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Title: Erotic Obsessions/In Search Of The Scorpion Woman  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: n/a


So here is the future of DVD porn -- two, two, TWO films for the price of one! It''s about time, I say. Just as with CDs, if the capacity is there to double and triple up some titles, then use it. This disc couples together two recent flicks from Tony Martino, also responsible for the Philmore Butts series. Tony''s a competent director, though he''s nothing flashy; his films are like his personality -- amiable, friendly, ready to fuck (and hard) but without pretension. Looking at the cover, I was immediately jacked up by the sight of Angelica Sin in a skin-tight teddy, but I decided I''d leave what I figured might be the best for last, diving into "In Search of the Scorpion Woman" first. And true enough, story-wise, "Scorpion Woman" is weaker, with Martino playing a doofus of private investigator ("who charges extra for breaking legs") dim-wittingly chasing after a blackmailer, who he thinks is his real-life boy-toy Shay Sweet. Still, the sex in both flicks is equally hot; there''s a clunker scene in each, of course, but on the whole they both score. "Scorpion Woman" opens with some voice-over narration from Charlie Martin (Martino), a private dick headed to talk to a Mr. Bowen (Eric Price), who wants to hire him to follow his wife, who he thinks is up to no good. The story makes no sense and is all borrowed from several Brian DePalma pics (hey, Cash Markman, watch "Body Double" much?) but it is somewhat effective at getting the cast into some steamy scenes. The opener finds Martino supposedly leaving after his conversation with Price, but actually sticking around to spy Price get it on with two lovely ladies, the sex kittenish Nicole Londen and the girl-next-door beauty of Toni James. Nicole kicks things off with a semi-sloppy blowjob for Price while Toni positions herself behind her to eat that tasty ass. Lots of eye contact during these opening shots tells the tale; this is going to get hot fast! After sharing Price''s cock for a while, during which Nicole sucks vigorously, like she''s trying to yank his prick right off his body, Price preps Nic''s slick slit for some penetrating, though he first sets his one-eyed sight on Toni''s trim from behind. Excellent work here with Toni getting banged hard and deep while sucking on Nicole''s clit. There''s some shifting, during which Toni ends up taking a dildo up her twat while Nicole returns to cocksucking; Toni''s getting really into it as Nicole slaps her ass. She keeps this up even when she herself starts getting nailed, pulling the dildo out of Toni from time to time for her to lick her own juices off of. Things start moving a little too fast for my tastes, and at one point the scene makes no sense, with Toni getting rammed missionary style while Nicole is nowhere to be found. Just when you think she''s left for good, though, she miraculously shows up to eat Price''s heavy load as he pulls out of Toni to shoot. The excess coats Toni''s flat belly, while the two girls share a cum-laced kiss before the scene fades. Back to the story, and we catch PI Martino following Bowen''s wife Miranda, played by the statuesque, gazonga-carrying redhead Blake Mitchell, the ultimate older woman fantasy. "She had cool looks," Martino notes, "she could open doors, it was a pleasure tailing her" -- which he does in some interesting, realistic locales. Naturally, Blake finally catches on that she''s being followed and hops into Martino''s car to confront him ... and grab his sack out of the blue. "Jack''s the one who wears the pants in this family," she tells Martino of her husband, "except when he drops them to his knees and fucks me up the ass!" That''s got Martino''s attention, and he lets Blake yank out his throbbing cock for a little suck. Some great shots here of Blake in a skintight black dress, sucking Martino''s member while he hikes up her skirt to finger her cunt. They move into the house, where Blake continues her cocksucking and includes Martino''s balls and ass in the process. She hops on to ride him reverse-cowgirl and it''s instantly apparently how gorgeous Blake is, even with her disproportionately enormous fake tits. She''s just got an amazing face and a firey body that never quits grinding Martino for all he''s worth. There''s some deep fucking while she squeezes her mammoth mams, then some doggy style to show off her golden body getting sweaty and wet, and some great beaver shots of her getting split apart. The only drawback is Blake''s apparent distaste for cum, as she aims Martino''s huge load at her mighty tits instead of her face. Part of Martino''s investigation includes, of course, the search for a Scorpion Woman (Shay Sweet), who apparently may be in on the deal to get Jack Bowen. He tracks her down to Santa Barbara, where he fakes having car trouble to use her phone, then follow her off to what appears to be Griffith Park, where he catches her getting wet with Holly Body. Now, you couldn''t find two more different looking sluts in porn, Holly with her fantastic legs and ass and bizarre-looking overgrown tits (and now black hair) and sweet Shay, her flat chest and lithe body suggesting an 18-year-old just out of high school. Still, the pairing goes at it pretty solidly, with Shay bending Holly over a rock to eat her quim and Holly spreading Shay apart to fuck her cunt with her big-ass nipples. The fast editing here works well, as this comes off like two women posing rather than the typical girl-girl snooze-fest. There''s a big jump in time, during which we find out that Martino''s pad has been ransacked. Suddenly, though, we''re with Holly and Billy Glide in the shower, Holly straining to take every inch of his exceedingly thick prick into her mouth. There''s some hot pile-driving action on the edge of the shower''s tub, then some hefty tit-fucking that Holly seems to really get off on. Martino shows up looking for some evidence and hears the moans, which means that he''ll stick around and watch the entire scene -- which has now moved to the bed and heats up with some pussy eating while Holly is on all fours. (She really can be quite attractive when she wants to be, you