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Title: Real Sex Magazine #22  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


I'll be upfront: I haven't seen much of this series, though if this installment is any indication of the whole, maybe I should start seeking it out. Much like the "Dirty Debutantes" series, this one takes newcomers and amateurs and turns them loose, this time to mostly anal results. The big drawback is a first appearance of Brooke, then a 22-year-old bombshell, now a well-known porn starlet. Her mix of Thai and English ancestry gives her very real and natural D-cup tits and a fantastic ass. And she goes to work on herself almost immediately, stripping off a sexy bikini outfit and showing off that soft body of hers. There's lots of tit squeezing and pussy play, and it's especially fine when Brooke is on all fours and reaching underneath herself to get at that wet twat. She also does a great bit with a dildo, using it to fuck herself, the sucking the traces of cum off of it and rubbing it on her incredible tits. (Your mouth will water just thinking about fucking those beauties.) But for as great a scene as it is, you can't help but wish she had a guy there to play with. Hey, he wouldn't have had to do her ass if she didn't want that, but just to see her suck cock and play with a big one for a little while ... now, that would have made this one invaluable. As it is, there are three other hussies to give us a stiffie: Mariah, a self-described cock-a-holic from Orange County, Calif., with tiny tits but a very cute bush; Lee, an 18-year-old from L.A. who is slightly anorexic but has great C-cup jugs; and Precious, an O.C. cutie of Spanish and Filipino descent with tiny breasts and a great bubble butt (yeah!). Mariah gets things rolling with a good scene involving Tony Montana, who quickly undresses her and twirls her into a 69, during which he spends a great deal of time fingering her ass, getting it ready for the pounding she will later take. (Earlier in the interview, Mariah says she once took a guy who was 10 inches long and 7 inches wide up her ass. I say, No way.) There's some missionary action that's pretty decent, but once Mariah gets up on all fours for a doggie fuck, wth two fingers shoved up her ass, things really heat up. She shows her true colors once her ass gets stuffed, in fact, letting loose with plenty of moans and groans, almost barking for more cock. And once it's in her ass, there's no going back, as Tony rides her from behind and then on her back with that thick rod splitting open her bunghole. He finally cums on her stomach, which is something of a letdown, but it's hardly unexciting. Lee, who is just too damn skinny for me, will only work with her pasty boyfriend Kid Vegas. So she does, finally taking his cock up her ass for what she says is the first time. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but either way she makes it look believable as she grunts and groans during her first ass-banging. There's some 69'ing here as well, and Lee looks best when her tits are swaying while being fucked from behind. And she certainly loves the ass play: She appears to cum while Kid Vegas has his limp pecker stuffed inside her. Ultimately, it leads to a decent facial, which makes up for some of the slower moments of this scene. Precious is a darling little thing with an amazing ass who has one major drawback - she says "Oh my God, I came" way too often and way too unbelievably. Nick East barely enters her: "Oh my God, I came." He barely touches her clit: "Oh my God, I came." He starts to put his dick in her ass: "Oh my God, I came." It's just not natural and it mostly had me laughing. That said, I love her curvy ass, and Nick wisely gives it plenty of slaps - we're talking a full-on spanking - so the scene isn't without merit. Eventually, after some spooning, some anal play and a lot more pronouncements from Precious that she has climaxed yet again, Nick shuts her up by spewing a load into her mouth. Overall, it's hardly the greatest amateur stuff ever shot, but it's certainly worth seeing once. And if you're a Brooke fan, and I can't imagine what guy wouldn't be, you simply must see her in this early work.  

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