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Title: Love At Sea  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Well, no story but some decent sex. Most of the guys have a hard time keeping it stiff though and that can be a real bummer. I love to watch big fat cock pummel a hottie from behind; there is nothing worse than a girl pretending to get off on a limp dick for the sake of the film. There is one chap however who is worth watching, he''s able to get up and go immediately following the expulsion of some pretty sticky syrup. And he cums again!! That''s always nice to see! Our first couple, no dialogue, have a nice little romp on the bough of nice yacht. A bleached blonde sucks ferociously on some bald guy''s dick while he looks down at her with a perturbed expression. One-thing guy...sit-ups! He gives her some half-assed head and then fingers her while she slaps her clit. She rubs her lips generously, moistening her cunt for his big dick. He plants it in her love hole slowly but it is obviously a bit dry. After a few thrusts, the juices are flowing and they have a decent rhythm going on. She lies on her back while he fucks her tiny torso fast and hard. Her hard implants are somehow able to withstand the rigorous movement. She then sits down on his long rod for a backward cowgirl, bouncing up and down slowly on his hairless cock. The blonde drops on all fours and backs into his dick, allowing his prick to enter in and out at nice slow speeds. After a difficult insertion, our hero finally gets the length on his rod all the way down deep into her asshole where he hammers away before shooting his cream all over her face. Our next couple of sea bearing sex fiends are hit with the love bug while steering the boat. It''s ok; our fearless captain puts the boat on autopilot and jumps out of his clothes. A dark haired beauty gives him some tight-lipped head for what seems like forever and then return the favor with some good old-fashioned pussy lapping. This guy eventually puts his dick in her sweet cunt but the camera crew finds it necessary to angle their cameras from behind and you get about five minutes of this guy''s hairy while ass. Not very pretty. This scene is about as formulaic as the last but with a much more unattractive couple. Ho hum... Next, a blonde with a botched boob job makes her man blow a full load TWICE! Oh what Viagra has done for this industry! Unfortunately, the hairy white dude shows up again, this time he''s craving the pussy of veteran Annabelle Chong. I don''t really get all the hubbub about Ms. Chong, she has a nice body but her mouth is really all fucked up. It looks like she''s been sucking on black licorice the way her teeth are stained and the slurping every time she goes down on the guy is really gross. Annabelle gives herself a DP as she pushes her electric boy toy into her cunt while the guy rams his real cock deep into her poop shoot. This flick really started to give me a headache after this scene!! The film''s last scene includes the double shooter again and a hot California blonde. He doesn''t cum twice again but shoots a nice creamy one all over her mouth. This flick was full of professional amateurs and didn''t even try for a plot. Plot aside, the sex was only mediocre and the actors weren''t even easy on the eye. On a technical note, each scene was boy/girl and each began with male BJ, then female, then missionary, doggie and then onto anal. It got very boring and for those of you looking for some group or girl/girl action, look elsewhere. I would however, recommend this for some younger guys who are sick of the Vivid, kinder, gentler porn for your wives and girlfriends, but still need something quite tame to moisten the hootchie and get her in the mood. This film is straightforward, medium hot, couples porn.  

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