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Title: Oh My Gush  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: A


Synopsis: First of all, I'm not going to get into the question: Do these women really squirt or are they just pissing all over themselves and their partners. Is squirting real or fake? I don't know and I'll leave that discussion for the doctors. What we do get in this movie is a wide range of squirters, everything from small dribbles to gushes that could take your eye out.  Commentary: (No condoms used in any of the scenes) The first thing you will notice about this DVD is the somewhat average video-to-DVD transfer. It isn't the worst, but I think I can safely say we've all seen better. Second, the standard background music is pushed up to a level where it almost drowns out any sound the girls make. This is not the best start.   We get an introduction from Melissa, a decent looking dark brunette with smallish tits. She gives us a very brief masturbation scene with fingers only and no squirting. This leads to Leann. She is an average looking blonde with small tits. In this scene there is a ton of finger fucking and multiple gushes. She's got enough force to wet down the cameraman a few feet away. She returns the favor to her guy with a sloppy blowjob. We move on to a brief missionary and I guess that wasn't quite getting the job done. He gets off on her and goes back to more finger fucking, while she uses a vibrator on herself, giving us two more gushes.  Back to more missionary with the vibrator and some serious wood issues for our guy. He's so soft that instead of a sex scene, we get to watch him jerk is wet noodle, while she gets to another gush with the vibrator. Personally, I think she should just stick with the vibrator and lose the guy, because it's not like he's helping much. We end this scene with a completely faked internal cum shot.  Back to Melissa working herself over with a vibrator. She seems to be enjoying herself and we get some good-looking clit shots, pussy contractions and a small gush to boot.   Vision is next. She is an average looking redhead with good sized tits. She shows some decent blowjob technique with some no-hands and a lot of head motion. We move to a standing doggie with two squirts. They move onto some side missionary and then to an anal missionary, with a vibrator just on her clit. No DP here. The vibe does its job bringing her to a gush, which is difficult to see, due to the crappy lighting. This scene ends with him jerking off into her open mouth giving her a better than average facial.   Next is Kerry Downs. An average looking blonde with average tits and two labia piercings. She is working herself with a vibrator, then moves to her fingers to give us two small gushers. Still not satisfied, (honestly, if any of us could come this much in one sitting why would we leave the house?!), she moves back to the vibrator on her clit and grabs another for her pussy. Some quick shuffling around and we get a small dribbler. Tired of watching all the plastic have the fun, a guy moves in with some missionary and Kerry gushes about 3 more times looking like a broken faucet.   They move to a RCG where we get another squirt and then the bravest part of the scene: a 69 with Kerry on top. I don't know about you, but after watching her fire off about six or seven squirts I wouldn't want to be in the direct line of fire! I think she lets him off the hook with only a small stream. Up next is an uneventful doggie leading us to a weak facial with the guy jerking off.  Lyn is next skipping any foreplay and starting with some missionary and then a CG. During the missionary she kept her dress covering her tits. During the cowgirl, you'll find out why. She doesn't have much for tits and what she does have is sagging a bit. Your mileage may very, but she is not your typical looking porn star. Take it however you like it. She spins around for some RCG and then to an anal doggie. Thesquirting starts with an anal missionary and a vibrator. She gushes over 10 times and we get a simultaneous exchange of bodily fluids. He pulls out and jerks a shot completely out of the view of the camera and she returns the favor buy soaking him with her gush.   Back to our hostess Melissa, who is busy sucking cock and moving to a good looking RCG. They switch to missionary and she jerks a load off right into her open mouth. No squirting, but a decent ending and some post cum head.   Overall: Well, what did I learn from this video? 1) A woman's greatest friend is her vibrator. 2) Ifyou ever hook up with a woman that squirts, bring a tarp. And 3) We could probably use some of these women on the front lines of all these summer wild fires here out west! There are only a few good sides to this video. I've already mentioned the poor video quality and the annoying music. The sex is mediocre with the guys pulling out every so often to let the women get a free shot and the women are all average looking with only Melissa doing anything for me. If gushing is your thing you might like this video more,but for your average porn viewer, there is a lot better out there.    

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