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Title: Just Anal #2  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: n/a
A/V Quality: n/a


The second in line from the Just Anal series, Visual Images claims that the backdoor action is so intense in this film that some of the women couldn't walk for a week after filming. Let's look at the physical aspects of this film first: This is a shot-on-video (prior to 1995) movie that's gone through the video-to-DVD transfer process. The visual quality suffers from this, and the images all have that VHS blur that we know so well. Image quality is not terrible though. I've seen worse. The sound quality is poor. Many of the scenes have generic porn music (so bad it's almost funny!). Generic porn music is fine, but I didn't like it that they entirely dubbed over the audio track in several scenes with the music - meaning that we don't hear any moaning, grunting or cries of ecstasy from the actors. Several scenes do leave in the audio track, giving this film the semblance of a randomly hacked together collection of clips, not a well thought out layout. Before going into each scene, let me say that there is a LOT of sex in this film. If you sit down and think you're going to watch all 4 hours of it non-stop, you won't make it. Why? You'll have blown your load by scene 3 and will lose interest. No matter how virile you are, it will take several viewings to make it through this one. On to the movie: Scene 1 begins with Dave Hardman asleep on his patio. In walks a roughly 30-year-old blonde who greets him with "have you filled out your anal sex questionnaire yet?" "I'm an anal virgin," says Dave. Yeah, right! The music kicks in (wiping out the audio track, of course), and she quickly starts to suck his cock and gives him a nice blowjob (with several deep throats). Soon she rides him from on top and gives him a very enthusiastic fuck. Dave reciprocates, following up with some pussy-licking and fingering of her ass before anally penetrating her. They engage in some doggie-style anal that features many close-up shots (to my disappointment, there wasn't much variety in the camera angles here). When Dave cums, she spins around and he attempts to cum on her face, but misses entirely. It's too bad, as a nice facial would have capped this scene off perfectly. The woman in this scene is hot, but her ass is a little heavy and may not appeal to those who like slim babes like Kobe Tai. Scene 2 is a step down from the first, as the girl featured is far less attractive and almost looks like she was found at a rehab center. The theme to this scene is alien-human sex. Our leading man walks in dressed in a full-body black latex suit with sunglasses and says, "Suck my dick earth woman." She greedily complies and they exchange oral affections, followed by a mediocre round of sex in both holes, ending with a cumshot on her tits. Nothing to cheer about in this scene, except that Visual left the audio track intact, so we can hear the performers. The girl's moans are so obviously forced in this scene, however, that I almost wish they had just dubbed it over! The scene ends with the chic saying, "Wow, aliens are good." You think it took her a long time to learn her lines? I found the raven-haired beauty of Scene 3 to be very attractive. Our leading man is a lucky SOB to get to fuck this babe on a couch. She begins the scene wearing a tight blue minidress that comes off quickly. Laying on his lap, she gets her pussy eaten by Dave as she friggs herself. She talks dirty to us (though it's hard to understand what she's saying) and her moans are a lot more convincing than those from the previous scene. The blowjob that follows is nicely done as she makes eye contact with the camera throughout much of it. She then rides him from on top with her back to the camera for a while - a very sexy view. They continue with traditional fucking in several positions until he finally enters her ass and does her from behind before cumming on her face (this time hitting the target). The girl earns an A+ in this scene for her slutty talk and hot body, but the scene doesn't live up to the billing of the title - the anal sex consists of less than 10% of the time alloted to this scene. Moving on, we have a French-looking babe wearing a one-piece lingerie outfit who wakes up one morning and decides to masturbate. She does this for about 7 minutes before crawling off the bed to go take a shower. Her voice acting isn't the greatest, but she has a nice body. She continues to stroke herself in the shower until our stud walks in and she kneels down to give him a skillful blowjob. This scene is shot in the shower with the water running which leads to some problems. A few drops land on the camera's lens and they don't wipe them up or take any precautions against this. These drops are a