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Title: My Playmate - Jewel De'Nyle  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


This is it. This is the one to get. It's better than any of the others I've seen, including the Vivid titles and the amazing Jenna virtual fuck. Jewel de Nyle is the perfect virtual playmate - a combination of Jeanna Fine's aggression with Janine's classiness and Jenna's innocence. Believe me, everything you ever wanted to do to a porn sut is right here. You can practically feel her warm mouth, her silky ass, her supple tits, her hot, tight pussy. You have four concepts to choose from, and I guarantee that you will want to spend hours with each one, working yourself up to a good climax. There's the Tease feature, which gives you a choice between watching Jewel expose her tits (and they are great ones, even if they are fake), show you her white cotton panties or flash you her tight butt. And, of course, you have a Naughty Or Nice switch. Want her to coo at you like she's never shown anyone her body before? You can have that way. Want her to be rough and raunchy and tell you to pull your face closer to the screen so you can smell her wet pussy? She'll do that too. She is Woody Allen's Orgasmatron from "Sleeper" brought to life! The next sequence, Masturbation, allows you to watch her finger herself, use a big dildo on her twat or fuck herself with a vibrator. (And again, to hear her play sweet, like she's never touched herself before, is such a fucking thrill.) The Do You-Do Me section allows you four options. You can finger her pussy (and it's hilarious to watch this almost disembodied hand reach up for her cunt), you can tongue her twat (and the camera gets right up in her bush to make you feel like you're eating to your heart's content), you can finger her ass (and when you have her on Nice, not Naughty, it's like she's never had a man touch her there before) or you can have her give you a great, sloppy blowjob, with multiple angles to boot. Before I get to the full-on sex, I have to stop and recommend you spend several hours with the blowjob alone. Jewel does an incredible job of polishing this guy's knob, and the camera angles throughout make you feel like it's you, no matter what angle you choose. But best of all, there's a REAL cumshot here. The sex ones are fake, as is the case with most other virtual titles, though in this case even the fake ones give you a strong sense of the fantasy of cumming all over Jewel's ass or tits. But this one blowjob that leads to a mighty facial is worth every penny. Jewel gets a full blast to her face and doesn't flinch, going at that cum with full force. It's quite a sight. The Sex sequences are predictable - missionary, doggie, cowgirl, doggie anal - but the fucking is top-notch. Every moment of it is worth watching, and the doggie anal is just intense. If you set it to Nice, you'll get her slowly purring as that cock enters her for what feels like the first time. If you set it on Naughty, you'll get so much filthy talk about having you fuck her tight ass that you'll barely be able to make it through the scene without cumming. Best of all, you don't have to wade through these scenes to watch her cum. You can make her cum on cue with the click of a button. Tired of watching her do herself? Ready for her to take that cock out and make herself cum? Just select the required action and she cums instantly! It's just an amazing experience, one every guy should have in his life. And with any luck, the company behind this one will keep a whole line of these coming. In fact, I think it should be written into every porn star's contract that they have to do at least one of these a year! Get it. Now.   

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