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Title: Professor Mike's Collegiate Freshman Fantasies #1  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


The concept is pretty straightforward: Genial gonzo would-be god Professor Mike (who we never get to see completely) meets young, nubile wenches, finds out their fantasies, then makes them come true. Now he''s managed to eke out four volumes of this stuff, which, if you have the capabilities, would make for a great best-of. As it is, no one volume is great through and through, though each one has at least one fantastic fuck to make it worth your investment. This edition kicks off with "Water Wench" Jade, all of 19 with damn cute dark hair and great, REAL young tits and a nicely shaved pussy. After watching her spread her lips and play with her tits, the Prof. finds out that Jade''s fantasy is to get it on in water with a big beefy porn star ... and maybe another woman. Mike can certainly comply. The biggest complaint I have about this series, however, crops up right away: As Mike has each girl play with herself, supposedly fantasizing about the insane fucking she''s about to get, he intercuts scenes from the coming realization of that fantasy, as if to suggest that we''re seeing the girl''s dreams. Fine, but see, when you do that, Mike, we know now pretty much everything that''s going to happen once the scene gets rolling. It''s an amusing tease once or twice, but every time sorta kills that excitement. Regardless, Jade is soon found poolside with Alex Sanders getting her pussy eaten in fairly rote fashion. (She just doesn''t seem into it from my perspective, or maybe she''s nervous.) Either way, she''s better at cocksucking than she is at getting her twat tongued, and she''s doubly good at taking Alex''s stiff prick doggy style, while letting out adorable purrs and moans. Alex is slamming her pretty hard, until Lil'' Mickey, trampy blond with a strap-on, enters the fray and swaps positions with Alex, who is now getting his dick sucked while Jade takes a dildo up her cunt. It''s a nice change of pace, sure, but it''s all done too slowly, and only some ass-slapping and a gusher from Alex''s cock onto Jade''s sexy mouth and chin saves it from being a bore. (And really, why not have her fantasize anbout two men?) "Peek-a-Boo" girl Dee is a skinny, light-skinned black girl whose fantasy is to seduce a guy she secretly has a crush on. (That''s a fantasy? It is if you know everyone involed, but in this context it''s just a paltry means to an even paltrier end.) The way she wants to seduce this neighborhood fellow, by the way, is to lay out nude poolside with a blindfold on -- just the sort of thing every woman does. Of course, the trick works and her fantasy stud simply shows up out of nowhere to start lapping her labia. Dee is mostly lifeless through these early bits, which I guess is partly the point, but I didn''t respond to it. She wants this encounter to be anonymous? Is that it? Hey, sex with strangers is one thing, and it can be portrayed pretty dirty. This, however, is just dull. Dee dabbles in cocksucking (which is to say, hardly at all) before she''s taken from behind. (See, problem: She''s not really seducing anyone, just allowing herself to be fucked. Big difference.) There''s some cowgirl action just as the blindfold stupidly comes off (hey, if you''re gonna use it, USE IT, especially for a messy facial). Instead, a missionary banging ends in a cum spew all over her fairly flat tits. Now, Katie Gold is a different story altogether. The 19-year-old is to be dominated and taken unaware, then forced to be submissive. Ah, what the hell does it matter what the fantasy is when you''re looking at a hottie like this -- adorable, blond, perky, slinky, trampy and way slutty when she wants to be. Again, the teasing of the fantasy sort of spoils the impact of seeing the domination (if you can call it that) come to life, though Katie''s three-finger-in-her-twat masturbation is definitely steamy. Soon she''s being forced to wear a leash and act like a dog while a big, brutish stud spanks and fingers her on all fours. Of course, to believe she''s being dominated we''d need some more forcible action, not just head-giving and some ordinary pussy-eating. Still, it''s Katie and she''s so fucking cute! Her tiny cunt is splayed open by our stud''s big cock, before he takes her doggy style and lightly flogs her twat and ass. But Katie doesn''t want to stop there, oh no no no. She wants all of that fuckstick deep in her ass -- and she gets it, first laying on her back, then shagged like the dog she wants to be. And the cumshot? Outstanding, straight from Katie''s rocking ass to her sweet mouth with a full load. Shay Sweet, all of 18 and tiny tits tanned to perfection, is up next, and her fantasy is to fuck a cop. Thankfully, one just happened to storm into her home and find her undressing in the kitchen. (Doesn''t that always happen?) Shay works him over with some deep cocksucking and spreading her lips for his tongue to penetrate, before taking his prick up her wet hole first on the kitchen counter, then doggy on the floor. The anal bits here are limited but worth a peek, and the finish on her mouth and chin is decent. Our final freshman fantasy involves Wynonna, a lanky 22-year-old brunette first found here lounging around a park and somewhat amazingly exposing herself and masturbating in public. (Not bad, Professor.) She''s sultry and very attractive and wants to guys to take her hard and do whatever comes to their minds -- like the Professor doesn''t know about four dozens studs like that. Back to a hotel room they go, with Wynonna getting fairly ravaged by these two burly boys, who offer up a sword fight in her mouth for several minutes. It''s a pretty average scene that gets more and more torrid as it goes along, especially once Wynonna takes it from behind and gets bent over a railing. By the end, she''s transformed into a complete whore, taking two big cum facials. Still, very little of the sex here stuck with me past the initial run-through. None of these ladies were awful, and in fact, Katie and Wynonna were often delightful. But it just isn''t the stuff of great porn. Average.  

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