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Title: A Winter's Passion  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Date Reviewed:

                                                October 4, 2000


Title:                                       A Winter's Passion


Overall Rating:                      B-

Picture Quality:                      B

Bonus Features:                     B-


Production Company:            Adam & Eve    www.adameve.com


Director:                                 Thomas Paine


Cast:                                       Shayla LaVeaux, Rebecca Lord, Mia Ciccero, Johnni Black, Roxanne Hall, John Decker,             Michael J. Cox, Billy Glide & Steve Hatcher.


DVD Features:                      1.         Chapter selection - 5 Chapters

2.                  Slide show with 24 color slides shot during the making of this flick.

3.                  Preview Caribbean Undercover.

4.                  Website Information

5.                  Biographies on Johnni Black, Rebecca Lord, Roxanne Hall, Shayla La Veux, Steve Hatcher and John Decker.                               


In Thomas Paine's A Winter's Passion, Shayla La Veaux is a beautiful young swimsuit model that falls for her shy and handsome photographer (John Decker).  Ignoring Johnni's warnings to steer clear from the shutterbug stud, she attempts at schoolgirl flirting but is unsuccessful at first.  The other models however score big time with the rest of the photography crew on and around the kitchen table.  Billy Glide has quite time with Mia Ciccero and Johnni Black on his dick while Michael J. Cox Hatcher buries his face into Rebecca Lord's beautiful French pussy.  Rebecca lies back on the table while Michael tongues fiercely at her cunt, spitting and slobbering all over her hairy muff.  Later she drops to he knees and sucks his hard dick until he can't stand it anymore and he takes it and shoves it into her wet snatch.  Rebecca is so beautiful and she looks incredible hot as Michael stands over her and shoves his dick into her tight asshole.  Meanwhile Billy has Mia's hungry mouth on his cock while Johnni sits on his face and enjoys some serious oral action from Billy's long tongue.  Billy slams his huge cock in Mia's tight pussy while Johnni fingers her clit and waits patiently for her turn.  Billy thrusts fast and hard, pulling out occasionally to fuck Johnni's moth and suck on Mia's spent pussy.  While Michaels's getting a little ass action Billy watches with wide eyes and shoves his own cock into Mia's tight backdoor.  The girls trade off, each getting a rear full of Billy's thick stick.  Billy is so hot and I'm wet just watching his ripped body fuck the shit out of these two blonde sluts.  Eventually the girls all line up on the couch and take it in the face as both guys jerk themselves dry.  This is an exciting scene because both guys have huge cocks and the girls are genuinely pleased. 


Shalya and John awake on the beach and when they come back to the house they are alone and take a sweet and soapy shower.  The scene is shot in slow motion and this drives me absolutely batty-I'll never understand what's sexy about watching people fuck in slow motion, nor do I understand why they still put soundtracks completely over the sex scenes anymore, this isn't the seventies-it's ok to hear the total unencumbered screams and rants of a couple getting off.  They do take it from the shower to the bed however, and the camera stops with the slo-mo.  John moves his head slowly down to her pussy, romantically eating and tasting her smooth pussy lips with his tongue.  She returns the favor by giving a loud and boring blowjob and then planting her squat down on his hard cock.  She lies back and he fucks her missionary and then doggie style until he shoots a giant wad of hot cream all over her ass.  They kiss and fondle each other in bed for a while (Ahhhh) and then John awakes to find a sweet note and some flowers.


He is visited later by his good friend Steve Hatcher who has brought along his new girlfriend (Roxanne Hall) whom he's sure would be a perfect model for John's photographic talents.  First, Steve and Roxanne decide to get comfortable on John's bed so John leaves them alone while they suck and fuck their little hearts out.  Steve lies back on the bed while Roxanne gives him incredible head and then takes a candle and drips the was on her tits and then onto his chest.  He is incredible turned on and almost cums in her mouth just from her cock sucking.  He goes crazy and shoves his fingers into her asshole and giving her twat some good old tongue love.  After much foreplay, he eventually shoves his cock where it really belongs and starts pummeling her pussy while lightly smacking her clit with his hand.  This girl is wild and very pretty.  She has an incredible body, beautiful skin and a smooth hairless pussy that looks as though it's never been cursed with pubic hair.  She has tight ringlets on her head that bounce around like crazy when Steve rams his cock into her tight pooper and she fucks her own cunt with four fingers.  For those of you with a shoe thing, you might like her thigh high black leather boots with steel tipped stiletto heels (I kept waiting for him to fall back on them and the steel to puncture a major organ).  In the end she hold out both her hands and he shoots a small wad of cum into them which she raises above her head and attempts to shower herself.  This doesn't work so she rubs the gooey cooze all over her tits.


Fortunately for us, Roxanne is not satisfied with Steve so she throws herself at John and we get to watch her in action in the next scene.  John kisses and gnaws on her tits and then moves his tongue down her body to her beautiful cunt.  Later he finger fucks her until she cums and then she goes ape on his long rod with her mouth.  She sucks on it and begs for his cock in her pussy.  He lies back and she sits on his cock and rocks back and forth, her smallish (real) tits bouncing above his face.  He pushes harder and faster, smacking her on the ass occasionally sending her into an oral frenzy.  This girl is great to watch and it's no wonder they used her in two scenes back-to-back.  He rolls her over, never taking his cock out of her cunt and then fucks her missionary for a long while moving from her pussy to her asshole with tender ease.  Roxy loves it and fingers her cunt again while her lover penetrates her ass deep and hard, pulling out eventually to spit out a nice amount of hot and creamy cum all over her tight little tummy.


Roxanne and John go into the bedroom to meet Steve and the threesome gets hot and heavy in a cute little sex scene on fast-forward.  Meanwhile Shayla comes knocking on the door and comes in to find her new photographer boyfriend strung out on the bed with Roxanne and Steve.  Roxanne and Shayla get into a catfight and John ends up leaving with Shayla.  He makes up for his foolish behavior later as the couple engages in another sticky scene that mirrors their first time together.  The flick ends here and leaves you wondering why the hell they even attempted a plotline.  The sex was great but their weren't enough players and the one Shayla/John scene is really enough.  I would have preferred to see more of Rebecca Lord and Billy Glide.  My opinion - ditch the script and use your best talent!



Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments:       ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com



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