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Title: On Her Back  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


I never thought I would use the word cute when speaking of porn, but then again I never thought I would be reviewing porn at all, so it is my pleasure to tell you that this is, indeed, a cute porno flick. I really enjoyed the light story line and romantic feel. The film was a period piece with sexy renaissance costumes and classical music, a nice break from the synthesized twang of typical porn scores. On Her Back opens with Mozart's "The Marriage of Figuero" playing while Michaelangelo (Jonathon Morgan with a terrible accent) is sculpting the famous statue David. His nude model is the longhaired Marc Wallice, who fits the role to a tee. Summoned by the Pope, Michael calls it quits for the day, leaving the model and the sultry handmaid Beatrice (Nikki Randall) all alone. Beatrice and the model start to grope and fondle each other and I swear this scene is straight off a Fabio covered historic romance novel. Nikki Randall is gorgeous in her renaissance dress and corset. They move over to a large outdoor fountain and the model lifts the handmaid's skirt and buries his face in her pussy. He pays special attention to her cunt, licking and fingering her in a very erotic foreplay scene. He fucks Beatrice from behind and then they finish under the fountain. Unbeknownst to the couple, Michaelangela (Dyanna Lauren) is peeking in on them through the bushes. She is soon joined by her beautiful sister-in-law Francessca (Anna Malle). Dyanna Lauren is one of my favorite Vivid girls. She has a very sexy, natural look about her and her acting abilities are well above par. Michaelangela opens up to Francessca about her determination to become a famous female painter and her longing to have a man show her the true pleasure and art of the flesh. Francessca gladly volunteers to be of service. She fondles and sucks Michaelangela's virgin nipples and this invokes a very hot girl/girl scene. Both Dyanna and Anna are very easy on the eyes but fuck like the nastiest of porn queens. It's a great scene and just before you think it can't get any better than this, the ladies are joined by Jenna Jameson. The gorgeous Jenna, in one of her earliest roles, watches the girls as Francessca sucks and devours her sister-in-law's pussy. This gets Jenna really hot and she starts playing with herself. Francessca sucks and fingers Michaelangela and soon Jenna moves in on the hot action and they continue in a very sexy threesome. Upon returning from his visit to see the Pope, a very stressed Michaelangelo gets some pussy from his wife and the maid Beatrice. This is a really hot scene and includes multiple camera angles. Michaelangelo fucks both of the ladies in various "ins" and "outs" and then shoots his load all over their pretty faces. Meanwhile, the mysterious Dante (Colt Steele) visits the lonely Michaelangela. Dante has felt the sting of her tears and has come to her rescue bearing the remedy of his large cock. This scene begins in a woodsy outdoor setting and then moves indoors where we watch as Dante steals the lovely Michaelangela's cherry. This is what we call "suspension of disbelief", because believe me-Dyanna Lauren does not fuck like a virgin. This act has given Michaelangela the opportunity to unleash her sexuality and remove herself from the role of Michaelangelo's shadow. With all of her newfound strength, Michaelangela goes to the Pope and demands that she be heard. She's heard all right. She shares quite a fuck with the holy man. While on her back she notices that the ceiling above them could use a coat of paint. He politely gives her the job and then spits his creamy holy water all over her. The costumes, music and soft lighting give this film that whole Playboy Channel feel. The tattoos in the vaginal area look a bit out of place given the time period of the movie, but what can you do? Fans of Max Hardcore and the like might want to avoid this film, but for viewers in the mood for some "couples porn" this is a great choice. Like most Vivid films, this one is a chick flick, but I found the plot to be surprisingly witty and the soft-core fucking to be very sexy.  

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