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Title: Kelly The Coed  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Kelly is a freshman at an unnamed university and is living on campus in the dorms. She meets some Frat-Boys her first day and they invite her to a party and encourage her to join a sorority. Kelly runs into her friend Holly and they decide to meet up at the party later that day. Back in Kelly's dorm-room she walks in on her roommate Debbie, getting her pussy sucked by a big blonde jock. Kelly is asked to leave the room for about an hour so she wanders down the hallway to the lounge and finds her study partner Drew playing quarters by himself. Back in the room Debbie (De'Lia) is having her muff munched by the football player. This chick is so turned on, her nipples stick out so far they almost touch the ceiling. The jock slides his index finger into her wet pussy and his thumb into her tight little asshole and starts fucking both holes at once. She rolls him over onto his back and sucks his dick. She swallows his cock all the way in her throat while he fingers her asshole from behind. She climbs on top of him and rides him in a backwards cowgirl. The jock thrusts his cock so hard into her pussy she's screaming and going wild on his dick, he's fucking hard and fast and then their interrupted by the Jock's tutor. He kicks the guy out of the room and sends him off to study. Horny little Debbie, still naked on the bed, is now twisting her pussy lips between her fingers and giving the Tutor wanting looks. After a few short minutes of using better judgment, the Tutor decides to ease her suffering and finish what the Jock started. He lays down on the bed and Debbie climbs on top of him, sliding her sweet cunt onto his hard cock. He fucks her even faster and harder than the last guy and she's grunting and moaning as he fucks her cunt and slaps her ass cheeks. The tutor proves that with age comes experience! His balls bounce up and down as his dick goes in and out of her wet pussy and then he pulls out and slides his hard cock into her tight little asshole. Debbie rubs her clit while the tutor rams his meat into her asshole and then cums inside her. This is such a fantastic scene I'm afraid most people won't get through the entire movie. Back in the lounge, Drew has raised the stakes on his game of quarters changing the game to strip-quarters. Lucky for us, it's a tie. Standing naked before her, Kelly takes Drew's cock in her mouth, sucking sweetly and staring up into the camera with pouty eyes. Plaid skirt thrown on the floor, Kelly is clad only in white kneesocks and she is the epitome of the schoolgirl fantasy. Like a good little schoolgirl Kelly spreads her legs and lets Drew explore her sweet pussy with his mouth. He fucks her snatch with his tongue and this gets him rock-hard. He sits on the couch and Kelly takes a ride on his dick cowgirl-style and moves up and down, her cheeks barely touching his torso. The "Ultra-Critical" Erica Marshall is spent already and the rest of this flick could really suck and I'd give it an "A" anyway based solely on the first thirty minutes. Kelly, riding Drew's fat dick, takes his last slice of pizza and starts eating while he's pummeling her sweet cunt. He pulls out and cums all over face. At the Frat House the Boy's prepare for a night of drinkin' and fuckin'. When Kelly arrives she is greeted by a room full of boys in toga costumes. They immediately take a liking to the fresh meat and two of the guys (J.J. Michaels & Mark Vega) take her upstairs. On their way, they pass Tina taking on three guys at once. Tina (Mazzie Paige) sits obediently on her knees and takes turns sucking the three guys off. She takes it up the nose and in the throat (Three times) as the guys all take turns shooting their spooge all over her face. Back in a private bedroom, Kelly is undressed and fondled by the two Frat boys almost immediately. The camera angles in this scene are really twisted and if you've gotten this far without shooting a load then I give you props for such great will power! Kelly takes turns sucking the boys and then J.J. rams his cock into her pussy from behind. On all fours now this school girl slut takes one Frat boy in her mouth and one in her cunt from behind. The camera gets up underneath and on all sides of this threesome, it's really great. Kelly sits down on the other Frat boy while J.J. dangles his dick in front of her face and then fucks her mouth. They finish her off with a disappointing DP (it's in slow-motion, I HATE SLOW-MOTION), and then she enjoys a double fraternity facial. Kelly's friend Holly meets up with a drunk Frat boy (Brandon Iron) in a stairwell and he convinces her that he can help her join a sorority. He whips out his big dick and orders her to suck it. This guy has a really nice cock and you'll go nuts watching this chick devour it. This is a really long blow-job scene, shot from some really insane angles and then he cums all over her face as she giggles and coos. Right after Holly gives head on the stairs Kelly gives head on the toilet. A drunk Frat boy stumbles into the bathroom and doesn't even notice Kelly standing in the stall. Kelly decides to take advantage of the situation and she drops to her knees and takes his dick into her mouth. She gives him a gnarly blow job and then takes his load all over her face. Kelly leaves and runs into Holly. Before they leave Kelly wants to say goodbye to J.J. but he seems to indisposed. Annabelle Chong takes on both J.J. and another Frat boy as only Annabelle can. She gets her pussy and her asshole pounded and slammed. This slut loves the rough stuff and tells the boys exactly what to do. In the middle of a hard-core anal scene she yells out "don't stop, I'm going to cum". After she cums she continues to get it up the ass from the Frat boy and then is pummeled when J.J. joins them, sliding his cock into her drenched snatch. This DP scene is much better than the earlier scene and although I'm not a fan of Annabelle, the girl does know how to fuck. Or at least she knows how to enjoy a good fuck. You go Girl! The guys unload on her face and drench her lips with their sweet cum. Kelly and Holly walk in on the threesome and Kelly is a bit peeved. The two girls leave and Holly reassures her that there are plenty of boys on campus. The two plaid-skirted, knee-socked girls leaves arm-and-arm for the sorority house, where Holly assures her that they will have a really good time. I loved this film and I'm really anxious for the sequels. I just hope they stick with this character. It could be a very successful series and I'd like to see her involved in all sorts of college-related situations. Another interesting note-this flick was very BJ heavy with three scenes that were BJ only, so if you're a big BJ fan but normally stay away from the BJ compilations for lack of penetration-buy this film, it has a bit of everything! Kudos to Mr. Powers for making such a hot and fun flick. I can't wait for more in this series!  

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