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Title: Virgin Coeds #4  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


This is a really hot compelation piece if you could care less about plot-driven porn and good dialogue. The film opens (with no credits) as a young blonde is dancing for an audience of one at an empty strip club. The man joins her on the stage and starts lapping away at her neatly shaved pussy. The blonde has small tits and a petite little body. The music in the background is too loud and seems to drown out her moans and there is absolutely no dialogue between the couple (although his mouth is pretty full), but overall this makes for a great start if you like your porn quick and too the point. The man is quickly disrobed and whips out a nice cock and our blonde coed starts sucking away. He fucks her from behind for a few minutes, both are standing, and then the girl gets on her back and spreads her legs straight up in the air and the guy stands over her and fucks her by squatting up and down-this is quite a sight. He fucks her like this for a while and then cums all over her face. The next scene opens up even quicker than the last. In a nice close-up we watch as two girls take turns sucking JJ Michaels' cock. These girls are really having a great time fighting over his dick and sucking and grabbing his balls. One of the girls takes a seat on his dick while the other, a pretty brunette, rubs and licks the other girls very wet pussy. These girls are sooo dirty and both take turns fucking the shit out of this guy. The scene is choppy and moves from one position to the next very quickly but never fails in keeping the audience hard. JJ takes turns fucking them in the ass as the camera moves in closely to reveal the depth of their enormous holes. JJ pulls out and shoots his cum all over thier face and tits. Next a thin, gangly man with longish hair is being ridden by a very tiny blonde. This is the first girl in the film that actually looks like a college coed. The guy, still inside her, picks up the girl and moves her to the ground where he fucks her missionary for a while. They trade positions and she rides him hard and fast. This girl has beautiful hair and a pretty face. She's so skinny and small and although she may look young and virginal-she doesn't fuck like a virgin-None of these girls do. The guy in this scene is easy on the eyes and his dick is nice and hard but he has some very saggy balls for a guy his age. Nonetheless, this couple can really fuck and like the two girls in the last scene, this girl is actually cumming. When it's his turn, he cums all over her small tummy. In the next scene a pretty blonde is sucking on some very big cock while a homeless guy watches and jacks off from afar. The guy attached to the dick is rather oafish and brainless looking but he has a really big, really hard cock. The girl sits on his dick while he fucks her asshole with his thumb. This scene has some great camera shots. The girl has some really sexy white boots that she leaves on during their fantastic fuck-fest. The couple go at it on the couch-fucking doggie-style and then anally while she rubs a vibrator over her clit. He cums in her mouth and then she sucks him dry. Three beautiful naked women grace the screen now going at each other like true nymphos. The girls form a triangle and each fuck one another with a dildo-I feel like a need to draw you a diagram-you've got to see this. There appear to be two guys off camera who can only comment on the girls and their plutherah of toys. At one point one of the girls inserts a dildo with a sucker-pump at the base of the pussy-this thing is in incredible it sucks her clit and fucks her pussy. The girls fuck like animals with double headed dildo's, strap-ons and vibrators galore. It's just a shame that the guys never offered up any real cock for ladies-maybe they were too intimidated. Wild, wild, scene! The next scene lends itself to the wild world of S & M. The scene is shot with some really bad digital effects and slow motion (which is such a turnoff in porn). Our couple takes turns wearing one of those black leather masks while they fuck each other in a tattoo parlor. The so called "special effects" are so bad that you may just want to skip this scene. Next a really hot brunette is pleasuring herself with a rubber cock while voices are heard off camera admiring her play. The girl is really pretty and has a great body. This is strictly a masturbation scene where she lies back on a black leather couch and gently fucks her pussy with a vibrator. Two guys take on the next girl in a scene with a lot of DP and anal action. One of the guys has the thickest cock I have seen on screen in a very long time and it's just a good thing that her asshole is enormous and can take the girth of his cock. At one point both guys are laying side-by-side (credit given to the guy with the small dick) and she takes turns fucking and sucking them. One of the guys seats himself in a chair and she gets on all fours and sucks his dick while taking it in the ass from the other guy. This is followed by a shot where both guys tag team her ass and the camera gets so close even the camera man jokes about seeing her breakfast. Not a scene for the weak hearted, or the weak stomach. The guys cum all over the pretty french girl's tits. The last three scenes are older scenes, probably mid-to-late eighties and they are good, just not as great as some of the earlier scenes. This scenes compiled for this DVD are very clean and sharp, an advantage to the hard-core fans, as I'm sure this is one you guys will be watching over and over again! This film is really great for fans of raincoaters! The tape is three hours long and I swear if you haven't cum by the end of the first scene you may want to check your pulse.I would strongly recommend purchasing this one because every scene is stroke worthy and it's three hours long, so if you watch porn for stroke material you're sure to get you're money's worth.  

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