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Title: On The Prowl #2  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Jamie Gillis shoots some unplanned escapades that he SAYS is not prearranged. Well, regardless, he manages to muster enough horny cocks in an adult video store to stuff Kiki's tight pussy. Kiki is a very cute brunette with a natural beauty about her and a killer body. Victor is Jamie's first victim, he's a shy and stunned black man who goes into the back room (which is actually a hotel room) with Kiki and Jamie and agrees to fuck her in front of the camera. Kiki removes her shirt while Victor tries effortlessly to get comfortable. Kiki has on a white cotton bra, jean shorts and white socks and tennis. She looks very cute and it doesn't take Victor long to loosen up. Kiki rubs her pussy over her shorts while Victor watches anxiously. Kiki slowly removes her shorts to reveal her matching white cotton panties. Kiki looks like a college girl and Victor finally moves in and starts rubbing her body and sucking on her erect nipples. Victor removes her panties and he hands them to Jamie who takes a good long whiff. Victor is incredibly nervous and Kiki looks a bit uncomfortable herself when Victor puts his condom clad rod into her tight little basket. The fucking is amateur, at best, and very quiet, as neither Kiki nor Victor are very audible in their displays of pleasure-or displeasure, whatever the case may have been. Victor, still wearing his black trouser socks, pumps his cock into her pussy and then cums on her belly. The poor guy didn't even give Kiki the chance to get wet before he dribbled on her tummy. Unfortunately they left the aftermath of the evening in the flick, which is a shame because if poor Victor ever buys this DVD, he may never have sex again. Jamie and Kiki proceed to make fun of him when he's gone and she finds it necessary to toss the stuffed bunny (a present from Victor) into the trash and then spit on it. Just about the time you're ready to shut off the movie a dick appears in the camera and then a hand gently stroking it until it shoots up all over the carpet. It was Jamie, choking his own log-well that wasn't any more exciting then poor Victor. It's just a shame that Kiki is such a bitch because she's actually really cute. The next horny customer is Raymon, a Latin guy with a huge grin. He has the pleasure of taking Joelani back to the hotel and giving her some incredible head. She really seems to be enjoying it and actually cums a couple of times. Joelani is your typical blonde, big fake tits in a red slutty dress and while we've seen this type before, I'm sure Ramon has never had it this easy! He really pays special attention to her pussy, lapping and sucking her juicy lips raw. Ramon is definitely not as nervous as Victor and yet he's not showing off for the camera either-he just saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and took it. He fucks her from behind and then cums on her back. Ramon leaves and now we go through about ten minutes of arduous monologue and model shots of Joelani talking to the camera and showing her best porno smile. It's now that we realize that Joelani is so high she probably doesn't even remember Ramon. She makes some ugly faces into the camera and wiggles her ass for the camera. It's really quite a turn-off. The only decent thing about this scene is the fact that Ramon could actually make her cum. Kevin is much younger and hipper than Victor and Ramon and he seems really attracted to Becca, Jamie's next slut. Kevin looks too much like an experienced porn stud though with the short dark hair and goatee. Becca is a cute redhead although looks like she could have jumped right off the Jerry Springer show. Becca undoes Kevin's belt and takes out his limp cock. She sucks it for a while and swallows his balls. Jamie instructs him to turn around and stick his ass in her face. She licks his asshole and stimulates his cock from between his legs. I'm starting to get the feeling that Kevin is really Becca's boyfriend and that they have one of those "it's ok for you to do porn honey, but only women or me" type of relationships-let me see, he manages her career for a living right? Maybe taking care of her skimpy web site. Sorry, but they seem a little too comfortable with each other for this to be your average good looking guy at the adult book store. Anyhoo- they never actually fuck but Kevin manages to shoot a load while jacking off all over the bathroom floor. Meanwhile Jamie spits on Becca, who is lying on the bathroom floor. He also makes her grunt like a pig and stick her head in the toilet. Nice..... The only real reason to even watch this flick is the last scene. Wildcat, a really hot little honey that decides to be a young guys second fuck. This guy, like most of the guys in this movie, is really nervous. Wildcat has an amazing face and when she smiles she looks a bit like Brittany Spears. They fool around in a limo and then take it back to the hotel. Unfortunately the guy can only go so long before....losing his woody. That's right guys...he's got a slut like Wildcat and he can't deliver the goods. She takes it in stride though and she's really sweet. The sex we do see is a bit of cowgirl and during her ride she exchanges some intimate conversation with Joe-this is only the second time he's had sex. This whole scene makes me feel like I'm watching a couple of high school kids have sex for the first time, it's rather bizarre. I hope we see Wildcat in other flicks though-she's so much prettier than most porn sluts and has a fresh, young body.  

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