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Title: Just Anal #3  
Reviewer: Mario  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: n/a


It's a compilation DVD, and overall there were a few issues I had with this set of scenes. The video transfer was bad. Some of it, not being great video quality to begin with, was wretched. Even the newer stuff, though, was grainy. The sound quality was bad as well. Again, the source plays into that, but the transfer wasn''t very well done. Final overall gripe: This is called Just Anal, right? Well, "anal" put in an appearance in every scene, but in a depressing amount of them, "anal" only had a cameo role. Good stuff: the good scenes were very good. There were some standout scenes that were a joy to watch (even if they weren''t as anal heavy as the disc''s title suggests). Plus, there were enough prime scenes to make it feel like a decent sized compilation. It''s always terrible to get a collection of crap picked up off of the cutting room floor and slapped into a "movie." Now the scene by scene (this could take awhile): First up is Nikki Brantz, who has a charmingly na´ve voice, in a very cute red outfit. The dress is soon relegated to a heap, but those red heels stay on for the duration. Her escort shows up with a ridiculous amount of dildos on his person. She sucks a few before finding his cock, which she proceeds to lick and swallow. Laying back on the couch, Nikki''s beautiful legs (still in those sexy red heels) go up in the air and a long dildo slides into her pussy. She works the dildo in and out until he comes over and clumsily stuffs a dildo in her ass. Eventually, he puts his cock to use and fucks Nikki in the same position. They then switch, placing her on top for some rapid stroking and spanks (Nikki sports a fine red handmark on her ass). She turns around to reverse cowgirl and we get a nice look at her fine body as she rides him. She then lays on the sofa, facing away so her pert ass is accessible, and he butt fucks her with a dildo. He does a good job of it, pulling the dildo out completely so we see her hole dilate, then stuffing it back in slowly. Then he uses his cock on her pussy while she takes over pumping the dildo into her ass. Nikki is put back onto her back and he uses his cock for some anal action (we get to see the insertion) while she uses a dildo on her cunt. Finally, she''s bent over the couch with the same combination of cock and dildo until he flips her over and cums on her face (it''s a pitiful load). This is one of the better scenes. It lasts a while and there''s a good balance of tight close ups and long shots. Nikki is hot, her creamy skin and long hair are maddening, and she takes it in a good variety of positions. Second, an Asian woman in a bikini is showing her (dare I say it?) assets to a gentleman. She squeezes her fake tits (though they are a decent set) and he directs her to strip and play with herself. Needless to say, she does. She calls him over and strips him down. He sucks on her nipples then slowly moves down to her cunt. Her reactions throughout are great to watch. She''s probably faking and definitely overdramatizing, but hey -- it works for me. She blows him and we get to see it from his P.O.V. She''s an enthusiastic cocksucker to say the least. He then eats her out and they twist around into the 69 position. After a bit, she lies on her back and he fucks her (not anally, not yet). She moves to straddle the back of the couch. Finally he slips his rod into her ass and we''re treated to close ups of the action. As is always the case, he ends up jizzing on her back and asshole. It''s a mediocre scene with only her reactions to recommend it. Not much happens, and what does happen isn''t too surprising. And up third we''re treated to the old cheerleader/loser-football-kicker scenario. The kicker lost the game and she''s here to "cheer" him up (get it?). While she''s a bit old to be a cheerleader, it doesn''t stop the action. The sweater comes right off and his finger gets sucked into her mouth, followed by some excellent rug munching. He gives good tongue and fingers her ass while she holds her ankles. The following blow-job is slow and wet, a professional job. With an abrupt cut, she''s getting fucked on her back. Another abrupt cut and they''re doing it doggy style. And a third staggeringly abrupt cut later, she''s on her back taking it up the pipe. It lasts the minimum amount of time to justify this scene being in an anal compilation and then he shoots a huge amount of cum into her mouth. This isn''t a bad scene. It''s short, though, and has very little anal action in it. Fourthly, we have the worst video quality on the disc. A maid is sweeping the courtyard while a guy watches from the picture