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Title: 4-Eyed Whores  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Let me start by saying that I''m a sucker for a hot babe in glasses. The more professional, put-together and classy she is, the more she turns me on. Haven''t any of you guys out there fantasized about that office whore that''s just so enigmatic, or that favorite prim librarian, or that prick-tease from your senior honors English class who always wore a dress to school, always had on silky stockings and always hid the curves and fuck-me-now excitement you just knew laid beneath it all? The sort of girl you just want to seduce, take home and watch her let her hair down, because you just know she''s the sort that''s on fire underneath it all. Well, I do. With that in mind, I came to this DVD with a raging stiff one already. The box top pictures were enough to get me going, displaying three French (I''m guessing) tarts, all of whom are damn cute in natural ways and who look like they could use a good pounding. What a disappointment, then, to find the action in this fairly stiff (and that''s not a good thing), the girls mostly uninterested and the guys fairly freaky to look at. First of all, don''t be fooled by the "three hours of action" claim on the cover. This thing is really only 45 minutes long. It''s only when you multiply that times three more angles that you come out to over three hours. It''s a common trick these days, and it''s not such a cheap one if the scenes are worth it. These aren''t. We kick off with a leggy blonde sitting at her computer hutch in her upstairs loft apartment, waiting for her man to arrrive. For the sake of argument, we''ll call her Andrea, since I have no idea which slut is which in this thing. Andrea''s stud shows up and immediately she goes to work on his thin rod, dabbling at first but ultimately working up a good spit lather. Here, as in the other scenes, the angles are as so: Angle 1 is mostly extreme close-up, Angle 2 is a medium shot, Angle 3 is made to look like a hidden camera, for those who like their smut on the voyeuristic side, and Angle 4 is a long shot. Done cocksucking, Andrea stands and bends over to let her man taste her tight asshole, and some of this is worth a look, with the tanned babe leaning way over a railing for some licking, and she''s got some nice real tits to help matters. That leads straight into a no-waiting anal entry in doggy mode, then a reverse cowgirl anal shot in a chair. She''s cute, all right, and when she sucks him off for a final blast, the cum shot is fair, dribbling down across her lips and chin. But the thing is, it''s just not THAT good. It''s fair, and to make it hot at all, you have to do the work, editing and clicking and switching angles constantly. It''s an annoying gimmick that DVD companies haven''t quite worked the kinks (so to speak) out of, thinking that they''ll lure people in with tricks like that insteaed of giving them the sex they really want. Why not have done away with the extra angles and restored the other scenes that have been cut? The next scene, involving Carmen (I think), is slightly better, at least in terms of looks, camera angles and finish. Carmen is a very cute brunette with a few tats, heels and sexy glasses. She starts out with what we assume is her boyfriend, until his brother shows up (or so he calls him) and Carmen takes them both on. Again, some fine hardcore shots here, especially of Carmen getting a full plugging up her vivacious ass and a hearty DP that is worth a peek, as well as a freaky DP that has Carmen rolled up on her shoulders, her ass in the air, as the brothers go butt-to-butt to invade her two holes. Very strange, and not completely unerotic. Plus, the facial here is plentiful, all across her face and glasses, though the majority of the first mighty blast lands on one of the brother''s hands. Oops. The last scene involves a nerdier but still attractive brunette with smaller tits, who takes on her stud in an enormous bathtub that could just as easily be a jacuzzi. She must not be any older than 18, ''cause she looks damn young, but she''s eager, doing that cock in a number of positions, especially riding him fast and hard cowgirl style. There''s some spanking and some face-fucking, which is nice, and like the other two the facial is nothing to scoff at. But it''s just no big deal. If it had all the scenes hell, if even these three were edited for us this would probably rate a C, maybe a C+, which is hardly an awful grade. As it is, with so much work left to the viewer, this thing is more of a pain in the ass than a stroking delight.  

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