bit distracting. The sex that follows in the shower is very hot. She bends over and he penetrates her from behind as she moans and talks dirty (much better than in her solo routine at the beginning of the scene). They exit the shower and he anally penetrates her in the missionary style on a chair, but again the anal sex is only a very small portion of this scene. In all, above-average sex but nothing spectacular. Our next feature is that of Max Hardcore and the dark-skinned girl on the cover. (Note that none of the scenes tell us the names of the girls, so it's difficult to tell who's who). Apparently some sort of starlet in the porn business, she is reminiscing on her 'work' with Max, which causes her to hike up her skirt and begin to masturbate right in her office. Who walks in but Max! He wastes no time in licking her beaver and receives a nice upside-down blowjob. Max gets very rough with her, spitting in her face, yanking on her hair and penetrating her pussy with his dick and a dildo at the same time. If you don't like rough sex, this scene isn't for you. The anal in this scene is very rough and intense, and certainly lives up to the billing of the title. I'm sure this was one of the girls who had some trouble walking afterward. The next scene wastes no time with the pretense of plot. The second girl on the box cover is shown taking it up the ass from the beginning of the scene. She does a nice job here but the camera angles don't have any variety and the scene got boring quickly. The anal is rough, as is to be expected, and the finishing blowjob is a nice touch, especially when she swallows. Side B begins with an interview with Jennifer Lane. She is asked the usual questions ("when did you first have sex?") and then begins to masturbate before beginning her anal scene with Max Hardcore. For those of you who don't know Jennifer, she's a real piece of eye candy and is supposedly 19. She's the blonde on the back cover of the box. Unfortunately her interview is pretty dull, she seems lifeless during it, as if she's on a sedative. Her performance improves during her sex with Max, but the music drowns out what we want to hear - her cries of "fuck me!" Still, this was a nice scene and makes for good jerk-off fodder. The next two scenes almost aren't worth describing, merely filler material. In the first, we have an Asian/Hispanic woman giving us an erotic dance and being fucked by Max while suspended in a harness. She is unattractive and the video quality takes a step down in this sequence. Voice acting is awful and this scene has no energy to it. The following one features a dowdy-looking girl in glasses being fucked by Max on a bed. She's nasty, the scene lasts about 10 minutes and I had to force myself to watch this one. If you thought the female lead in "Run Lola Run" (came out summer of '99, a mainstream flick) was a hottie, then you'll like our next piece of poontang pie. She's a punk-looking biker babe with flaming red hair and a massive set of knockers. Her tits are obviously "enhanced," but she has the unique ability to suck her own nipples. She plays with her dildo and receives a backdoor pounding from Dave Hardman (apparently he's no longer an anal virgin!). She delivers a complete blowjob, with deep throating and swallowing of balls. Dave unloads his seed on her ass to finish off the scene. A nice bit of work. China Moon delivers a great performance in her 10 minutes of action. She gives a killer blowjob, an excellent vocal performance (she actually sounds convincing in her lines, unlike most porn actors) and the scene has somewhat of a cohesive plot. She supposedly has had a sexual encounter with aliens, and is seeing a specialist to describe her experience. She tells him exactly what they did to her, and he re-creates the experience for her as part of his "investigation." Creative! The setting in the next scene appears to be a studio with dimly lit backgrounds and a very bright spotlight. It is so bright that the actors appear ghostly white and diminishes the attractiveness of the starlet. She takes it in every hole, in the usual order of oral, straight and anal. She is quite a hottie, but no words are exchanged in this scene, just grunts and moans. I would have liked to hear some dirty talk to make it more exciting. In all, an average sex scene. Overall there were three scenes that I would give a big thumbs up to; the rest are rather average. Two scenes turned me off and were nowhere near the quality of the rest of the film. Even though this is an anal-themed flick, there's plenty of action in all the other holes to keep you interested if anal isn't your bag. This may be a weakness of the film, because those who buy it in the hopes of seeing nothing but anal sex will be sorely disappointed (pun intended).  

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