window. It doesn''t take long before he''s out there, groping and kissing the maid. She kneels on a chair and, after he gives a few token licks, she fingers her own ass. First one, then two, then three, and finally four fingers are stuffed up her crack. She practically fists her own butt. He takes a turn with a few fingers and then gets the maid to turn and suck his cock. This doesn''t last long, he turns her again and enters her pussy to the sound of some delightful squeals. Seriously bad editing ensues; he''s in her pussy, it cuts, he''s in her ass, it cuts, he''s in her pussy, it cuts, he''s in her ass again. There''s also a bunch of looping to extend the time. She turns around, her legs high, and he goes back to her butt. He rams her for a while and then shoots all over her hole. This is the most ass-intensive scene on the disc. It''s also the worst picture quality. Of all the scenes, though, this one truly belongs on an anal compilation. The fifth scene begins with two nurses on a patio with a sunbathing guy. The blonde starts things off by sucking the guy. Nurse number two, after a time, comes over to pleasure the blonde. After things get going, the blonde switches off with the brunette and then leaves. The brunette is a hottie. She has small natural tits and a taut body that makes me drool. She climbs up the lounge chair and rides the guy's face. Then she climbs back down and rides his cock. So far, she''s hot and he may as well be furniture. They shift around and she lays back to get pounded with her legs on his shoulders. Then he leans back and we get a great view of the two of them. Abruptly it cuts to them doing the anal thing. No transition at all. Too bad. Eventually he pulls out and cums in her mouth. A very hot scene, though the guy doesn''t do much for it. The woman is a firecracker and she had quite a filthy mouth. She makes the scene. Halfway through the disc, at scene six, we''re suddenly shown a naked lady with a bad boob job spread out on a kitchen counter as her man licks her slit. After a moment, she bends over the sink and he strips down. They do a bit of fucking and she props a leg up on the counter, giving a fine view of her fingers working her clit. She lies back on the table and we see a slooooow insertion into her ass while she keeps rubbing her love button. She has a great expression (I love the actresses who have a set look of surprise when they''re taking it in the ass). She then kneels and he cums like a hose into her mouth and all over her face. This is a throwaway scene. Not much heat in this kitchen. Scene seven features another nurse and the only black couple on the disc. She immediately accosts her pool-playing patient and grabs his huge cock. She proceeds to suck it for all she''s worth (insert "physical therapy" joke here). She''s a big lady with large natural tits and she wears it well. She strips and sits on the edge of the pool table for some old-fashioned fucking. He spends time playing with her clit while he''s working his tool in and out. It''s a nice touch, no pun intended. There''s an abrupt cut and she''s kneeling on the floor while he stuffs her ass with his tool. Personally, I would have liked to see how he got it in there. After some excellent "I''m cumming" faces, he shoots his load on her face and into her mouth. Another mediocre scene. It''s got some good elements, but it''s not a thriller. The eighth scene features Randi Storm. She throws her guy on the bed and hikes up her skirt, then briefly rubs her pussy on his bare foot. She strips to her panties and bra and they 69 for a long time. It''s all right, but not very intense. You can, however, see that the two of them are into it. She slides down him to reverse cowgirl and shows some great butt action as she rides his rod and fingers her own ass. As they go at it, she sucks on his toes. They shift to doggy style and Randi goes to town bucking back into the guy. She is fucking him as much as he''s doing her, which is a real turn on. She gets flipped onto her back and they ram each other hard and fast. Finally she turns on her side and he slowly works his cock into her ass. She''s very much into it. They continue until (surprise!) he cums on her flanks. The couple here has a lot of heat. They are having a great time with each other. There''s a bit of foot action for anyone who''s fetishes lean that way. The positions are few, but they stay in them a long time. An above average scene. Number nine is my personal favorite, mainly because it was my introduction to Chandler. She saunters into a room, her hair piled high and her magnificent body wrapped in velvet hot pants, and leaps onto a naked man in a bed. She lies on top of him as they kiss and he fingers her pussy and ass. The shudders going