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Title: Blow Dry  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Well, Vivid seems to have done it again - taken a perfectly great flick and chopped it in half, making it impossible for any of us to figure out just what the hell is going on. Right, I know: Most of you guys couldn't care less. You just want the fuck parts, and, well, I don't blame you. But this one has such an intriguing story going for it that it's a bummer we don't get to understand it. Why is it so special? Because it involves one of those male sexual fantasies that only guys can understand - having a beautiful woman cut your hair, then be so overcome by your presence that she simply has to do you right there and then. C'mon, admit it: How many times have you gone to the hair salon, had that hussy with the big tits and the hot ass trim your hair, ask about your wife and kids, maybe inadvertently flash you a little cleavage or massage your head a little extra longer than expected - and you just know what you could do to her but you'll never get the chance. Right? You just want to throw her down in that barber's chair and fuck the shit out of her, give her a cream rinse she won't forget, huh? Never gonna happen, my friend. But it does in this flick, and in the opening scene, as Morgan Fairlane (I believe) finishes trimming T.T. Boy, then shuffles brawny black stud Mr. Marcus off to the back room for a quickie. And my, my, but this girl can suck cock! She just takes in every inch without even batting an eye, and Mr. Marcus helps her along by grabbing the back of her head and pushing it farther down on his cock. Eventually she hops on his cock and rides it good and hard, letting that perfect ass of hers jiggle a bit as he slams into her. They try some doggie action (and it seems to be hitting all new spots in Morgan, as she lets out the sexiest and cutest little moans). And they finish with a goo drop onto her belly. Nice start. Only, it seems to have pissed off T.T. Boy - but we have no fucking clue why! Suddenly we get a title card: "Fifteen years later." Huh? What the fuck? Now T.T. is back at the same salon (of course, he hasn't aged a single day) and observes Jenteal sweeping up hair. She's about to close up, and he follows her as she leaves. The next day he comes back for a sensual shampoo and a trim. The day after that, he comes back for a shave. And then it happens: Jenteal's character falls madly for him, and just attacks him right there in the chair! It's a great start to a very hot scene that every guy has dreamt of many, many times, I'm sure. Jenteal looks simply stunning in a micro-mini skirt, white shirt and heels, and when she props herself up on all fours to take T.T.'s log from behind, she's just out of this world. They do a little footsie play, too, as Jenteal fingers herself while stroking his cock with her feet - very sexy. And the cumshot isn't much, but it's believable. Cut to the next scene, and inexplicably the pair has married. We get a hint of why in the previous scene, but certainly not enough for us to understand why they'd really go through with it. But, hey, it's porn. Who cares, right? Next thing you know, Kobe Tai has dropped by the shop and is hitting on Jenteal, who naturally wants to eat her pussy right there. (Make any sense? About as much as the algebra equations on the walls of the salon; I kid you not.) They have a great deal of fun sampling each other's furry boxes, while T.T. goes bonkers trying to figure out why his new bride would be so callous. Meanwhile, Morgan and Randi Rage have shown up at the salon and are ready to fuck Billy Glide. Don't ask how they got there. I barely know myself. Just take it on faith that they somehow know who T.T. and Jenteal are, and that they somehow have a right to fuck in a nearby room. Of course, the sex is what matters, and it rocks throughout, with Jenteal and Kobe doing a nasty 69, and Randi and Morgan getting fucked so hard they start purring. But enough of that, as the film quickly shifts to the next scene - Jenteal trimming Mark Davis while T.T. positions himself behind her to eat her ass. If only Fantastic Sam's were like this! Soon enough, Jenteal has reached around and is making out with Mark, while T.T. keeps working on her from behind, prepping her pussy for a mighty pounding. The positions they get into are very hot, and they make the most of the barber's chair throughout, with Mark sitting in getting a blowjob while Jenteal gets it doggy style from T.T. Eventually they give her a handful of man mousse to toussle her hair with ... and then, don't ask how, we're back where we started from, 15 years earlier, watching T.T. get his haircut while Mr. Marcus looks on. So, was everything supposed to be happening in a Twilight Zone? Did nothing happen? Was it a dream, just like many of us guys have while we're getting our hair played with by some dippy slut? I guess. I don't really know, but I guess. And it doesn't matter. If you've ever had this hairdresser fantasy, you have to see this. It won't make sense, but you'll certain get your rocks off all the same.  

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