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Title: Sweet Girls Next Door  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


It''s billed as "The Ultimate Oriental Erotic Experience." Oh who are they kidding? It''s crap, plain and simple. Look, I love a hot, young little Asian vixen as much as the next guy, especially if she''s playing up the whole geisha-who''ll-do-anything-for-you routine or the gosh-what''s-sex? innocent bit, which young Asian girls can do instinctively better than probably any other brand of women on the planet. But see, I like them to be INTO IT! This sleazy affair (and "sleazy" is meant as a bad word here; normally it''s a damn good thing) just finds nice Asian girls who most definitely do NOT want to be doing what they''re doing -- or at least, not with these butt-ugly Japanese guys. The first girl (and right away, an explanation that I have no idea who is who and neither will you, nor will you care) seems so unsure of herself, her opening blowjob almost seems like it''s the first cock she''s ever touched, let alone sucked. She seems completely uncertain of what she''s doing, and sure, in some ways, that can be a turn-on -- that whole young whore who needs to be educated thing. But here it''s just boring. There are some multiple angle shots here that you can click to, but 1) you won''t want to, since they''re nothing different than the main shots, and 2) they irritate because they freeze up your machine temporarily as the movie scrolls. Major turn-off. The scene suddenly shifts to two guys doing her in a fashion that can only be called rape, and it''s not pretty. Of course, if anything good can be said about this import -- and barely anything can -- it''s that the overdubbed dialogue is hilariously bad and the ''70s Muzak in the background is even funnier. But that can''t cover for a scene that is just painful to watch, even when cum comes spewing from someone''s dick onto the side of her face and thick strands. She just looks miserable, and that''s wrong. The next scene has "Amy" (yeah, whatever) as a college freshman who works part-time as a hooker to pay her way through school and afford her expensive tastes in clothing. There''s some leery narrative from some horny Asian, then some decent cocksucking as well as some slightly sexy crotch shots of her white cotton panties getting a bit wet. But the guy (called Mr. Liu) is so foul-looking it''s almost stomach-turning. The rest is a pretty standard fucking with a cum shot onto Amy''s belly. Next we have a girl, Lucy, dreaming about nailing her professor, rather than doing her homework. Lucy is somewhat cute and knows how to work her mouth around a stiffie (not that these guys really provide any), and she jerks and sucks her prof well before taking him up her twat. Some of the camera work gets silly, between a bad slo-mo and a hyper kinetic fast shot of the prof cumming on her chin, but at least it''s marginally better than the next scene, which has the hottest girl of the lot looking bored as some guy pounds her pussy. It''s all too jagged with the cum shot coming out of nowhere. No point, just bad sex. The final scene has party slut Cindy taking on two studs after they basically drug her. Again, just not my thing at all, and though it''s staged, it just leaves you feeling really unclean while watching it. A shower is definitely required afterwards. Based on this and the previews that AVE offers on the extras, this is one company to stay away from for good.  

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