up her body are worth the admission price. They twist around into the 69 position, but she lets him tongue her for a while as she moans (and what moans they are!) before she takes his cock between her lips. Then there''s an odd bit of film. She''s abruptly on her back, knees at her shoulders, and he''s pounding into her and he cums on her belly. Scene over, right? Wrong. He stuffs her cunt again and then another sudden change and Chandler''s on her knees, gripping the foot board as he continues to slide in and out. Then another instant change and she''s on her back again getting it in the tush. One leg is held high as she writhes and moans, cumming loudly. Then the guy shoots again onto her face and mouth. Applause for the double money shot. Chandler is a genie and succubus. My senses are reeling. Objective review not available. I liked it. The tenth scene begins with a vicious blowjob already in progress. The video is bad on this one, though not as terrible as the fourth scene. There is, however, the added bonus that the dialogue seems like it was recorded in an echo chamber. A few low scores on production value there. The couple goes into the 69 and then into a doggy style cunt fuck. Nothing too new there. When he asks if he can fuck her in the ass, though, she begs him to be gentle with her "virgin ass." A nice little fantasy that she back ups with ecstatic screams as he drives his pole into her chute. She further reinforces the "virgin ass" theory by moaning out choice phrases such as "You''re in my tight little asshole." Which looks terrible written out, but it actually sounds ok. A few spanks later, he pops a nut on her ass. This scene is quick and dirty. Dirty talk, furious sucking and fucking, a sweaty girl and guy. It''s a no-frills ride and that means poor quality video and sound. The penultimate scene eleven is a study in bad porno production value. The couple is good looking, she has nice tits and a curvy body, he''s studly without being overly hunky. However, they can''t disguise the fact that every cut is looped a few times. It also becomes apparent that there is no sound other than the music until halfway through the scene. What could have been just mediocre becomes truly awful. The couple is performing for some agent of an undisclosed agency who takes notes as they screw on a bench in the backyard. They start with a kiss and she looks enchantingly eager to begin. He licks and fingers her pussy (several times thanks to the tape loops) and then she blows him while fingering herself. After more looping, she leans back and he fingers her again. A quick, abrupt cut and she''s on her hands and knees and the audio kicks in. The best part of this scene is a shot where you see the two of them in full and he''s pulling her hair as he fucks her from behind. Beautiful. Terrible editing and looping takes over as they go into missionary position and he uses her breasts like handholds. More bad cuts and she''s bending over and getting reamed until he pulls out and spurts on her face and chest. Blah. What a rotten cut up. Without the looping, bad editing and sound problems this might be a decent scene. As it stands, though, it suffers. The final scene begins with a woman in purple crotchless panties and her tits hanging from her matching bra demanding a man to show her his "hardware" (get it?). Who could refuse such a request? Well...he can''t. She continues to demand more, "I want you to get hard and fuck me!" It''s something I''ve always wanted to hear. She sucks his cock a while as she lounges on a chair and it becomes obvious that she is frighteningly skinny. However, her chutzpah is alluring. She rubs herself through the crotchless panties and then demands that he use his tongue. He does, but she quickly turns and kneels on the chair so he can rim her asshole and finger fuck it to the knuckle. He works in a second finger and then we watch as he slides his cock into her rectum. (So soon? This is a scene made for an anal compilation, it goes straight to the butt sex.) It''s a bad angle and mostly we see him perched on her with his ass clenched and grinding away. They shift and she sits on his cock (still in her ass, mind you) and writhes away until he cums. Not a bad little piece. It goes right for the anal action and the actress has a filthy mouth that she''s not afraid to use. It''s average for the porn world in general and better than average for this disc. Overall, Just Anal #3 is an average compilation, but a below-average anal compilation. Don''t expect too much ass-fucking and you''ll get a decent selection of good scenes mixed in with the inevitable dogs. If you really dig the anal action, though, this DVD will disappoint you.  

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