (Sid loves to slap herself and have Anna spit on her cunt) so if you're at all bothered by S&M, this light bondage play might be a bit much. The male cop (Hatcher) confronts the madam about the murdered girl, an employee of Melissa's and she takes him into one of the rooms to have a hot little fuck with Stephanie Swift (un-credited). Steve sucks on Stephanie's pussy as Melissa looks on, eventually joining in on the action. This is the hottest sex scene in the film with the best cum shot. Melissa jacks Steve's cock and he cums all over Stephanie's small mouth. Later Steve is rummaging around the congressmen's office and finds a tape of Senator Harry Boyle (Randy West) fucking in the office. Steve finds a log of many congressmen, senators and policemen involved with Melissa Hill and her girls. He contacts his partner and arranges to meet in the alley and the film ends in an explosive shoot-out. This was a great film, decent plot and hot sex. Melissa Hill was under-used however. She's got a great body and I know the man in my house wished there was more of her in this film.   

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