know?) At this point things get pretty energized, which is saying a lot for usually listless Holly. There''s more cocksucking and fucking up against a door, and Holly goes all the way toward pleasing Billy by twisting his nipples and tonguing his ass while he jerks himself. (And dig the blaxploitation soundtrack in the back! Very retro!) It''s a very long scene that could have been trimmed a bit, but then, it''s still pretty athletic from start to finish, with Billy dribbling his goo onto Holly''s tongue and neck. Jump quick to a scene of Martino confronting Scorpion Woman Shay on the beach -- what beach? doesn''t matter -- and the film starts to wind down. This Martino/Shay fuck doesn''t have a thing over the far hotter one that comes in "Erotic Obsessions," but it does feature some nice spooning and a decent cum shot that covers Shay''s twat and belly. I won''t give away the ending -- not that there''s much to give away -- but sex-wise there''s only one bit left: a blowjob in a helicopter from Blake to Martino. Pretty impressive camerawork, given that this really is taking place while in the air, and Blake, as usual, gives great head until she really needs to, pulling away so as to not taste any cum. (Though curiously she grabs a lick once it''s on Martino''s stomach. Strange.) The sound is terrible throughout, since you hear more of the chopper than of the moaning. But it all wraps up nicely. "Erotic Obsessions" is far more cohesive structure-wise, with Angelica Sin playing Stephanie, a nympho visiting a psychiatrist to share all her lew fantasies (shades of "Chameleon," anyone?). Martino is the shrink who is falling hard for her. When she says "my curiosity has gotten me into a lot of trouble," he wonders what kinds and whether he could be involved. After some exposition work so we can learn what''s going on in Angelica''s crazed head, we move to the first scene, during which Angelica tells us about watching her husband''s best friend and his wife (Liza Harper) knock it out in a hot tub. Some great outdoor shots here, based around a two-story house (you''d think a crane was involved), though some weird editing has Liza first nude and fucking Russ (Eric Price), then clothed and sucking him (make up your mind, huh?). I''ll be honest, Liza''s not really my type, though the Frenchie does do her best to make things exciting and she does have a rather large labia for Eric to eat. There''s no talking, no moaning, just straight fucking until Price pulls out his pud and shoot across her tongue. (Better aim might have made this a better scene.) Angelica, her sultry face and titanic tits just oozing carnality, is all fired up from watching, so she heads to bed to work herself over with a dildo, working her cunt hard and fast with it. Some tasty camera work here, especially once she''s up on all fours and banging her tight asshole with that slick vibrator. Martino, meanwhile, can''t get her out of his head and he dreams of stalking her. (Best laugh: "I kept a safe distance, that''s what a therapist is supposed to do -- observe without getting involved.") After trying to call her up late at night, during which she caller-IDs him and he panics and hangs up, Martino is hot and horny and looking for trim. So he find hooker Shay Sweet who tells him it''s $100 for a blowjob. He gets a lot more, of course, including some doggy style with Shay bent over the hood of his car. Shay is far sexier here than the previous flick, dolled up as she is in sexy black clothes and heels, and she''s much more into the scene than before, pounding his cock with all her might. Best of all, after some salacious sucking, she takes a fairly monstrous load on her face, smearing it in like a cleansing cream. Back in his office, Angelica is goading Martino, teasing him about how she''s out there doing whatever she can to shock him. Her latest adventure includes a poolside party at Price''s place, during which blonde bombshell Emily strips down Rich Handsome for some boffing that eventually involves Holly Body as well. Emily raises her body to Rich for some pussy eating while Holly sits on her face for some pussy eating of her own. There''s some supersonic tit-fucking of Holly and some doggy style with Holly''s face buried in Emily''s silky slit. It all ends with a sizable load to all four of their huge tits. (Meanwhile, redhead Chandler has been watching with her guy Christian Steele. She gets so turned on she gobbles his knob until he pops a load in her mouth.) Angelica, who passed out in the last scene, awakes and crawls upstairs to find Holly dominating Eric in suede chaps. The sex here is hot, but the set-up doesn''t pay off as it should. For one, Eric seems to be laughing at the whole thing, and Holly gives up her domination role to quickly, moments into landing on her knees to suck Price''s prick. Plus, he''d NEVER be allowed to pull her hair. Better dialogue might have saved it.As it is, they 69 for a bit with some great shots of Holly''s butthole, then some rear-entry before Price offers up a sorry excuse for a cumshot. Angelica, after relating this tale, tells Martino that she wants something outrageous but not that. She wants ... another girl! So she gets Liza, who''s best attribute is her icy cool eyes that are great to look at when she''s muff-diving on Angelica. Angelica saves the scene from boredom by doing a little more anal dildo action on herself (she''s got such a fine ass!) and there are some wonderful shots of her body while Liza eats it. But overall, it''s just an OK girl-girl. By now, of course, Angelica is frigging her cunt back at Martino''s office, so they FINALLY get it on. There is some great talking by Angelica here, lots of dirty talk, though at one point she starts cackling like a hyena. Lots of great tongue-fucking of Angelica''s pussy as she pulls hard on her tits, and she does an excellent job of engulfing his dick into her wanton mouth. Plenty of screaming, too, and it finishes with a full Martino explosion that reaches from her tits to her twat -- though a bit on her face would have done nicely. Overall, it''s the slightly better film of the two, but the two-for-one deal is nothing to scoff at. Well worth seeking out if the price is right.  

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