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Title: Professor Mike's Collegiate Freshman Fantasies #5  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Ah, another sexual examination administered by the good Professor himself, with five more wanton hussies bellying up to the fantasy bar to make their wild dreams come true. In other words, Professor Mike is getting better and better with this thing -- if not with the fantasies, which are kinda dumb after a while, then at least with the chicks and the sex. Shawna, a 20-year-old with dark hair, cute dimples and pleasant tits, if first, though her fantasy is about as convoluted and idiotic as they come. At least, for porn. If romance were the name of the game, her idea of being blindfolded, taken by limo to a fancy hotel to be bathed, scrubbed, fed chocolate covered strawberries and poured champagne -- well, all of that would be swell if this were a Vivid couples tape. But this is about fucking, pure and simple. The kinkier the fantasy the better. The more tame and sweet the fantasy is, the less interesting it plays out. Regardless, Shawna and her cartoon voice (think Betty Boop) have a good go at Tom Byron and his mighty schlong. After the requisite nervous masturbation (is anyone finding these sexy anymore? it''s about one in five by my count that are worth watching from start to finish), trusty Tom picks up Shawna, delivers her dutifully to the hotel room, where she is stripped down and bathed. Of course, leave it to Tom to get a few choice tastes in, especially of Shawna''s tight little asshole. After some strawberry munching -- which, I''ll admit, was far sexier than I imagined it might be, with Shawna''s big lips savoring every bite -- the pair moves to the bed, where Tom quickly bends her over the edge and tongues her ass. Shawna does some fine cocksucking while still blindfolded, before Tom plants her twat on his face, then pushes her into some dandy 69 action. That leads to some hot doggy style, with Shawna looking sexier and sexier the more tousled her hair becomes. Best of all, when Tom''s tuning fork is ready to hit a high C, he explodes in a monster blast onto Shawn''s sweet face, hair and eyes. Damn good. Asian cutie Leanni, whose teeth are just slightly too big for her mouth, is next, and she''s got a Madonna fantasy. Not a Madonna-Whore fantasy. No, she wants to do what she believes the Material Girl herself does -- drive around Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, pick up studs and fuck their brains out. Sorta like what Roller Girl and Jack Horner attempt in "Boogie Nights" -- only, this one works because it''s been staged. Leanni hops into a stretch limo, finds average-joe J.J. Michaels waiting at a busstop and beckons him in. Give Leanni (as opposed to the Professor, who just sit back and watches) some heavy credit; this is a pretty straightforward scene, but she almost makes the seduction believable -- and what she doesn''t pull off with improved dialogue, she makes up for in hot sex. Soon, Leanni''s got J.J.''s joint deep in her mouth and pussy -- of course, not before he samples her tasty ass and twat with his tongue -- and Leanni seems to be enjoying every last bit of it, with her hairpie creaming on cue. And damn, she''s got some sexy-ass eyes, all doe-like and adorable. Things wrap up with a reverse cowgirl run that''s worth a look and a fine facial. The third babe, red-haired, mega-mammed Olivia Tye, is by far the best of the bunch, and she is downright succulent when she first appears in a tight dress with her gazongas just barely concealed. It''s enough to make a guy shoot his load right then and there. Best of all -- they''re real! And guys, we''re talking Christy Canyon size and super-hot to boot. Anyway, her fantasy is to be taking a cab ride -- yeah, right, a cab ride in L.A. -- and get it on with her passenger. There''s some humor here about the Professor being the cabbie (talking with a foreign accent, of course), but the real fun starts once Olivia, after having suitably warmed herself up in the masturbation scene (like I said, there''s one on every disc worth seeing), soon gets it on with black stud Julian St. Jox. In no time flat, Olivia has got his dark meat stuffed down her throat and is spreading her legs for him to engage in a little pussy play. Soon he''s eating her like a pro, with her titanic tits perfectly displayed, popping out of her dress. There''s some missionary nastiness -- very deep missionary nastiness -- that kicks in once Prof. Mike parks the car, and once Olivia is up on her haunches for a backdoor delivery, you won''t need to see a cumshot to make it there yourself. (There''s one shot in particular, shot facing Olivia as she''s getting slammed from behind, her hair falling all around her face, that is worth freezing and staring at for as long as you need.) Still, if you need the blast, there''s one for you, with Olivia catching strands in her mouth and across her forehead. Raylene is another stacked redhead, but her tits are all fake and all funky. There are times in her fuck fantasy, especially when she''s taken from behind that you can see the pouches her flesh has made for her implants -- and that''s just not pretty at all. Still, her fantasy of nailing two guys while her boyfriend watches (and then joins in) isn''t all bad. The set-up is fun, with the four playing volleyball and Raylene throwing the match in order to lose a bet (or is it win?) in which the opposing team would get a piece of her ass. Once inside and going at it, we discover that Raylene isn''t much of a blowjob queen, but she makes up for it with her enthusiasm for getting plugged in so many different ways. The guys (Alec Metro, Billy Glide and Rick Masters) do their best to keep her busy, but even they have trouble staying hard at times. (I''m telling you, it''s those tits; she''d be so damn hot if they just weren''t so odd.) Still, after some heavy doggy and some deep slamming that has Raylene rolled up onto her shoulders (think of Max Hardcore''s favorite move), Raylene is ready to become "young, dumb and full of cum -- well not so dumb" and she gets plenty of man goo across her chest and face. The final outing involves Amber, who I''m assuming is French. She pronounces "cock" like Coke and mutters sweet nothings like "eat maaaah pooooseeee!" It''s sorta sexy, and she''s got a gorgeous face -- and her body is nothing to scoff at. But the fantasy portion is nil here, with Amber''s wish merely to be tied up and fucked. Still, Alex Sanders does the job well, feeding Amber his veiny pipe, tonguing her ass on command, tickling her with a rose and spanking her roudned butt well. (Plus the rain falling around them is a very nice touch for gonzo porn.) There''s some basic missionary banging and some standard cowgirl action, before Alex pushes her against a post and slams her hard from behind. The finish is a decent load to her mouth and sweet lips. So OK, maybe it''s not perfect, but it''s better than average for this series, and seeing Olivia in all her glory is worth the price tag alone. Believe me, there are a lot worse flicks out there. This one has what it takes for some good stroking.  

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