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Title: Professor Mike's Collegiate Freshman Fantasies #3  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Give the Professor some credit: The girls in these collections of staged fantasies keep getting better-looking, even if the sex doesn''t improve much. This one, like the previous two, is worth a look if you''re a fan of a specific tart that catches your eye (as in #1 has Jade and Katie Gold, #2 has Toni James and Dakota). This time, it''s busty Latina Angelica and saucy but nervous redhead Julie who catch my eye, but it''s complete and utter slut Kimi, a true Asian will-do-anything-to-please whore, who steals the show. Nelle, a cute and curvy 19-year-old, is first, however, and her fantasy is to make it with a lifeguard. That''s easy enough, as Professor Mike watches the shore (or so we''re supposed to think) as Lifeguard Brick takes her over to a secluded spot for a fine bit of ramming. There''s some tit-sucking and pussy eating, but really nothing picks up until Nellee puts that thick schlong in her mouth and starts chewing on it. There''s some worthwhile standing doggy shots that have Nellee leaning sexily against some rocks, and you can''t say she''s not into it, moaning delightfully and working Brick''s cock as hard as she can. But it just didn''t do much for me overall. Too ordinary, I think, and the meager pop shot into her mouth -- when clearly she''s panting for gallons more -- is a major letdown. That ho-hum-ness, though, is wiped away pretty fast as tiny-titted Kimi talks about getting it on with two guys at a pool hall. There''s some good masturbation shots here as Kimi talks about what she wants (the Professor is always giving away what''s about to happen, which is annoying, but when the solo banging is hot, it''s forgiveable). Plus, Kimi works a finger into her twat and one into her ass, clearly hinting at what''s going to come when both of those pricks near her glory holes. Clearly, Kimi wants to be a naughty girl and have her cute little sundress (with no panties on underneath) torn away by two big burly fuck toys. And that''s what she gets in no time, with Rod and Paul tossing her up on a pool table to sample her quim and fill her mouth with inch after inch of tubesteak. The fucking starts quickly, with some deep slamming taking place almost immediately and Kimi practically begging for a jab up her ass. Rod chalks up his cue (literally!), then obliges by jamming home his cock deep into her butt chamber. Kimi starts pulling a Bob Dole (talking in third person: "Ooooh, she wants it / She wants it!"), which is somewhat distractingly funny, but the excellent work here is just so intense you can''t be bothered. There''s a torrid DP, with both men splitting her wide apart and Rod forcing Kimi to suck the thickest end of a pool cue. There''s some face-sitting and some doggy style, made hotter as Kimi''s hair is pulled back for Paul to shoot his load onto her face. Then Rod spills his goo for a "yummy" facial, which he cleans up by rubbing the 13 ball on her face and into her mouth. An incredibly hot scene. Angelica, that busty beauty of 19, is up next, and her fantasy is to catch a burglar in the act, then seduce him. Whatever, seems ridiculous to me and it doesn''t play out well in terms of believability, but since when is it realism a factor in great porn? Regardless, Angelica and Alex Sanders (her inept cat-burglar) never really crank up the heat, despite some good ass-tonguing and some sharp tit-swaying from Angelica. There''s some deep throating and some doggy style that Angelica tries to get into, but seems too bored to bother. She''s got a nice ass, though, and when she rides Alex cowgirl it''s worth repeating. The finish is a facial, but it''s nothing to write home about. Next up is the first true lesbo scene of Professor Mike''s series, and it could be a bit better. Not that he''s lacking in talent: Kim, tall, stacked blond vixen and the returning cute-as-a-button small fry Katie Gold are natural whores who look like they''ll take on anything. But their scene is pretty by the numbers until some vibrators are brought out to play with. Kim''s freckled body is a wonder -- she''s a very, very pretty woman -- and Katie is like the kid sister down the street you always wanted to fuck when she turned legal, so it''s plenty exciting to watch her take the lead in eating pussy here. She handles Kim like a pro, especially devoting time to her tight ass. But then, it''s kinda confusing; we''ve already had Katie''s fantasy. This is supposed to be Kim''s moment in the spotlight, and she''s not really putting her heart and soul into the effort. Kim is just decoration really, even if she will take a dildo up her butt. Katie is the true star here. The closer of this installment has redhead Julie, 20 -- and every fucking time from the Professor: "(insert age here) .. Wow! That''s something else!" -- and her fantasy is to have a guy and a girl at the same time. Enter Missy (hot blonde in black pantyhose and boots) and Mickey (typical stud) to fulfill her desire. They go to work handling Julie''s thick lips and ass, until Missy decides to position for a 69. Julie eats pussy quite well, as Missy sucks Mickey, preparing him for the full fucking. But the full fucking is just so-so. There''s some decent doggy action, and some hot stuff involving Missy taking it deep missionary style while Julie sits on her face, but it''s nothing too thrilling. The cumshot lands on both their faces, but it''s somewhat anticlimactic. So the result is no different than the previous two: You either love Mike''s style and the chicks he chooses or you couldn''t care less. Me, I''m straddling the fence between the two. Maybe the next one will pull out all the stops. Either way, I''m only mildly impressed so far.  

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