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Title: Professor Mike's Collegiate Freshman Fantasies #2  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Another installment of Professor Mike''s amiable but uneven series finds three out of five scenes scoring above average, at least in the looks department. You know you''ve got something good going when you''ve got blond sexpot Toni James in your flick, and the far nastier Randee Lee is a temptress just dying for cock, cock and more cock. But the real find here, and anywhere else you can catch her, is Dakota, a buxom blond slut with a beautiful smile and a healthy appetite for top-notch fucking. Our saga begins with Toni, however, who has been dreaming of having her first interracial fuck. Enter the master, Sean Michaels, to give her a good working over, after some playful and quite sexy teasing and chasing. For her part, Toni certainly knows what to do with a giant black pole, sucking it deep down her throat and bending her body in half so that Sean can start laying some of that pipe into her twat. The doggy style fucking is quite hot here, while Toni''s moans are excellent, as if she really has never felt anything quite so large stuffed up her before. There''s a vareity of positions she gets into -- missionary with some toe-sucking (for those who are into that sort of thing), reverse cowgirl -- before Toni drops to her knees for a full cum facial. Next up is our babe Dakota, all summery and class, whose fantasy is to be drawing a nude male model who can''t seem to keep his hands off his stiffening prick. What else for a girl to do, then, but suck and fuck that thing till it''s dry, right? That''s what we get here, after some teasing and stripping from Dakota, who ultimately can''t hold back from ravaging Ian Daniels'' hard rod. (But note that it seems that Dakota actually can draw and sketch; if she can''t someone did a great job of editing.) They both get naked too quickly, of course, but so what? The tease isn''t paramount here, the fucking is. "What have I got to do to keep your hands still?" Dakota asks the wriggling Ian. The answer? A big sloppy blowjob, down on her knees and deep-throating him. Dakota''s extreme sexiness here is constant, with her moaning seductively during the pussy eating, then riding full force in the reverse cowgirl moments. And her body is just amazing -- full legs with clear definition leading to a beautiful round ass, which was made to be slapped (and Ian obliges). Best of all, she''s a slut, finishing Ian off with a big blast across her face and into her eyes. Bravo! Next up is Kim, 20, a saucy redhead who works at a dry cleaners. She''s a total valley girl, quite cute with great tits but an annoying laugh and personality. Whatever. She''s there to fuck, not make conversation, and in the back of the store, that''s exactly what she''s doing, getting her twat and asshole tongued by Valentino while crouched on all fours. She offers up a fair blowjob, then gets fucked propped up on an ironing board, as Valentino''s cock splits the hairy lips of her sweet pussy apart. There''s an acrobatic moment when they fuck and walk at the same time, and the whole scene is cleverly shot voyeuristically, giving us the feeling that we''re spying on this torrid romp like any other customer. And what do we see for a finale? A blast to the side of her face. Wanton, gap-toothed Randee is up next, and her fantasy is to get it on with none other than the cum geyser himself, Peter North. They meet at the beach, where Randee looks damn hot in a white bikini, then they head back to Peter''s place for Randee to take a sexy shower and get it on with the mighty North. There''s a decent blowjob here, though it''s not as powerful as Randee''s can be, and some reverse cowgirl action in a chair is quite sexy. But the scene really doesn''t take off until Peter bangs her from behind, laying her flat on her stomach on a nearby bed. Naturally, you''d think part of Randee''s fantasy would be to take that trademark North goo-launch into her mouth or on her face, but instead, Randee lets the splash coat her from forehead to tits, with no one area getting full concentration. It''s a decent, if not volcanic cum shot, but Peter makes the most of it. The final scene, however, should be avoided. Just turn the disc off. It involves Nicci Neels, a raven-haired 19-year-old with a dozen too many freak tattoos and ugly tits. I can''t quite figure out what her fantasy is except that she wants to do it outside and she wants it up the ass. She gets Alex Sanders, and pulls him over her for an unusual 69 that has Alex slamming his log down Nicci''s throat. And give her credit, Nicci is into it. She''s just not all that attractive, and her anal scene is just average. The finish is to her mouth and chin, naturally, but by the end who cares? Overall, it''s a hit or miss affair, like most in this series. Still, the good-to-bad ratio weighs in favor of good. Worth a look, here and there.  

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