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Title: Eyes of Desire  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Director: Candida Royalle Cast: Missy, Mickey G., Miss Sharon Mitchell, Tony Tedeschi, Herschel Savage, Chloe and Tom Byron. DVD Features: 1. Chapter selection - 6 Chapters 2. Slide show with forty color slides shot during the making of this flick. 3. Preview for Eyes of Desire Pt. 2 4. Audio Commentary option from Candida Royalle 5. Outtakes 6. Candida's Mission statement about Femme Productions. 7. A link to www.royalle.com and a phone number. Both can be used if you're interested in purchasing more products from Femme Productions. Rating: A Review: Our protagonist is a beautiful young woman named Lisa (Missy) who's troubled marriage has forced her to borrow a friends second home for a while. The friend has a telescope that opens up a whole new world to the shy and innocent housewife. On her second night she uses the telescope to peer into a neighbors window. The neighbor is getting it on with her friend and our heroine watches as the couple (Sharon Mitchell and Herschel Savage) play with each other on the couch. Sharon Mitchell, who's been in the business for years, still has an incredible body and Herschel would agree I guess as he is busting out his jeans. Herschel removes her black rubber panties and plants his face between her legs for a little tongue fucking. Sharon, clad only in black fishnet stockings lies back on the couch and lets him work his fingers and mouth deep inside her wet pussy. This is a very intimate scene and proceeds along nicely with Sharon returning the oral favor. Herschel, another seasoned porn stud, slides his hard cock into her pussy and she rides him cowgirl for a while, bouncing up and down fiercely. He pushes her down onto the floor, careful not to break the connection and then fucks her deep and hard missionary with his head buried in her neck. The cum shot is not shown and we are to believe that he has cum inside her. They kiss and smile sweetly at each other. The next morning Lisa moves the telescope to another window but is interrupted by the doorbell. Her husband Jamie (Tony Tedeschi) has come to see her because he misses her. At Jamie's request, the couple goes into the bedroom to make love. From an empty house across the way a viewer with a telescope watches the couple make love. Jamie gives Lisa an orgasm after eating and fucking her pussy with his mouth. She then rolls on top of him and starts sucking his hard cock and balls. Jamie is fully aroused and fondles her hair, moving it away from her face so that he can look at her. Jamie rolls her over gently and the couple fuck missionary while he kisses her mouth and neck. I love this scene because while being extremely loving and sensuous, it doesn't cease to be explicit. The couple is very much enjoying every part of one another-it's like watching a great steamy scene in a soap opera go as far as you want to watch it go! Wouldn't you just love to see Malcolm and Dru take it to this level? Sorry most of you guys aren't going to get that reference. After he cums (again we don't see the money shot), he leans over her and caresses her, pleading with Lisa to come home. He then lays his head on her chest and embraces her. Very sweet and sexy! Lisa stares out the window wondering who is the keeper of the telescope in that empty house. She remembers Jamie telling her not to put on any shows for anyone. She is turned at the idea that someone may be watching her. She drives over to the empty house but doesn't make it past the gate. Later she plays with herself in the tub, still fantasizing about who might be watching her from the vacant house. Later that night she is watching a different house and notices a couple arguing. The man is wearing a dress and his wife/girlfriend is very angry. The couple (Tom Byron and Chloe) engages in a silly game of stripping and then make passionate love. The man, still in makeup and wearing a diamond necklace, slaps her on the ass and starts tonguing her from behind. Tom's cock is rock hard and Chloe sucks and throats the large piece of man meat. The couple lovingly engages in intercourse and Chloe looks him in the eye the entire time, it's a great moment. She moans and begs him not to stop and he thrusts his rod deep inside her, keeping his head close to hers as she cums. They spoon fuck for a while and Tom pulls her on top of him in a backward cowgirl. She lies back on him and he pushes his cock up into her pussy from behind. It looks so awesome! Chloe's face is wrought with excitement and realism as she cums again. It is such a great scene! Tom fondles her clit and lets her enjoy her moment of bliss and exclaims that he wants to cum. It doesn't take him long, he fucks her again and then shoots a mountain of juice all over and then she licks him dry. The couple hug and kiss and then play fight. This is both a tender and hot scene. Lisa moves her telescope to the empty house and notices that the telescope has changed direction and is now pointed at the same house she was watching. She takes photographs of the window and blows them up, noticing a male's figure behind the telescope. Intrigued, she returns the house and enters. Upstairs she finds the room with the telescope and the man who has been watching her. He admits to having been watching her and angry, she runs out of the house. He calls her that night and they engage in a little phone sex in front of the window. This scene is very erotic and has hints of 9 Weeks influence as he orders her to strip for him and then touch herself. At his instruction she sits back on the bed and inserts a finger into her cunt. He tells her that he's touching himself and assures her that she has gotten him very aroused. He asks her to come over and she agrees. When they make love it's slow and erotic and they spend a long time just caressing each other's skin and undressing one another. After kissing and fondling they engage in a strong and passionate night of lovemaking. The film ends with a scene every couples film should have-it's passionate and romantic, explicit lovemaking. This is porn you're mother can watch, and that's not a bad thing! I would highly recommend this film to ladies and couples of any age that are looking for romantic, plot-driven adult entertainment. If you're looking for Max Hardcore don't buy this flick! This film completely ignores anal, threesomes, girl/girl and there is only one cum shot so although I found this film to be quite erotic and desirable, it may not appeal to most porn viewers. Candida Royalle is such a dynamic adult film director and I commend her for her contribution to the industry. This, as are most of her films, is a romantic and sensuous movie that lets the porn-shy viewer become aroused and stimulated through the safe median of adult entertainment. Keep up the good work! Erica Marshall Email me with questions or comments: ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com   

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