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Title: Rocki Roads' Wet Dreams  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


This film starts out like a Friday night on the Playboy channel. Soft jazz music mutes the sounds of Vince Voyeur's mouth sucking the juices from the beautiful Rocki Roads' sweet pussy. The slow motion and soft lighting make this couple look like they should be on the cover of some trashy romance novel. Personally I find this glossy pornographic droll to be quite boring-however, it is very sexy and very sensual. This film is perfect for young ladies who are looking for a little romance in their on-screen fantasies. Vince is gorgeous and remainsin his white briefs for quite some time, concentrating solely on his lovers privates. She then pulls his shorts down and sucks him off until he cums on her face. Where porn usually ends here, this scene allows Vince to regain his erection and give her ride. You go Vince! Seated, Vince grabs her waist and pushes her firm body onto his hard cock. She kneels on the seat of the chair and he takes her from behind thrusting his dick inside her and smacking his balls against her pussy. He cums again all overher ass. Wow! This is the perfect combination of "couples soft-core" and "hard-core" porn, combining hot sex with soft female fantasy. The story unfolds in the next scene when Rocki, masturbating in bed, fantasizes about herself seated at a piano. Ayoung stud clad only in a towel comes up behind her and starts caressing her breasts. He kisses her neck and spins her around. She is wearing a really sexy, black sheer dress and she spreads her legs to reveal a panti-less pussy. The man moves his head in slowly and rubs and sucks on her pussy lips. More slow-motion and soft jazz filter the raw sensuality as he fingers and gently slaps her cunt. Rocki bends over the piano and he slaps and tongues her ass. He stands and Rocki drops to her knees unveiling beneath the towel an enormous erect cock. She lies back on the piano bench and spreads her legs. He fucks her pussy gently. Later he takes her from behind and then on top of her, cumming all over her beautiful breasts. The film cuts back to Rocki in bed. The next fantasy involves another woman and as it opens the two ladies are naked in a large bath tub, kissing and sucking each others breasts. The other woman fucks Rocki's pussy quickly with a glass dildo. In slow motion we watch as both ladies suck on each other's cunts and moan in sweet ecstasy. The women fuck in the bath, the room dimly lit by candle-light. It's really quite sexy. The girls share a two-headed dildo, each taking it from behind and ramming their butt together. The scene ends with the two ladies kissing. Asia Carerra decked out like a Geisha and fucking a faceless guy is Rocki's fourth fantasy. Asia sucks wildly on an enormous dick and then is fucked on the couch before drowning in a shower of cum. This scene is sexy although I found it disheartening that we never got to see the man's face. In scene five a sexy brunette gets it from all directions while clean water runs from a shower head and pours down on the couple like rain. Gregorian chants melodically cover the sound of the water and of the girls unruly groans. He turns her around, picking her up and riding her as she holds onto his neck like a child. In scene ten Asia and Vince return, this time joining hands to please the tempting Rocki. In a very rhythmic way the women take turns pleasing Vince, sucking his cock and licking his shaved balls. Vince then takes Asia from behind while she fingers and sucks Rocki's wet pussy. This is a great threesome scene because someone is always being touched or pleased instead of standing by and aiding in the pleasure of someone else. The three move from one another with grace and electricity, always rubbing each other's skin or running their hands through the other's hair. At one point when Vince is fucking Asia, Rocki holds her face in her hands in such a loving way you may actually believe this threesome is for real. He cums all over the spent Asia as Rocki caresses her breasts. Intercut amongst the scenes are flashes back to Rocki alone in the bed masturbating. After the last scene she recounts all the scenes in a flashback just before she cums. This is definitely on my list of "must buy, couples" films! This flick is sure to get even the porn-shy woman off. This film is so well made that it takes you a while before you realize the film has absolutely no dialogue. This is a nice change of pace from the typical forced lines before and after hard-core fucking and it defiantly adds to the role of fantasy-no names, no words (and in one scene, no faces). This is the best couples film I have seen in a very long time and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a slick, well made soft-core* couples film. *Please note that although I consider this a soft-core film, this is in style and mise en scene only (slow-motion, soft lighting, light jazz music over the raw sounds of orgasm), the sex itself is very hard-core.  

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