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Title: Original Sin  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


The film opens with a very wild threesome. Two girls take turns sucking Stanton (Randy Spears) before he fucks one of the girls in the ass. Stanton recovers as the girls devour a two-headed dildo in a nasty double anal. Mary (Racquel Darian), Stanton's wife is on her way home and enters the house to hear a barrage of moaning and wailing. She sits calmly at the kitchen table and removes a gun from a nearby cupboard. Three gunshots are heard but not seen. The next morning we see Stanton in bed with the two ladies. He goes to the bathroom to shave and is interrupted by Cleo (Asia Carrea) who lectures him about getting back together with his wife. Cleo convinces him to go and talk to her but when he finds her at the local coffee shop sitting with another man, he learns that his wife is living with the guy (Vince Voyuer) and that they are planning on getting married. Saddened by the revelation, he leaves without confronting Mary. A sad and pouting Stanton wanders into a hotel orgy. Everyone around our pathetic protagonist is fucking and as he passes couple after couple and attempts to join in on the action but he is thrown the evil eye by each of the women. Stanton wanders over to the bar and confronts the bartender, who just happens to be the beautiful Cleo. Are you lost yet? Ok, let me explain. Cleo is Stanton's conscience-a Jimminy Crickett of sorts. Cleo talks to Stanton for a while but is pulled away to join in on the fun. The orgy scene is a feast for the eyes but ends with only the climax of one guy. Stanton leaves and goes home to find his things have all been boxed up. He walks in on his wife masturbating in the bathtub. When finished, he gives her a towel and she thanks him with a passionate kiss. Mary drops to her knees and takes his cock in her mouth. She strokes and sucks his cock and they give each other head. The scene ends before they fuck and cuts to Stanton's place of work-an auto body shop. Two other mechanics and a female customer accompany Stanton. The customer feels it's the appropriate time and place to fuck herself with a huge dildo-but alas, it isn't long before one of the mechanics (Colt Steele) finds the strength and courage to aid her in her quest for the best lube job in town. The sex in this scene is great (Colt Steele is really hot), but it's very choppy and poorly edited. One minute their on the hood of the car, then their on the floor, then their back on the hood, then in the front seat, etc. Am I being too picky? Well anyway, it's a hot scene and it ends with Colt creaming all over her pretty face. In the next scene, Mary and Vince Voyeur have a really great scene on a desk. Vince cums all over her ass and we realize that Stanton had been watching the whole thing. Cleo enters and tells Stanton that he deserves everything that's coming to him. The underlying meaning of the film, if you haven't gotten it already, is expressed in the next scene. A group of men are playing poker and are interrupted by the host's wife and her willingness to join the game. She begins undressing and flirting with her husband's guests. This embarrasses and angers her husband and he walks away. She makes herself available to the men and fucks them in her husband's presence. Enraged, her husband goes to the bedroom and gets a gun. Stanton is heard in a voice-over stating that "Women have much more self control-men are the hormone driven idiots". Mary's self control had prevented her from actually shooting Stanton, instead she would make him pay by leaving him, alone and unforgiven. Next we cut to Cleo in a 69 with some guy. This is a great fuck scene but it seems to come out of left field. Oh well, after some great head Cleo gets on all fours and the guy fucks her in the ass for what seems like an eternity and then shoots his wad all over her gaping hole. The next morning Stanton tells Mary, who is ignoring him, that he is moving his stuff out that day but for some strange reason the plot to keep Stanton from regaining his wife's trust is shot to hell that night as they fuck like dogs on the butcher block in the middle of the kitchen. Go figure. The next scene we find Tricia (one of the girls Stanton was fucking in the beginning of the film) in the auto shop. She has pulled in the shop for some assistance with her vehicle. One of the mechanics sees that she is in need of assistance so he fucks her. The sound track is awful here and it tends to get very annoying but this is by far one of the hotter more hardcore scenes in the film so I'm sure most of you probably will find yourselves unaffected by such tedious technical difficulties. Conveniently after Tricia is doused in cum, the mechanic is paged by his wife. Apparently Stanton has been watching their little fuck-a-thon and he called the mans wife. The mechanic speaks softly and lovingly to his wife and then he asks Tricia to leave. The film ends here. Overall this film had some hot sex but I didn't like having morality lessons spoon-fed to me though the medium of masturbatory material such as porn.  

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