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Title: The New Adventures Of Peeping Tom #2  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: n/a


The cover promises "two sizzling hours featuring anal, double penetration and the best cum facials ever witnessed!" Well, so much for truth in advertising. First of all, "Peeping Tom 2" isn''t two hours long, but we''ll overlook that; it''s close. Secondly, there''s not nearly as much anal and DP as you might think. Third, these are certainly not the best cum facials I''ve ever witnessed. In fact, they''re not even all that good. "Just OK" is about the best that can be said for this one, though it does steam up in several spots. The point, if you hadn''t figured it out, is that our unnamed director captures steamy fuck partners with his voyeuristic camera, which helps bring out some footage (through bushes and trees or fences) that is fresh, only because it''s so rarely seen. Fine. Dandy. But the bottom line of any porno has to be the sex, and "Peeping Tom 2" only gets down and dirty about half the time. It opens with jock stud Frank Towers boning a sultry older blonde named Ursula poolside amid stoney surroundings, and right away the atmosphere is broken, as the hidden camera shots instantly yield to some impossible close-ups of Ursula getting eaten or sucking Frank''s frankfurter. There are some interesting set-ups, with the couple banging rear-entry on a waterfall jacuzzi, and Ursula is quite the natural beauty, if also not exactly heatedly into getting her pussy pounded. There''s some fun on a banana raft that you just know will topple sooner or later (and -- duh -- it does), but not before Ursula is proppped up on a stomach on the raft so that Frank can taste her twat from behind. Good shots there, with Ursula''s sexy legs splayed in high style. But it ultimately runs out of steam, and only a fairly oozing cum shot onto her nose, lips and outstretched tongue make up for the blase mood. Shift indoors nearby and butterfly-tattooed Papillon (get it, French majors?) is doing her make-up when beefy black stud Santino Lee enters to distract her -- and what better way than to drop to his knees and lick her twat and tight asshole from behind. Papillon isn''t much to look at, though her body is worth banging. Santino moves her over to the bed for some slow cock teasing, then some straight-away rear-entry anal slamming, with Papillon''s cunt creaming plenty. There are some cool long shots that contrast their pale/dark bodies before a milky load is pushed out onto her tongue. Not bad, but nothing special either. All the while, Sean Rider and two wenches (soul sister Midori and undeniably cute Mercedes) are busy watching porn, petting and touching and getting the heavy breathing going. Over what? Well, on the tube is a flick of amazingly gorgeous brunette Devin taking Peter North''s fuckstick deep into her mouth. You know those rare times when you see a great blowjob scene and feel like it''s happening to you? (Christy Canyon is usually good at delivering these.) Well, adorable Devin nails this one in much the same fashion, making wide-eyed contact with the camera at all times and downing North''s knob without batting so much as an eyelash. It''s a great, GREAT servicing that ends with Peter exploding into her mouth and lightly onto her face (oh, to think of how she''d look if that dick had just been slightly repositioned for better face aiming). But given the flashes of Devin''s huge tits tucked safely into her bra and her perfectly round and tanned ass, it''s a damn shame that she doesn''t get a proper porking from the Peter peter. How all of this fits into peeping beyond seeing the camera lingering around corners now and again is beyond comprehension. The next scene, in fact, is even harder to prove as a peep, but thankfully black beauty Naomi is on fire, so it doesn''t matter. She takes on Byron Long''s slender shaft poolside, sucking him for all he''s worth before laying back to let him sample her quim. She''s fully creamy at that point so he gets a faceful before he takes her missionary style. The cowgirl and reverse cowgirl from Naomi here is impressive and her perfect body is just the trick to cheer up your sagging cock at this point, especially when he''s pressed flat on her stomach to take a pounding from Byron''s boner. The cumshot here is also a winner, with Naomi''s face and mouth receiving a light drizzle from Byron, forming a long mustache that dangles from her chin in thick strands. Excellent. Morgan Fairlane is up next, boffing Santino in a kitchen, but man, what the fuck is up with her face? She can take that cock so deep so quick, but to see that battle-scared complexion is almost off-putting altogether. Still, she does take him at a furious pace, rubbing her cunt against his burly leg and getting suitably turned on. The scariness is made up for with that great blowjob and some outstanding midair fucking, with Morgan riding Santino steadily. They move closer to the sink so that Morgan can soak her tits in water and smear some on Santino. That should be hotter than it is -- it''s kinda ordinary and if you''re going to get into wetness, you should go whole hog. But once Santino starts nailing Morgan from behind on the floor, it picks up. The shot into her mouth is OK, and she helps it along by drooling it back out onto her cleavage, but it''s not the best scene around. Meanwhile, Midori, Mercedes and Sean are excited beyond compare from watching, and the girls have release Sean''s stiff shaft from his tight jeans to suck on it -- which they do with amazing dexterity, taking him deep and sharing it in a highly sexy manner. Mercedes finally wins the sword fight, as Midori positions her round ass above Sean''s face. Mercedes, apt to get jealous quick, decides that she''s had enough and needs her pierced pussy licked and deep-tongued. This keeps up for a while, until Mercedes is finally riding Sean like a pro wrangler as Midori heads off to get a strap-on. No waiting once she''s got it -- straight up Mercedes puckered bunghole, which she gratefully accepts and begs for more, more, more. Once Mercedes has been suitably serviced and has spewed forth plenty of dirty talk, Sean unloads on both of their faces, thankfully concentrating on Mercedes'' cute mug. It should be a heavier blast, but it''ll suffice. The closer -- and this one returns to the peeping theme of the tape -- finds Sean Michaels taking on the stunning Tatiana and the dark cutie Cherokee. Tatiana is certainly hot to trot, and after flexing her oral skills and getting her toes sucked by Sean, spread her twat wide for some primo pounding by that big pud. Out of nowhere comes Cherokee with a big strap on, wihch Tatiana chews on for a while as Sean continues banging her from behind. Once Cherokee settles into the couch for Tatiana to ride, Sean takes that ebony member and slides it deep into Tat''s gorgeous ass. This is by far the best DP on the tape, with Tatiana really enjoying her double-stuffing. Cherokee ends up taking some dick up her nice-looking pussy as well, but it''s all Tatiana that makes this scene cook, especially in the finale, with Sean unleashing a might blast, mostly to Tat''s delicate, beautiful face. Still, the whole is not much compared to its parts. Lots of decent shots -- in fact, the camera work is crystal clear where it would otherwise be grainy and fucked-up -- and there are plenty of sexy girls, but just not enough heat to keep it going. And the voyeuristic element just isn''t played out enough. It''s a fun conceit and it''s potential is completely untapped, but so far, this "Peeping Tom" is still prowling for some prime pics.  

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