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Title: Professor Mike's Collegiate Freshman Fantasies #4  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Well, it took him long enough, but the Professor did it: He finally made one of these fantasy discs work. Almost. He''s got one slight clunker, the fake gazonga''d Emily, whose appetite for sex doesn''t match the size of her tits. But that means he''s batting .800 (4 for 5 here). We''ll overlook the one bummer and concentrate on the sex that really ignites. And it does right away, with Jessica Darlin, always a favorite, talking about taking on some stud while she poses lusciously somewhere in the desert. (Which desert? Does it really fucking matter? Watch Jessica! That''s what matters!) She catches up with Alex Sanders, who brings her poolside for some excellent blowjob scenes, including a standing 69 that is as acrobatic as they come -- Jessica turned topsy-turvy, that perfect, shapely ass split wide so that Alex can get to her twat and tongue it deeply, while Jess'' porcelain face widens at the sight of Alex''s stiff cock. And man, there are few sights better than that of Jessica''s splendid REAL tits. Jess really has it all: the perfect body, the wantonness of a high-priced whore, the pierced tongue to tease and tickle and some incredibly sultry and pouty moaning that I guarantee will have you creaming in your pants. She gets pounded deep in missionary, deeper in doggy and deeper still in cowgirl, though the missionary wins points for including some stabs at autoerotic asphyxiation (be careful with that shit, girl). The best bit? This entire fuck is capped off with a monster -- and I mean monster, like nearing Peter North-ish monster -- blast to Jessica''s adorable face, coating her from her forehead and eyes to her cheeks and goo-dripping chin. A fantastic scene. So it''s more than a bit of comedown when plastic Teutonic tart Emily shows up to chatter about wanting to do it with an American stud. Whatever. Throw her at some horny dude after we watch her duly wank herself. This is the one to skip over, as there''s nothing to recommend beyond some basic tit-fucking and some steady doggy ramming. The popshot is to her terribly unreal tits. Still, if it''s tits you want -- you need, you demand -- you''ve got a treat here. Meet Jenna, a most amazingly natural presence (definitely the sort of girl you''d like to date, the sort you''d take home to meet mom, only she''s an absolute cum- and cunt-craving slut underneath). She''s got knockers like you wouldn''t believe -- big, pendulous, perfect and round, round, round ... and ALL NATURAL. Oh man, you just want to leap in between them with you face, wiggle around, then slide your stiffie down the cleavage for some prime mams-banging. Her fantasy? To get it on with another girl -- a total stranger, mind you -- while her boyfriend watches, then joins in. Sounds fine with me. Hell, I would have settled for the ace masturbation scene in the back of a van here, where she plays with her succulent boobs and expertly fingers her twat. But instead, we get the full monty and then some, with Jenna taking on the lovely Alice (who is attractive in her own way, but no match for the gorgeous Jenna) after she picks her up in a bar. (Yeah, whatever, it''s not real, but we''ll play along if it means we get to see this hottie fuck.) They head back to a house, where in the backyard the two wenches start going at each other, slowly at first, then with fury and lust in their loins. Jenna is really into tit-sucking (big surprise), and she works her mouth over Alice''s globes while her boyfriend Kenny tongues her twat. The girls engage in some groin grinding as well, before we''re treated to a great shot of Jenna''s tasty ass stradling Alice''s face, her tits juggling away. Finally, Kenny joins in fully by fucking Jenna from behind while she eats her little lezzie friend. She must really like the taste of that tart, too, because as Alice sucks Kenny''s cock, Jenna feast on her ass. And we close the scene off with a nice money shot all over Jenna''s face. Damn, what a fine woman. Hope to see more of her soon. Next up is Tyler, 23, a cutie with nice tits, who wants to do two guys in a public place. Well, almost public. The best the Professor can manage is someone''s backyard, but it''ll do, as Pete and Alex Sanders step in to fuck the hell out of this tiny titan of titillation. There''s some fine fucking in various positions, though when it gets down to the anal stuff, Tyler''s pimpled butt isn''t exactly the prettiest display, and the cumshot is pretty tame. Still, it''s a far cry from the boredom that was Emily, and it moves along fairly fast. Finally, we finish off episode 4 with a true teasing and almost believable fantasy that would really get our motors running if ol'' Mike could have just taken his time in setting it up. It involves Teri, a marvelous 20-year-old blond, who wants to bring Michael J. out of his shy shell by fucking his brains out. The set-up here is almost perfect, with Teri purposefully bumping into Michael at Cal State Northridge, as we get cuts of Teri on all fours fingering her juicy velveteen hairpie. (And Mike swears she cums, but who would really know, huh?) Teri says she needs help with her calculus, and Michael is more than willing to oblige, but the tease moves too fast. Suddenly they''re back at his pad, he''s got his shirt off and she''s reaching for his cock. See, what guy hasn''t had this fantasy of being a brainiac, helping out a total babe out of the goodness of your heart and getting wild, nasty sex in return? All of us have, damnit! So make the illusion work! Let it build and fester, so that when Teri finally releases that snake from Michael J.''s pants, we''re all about ready to shoot. As it is, she sits down, he moves in close and -- BAM -- he''s suddenly eating pussy. Still, it''s a great pussy, and Teri is on fire throughout the scene, taking his big dick down her throat, then taking that cock up her twat while she''s on all fours and her head is buried down in the carpet. It''s a great scene that has everything but a hot cumshot, but again, I can forgive that because Teri gives it her all and the admirable attempt is there to really capture a fake-out fantasy from start to finish. Overall, the best of the series by far, though I still maintain that if you really want to see what the Professor is capable of, buy them all and make your own compilation of about seven scenes. It would be a scorcher of a best-of.  

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