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Title: Windsong  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


This anthology of unrelated scenes is the true definition of mish-mash; some scenes burn, some are just OK and some are outright boring. It''s broken into chapters -- literally, not just encoding on your disc -- with each scene given a title card and some silly name, "Windsong" tries to straddle two worlds (softcore smooth and hardcore action) and only half-succeeds. From my vantage point, you can skip the first chapter, titled "The Reunion." Reunion of what, who knows? It''s a reunion, I guess, of blonde, leggy but impossibly fake-titted Zoe with strapping stud Earl Slate, but who would know that they were ever apart before? Most of this scene is filled with Zoe contemplating and dreaming of Earl''s return, all in slo-mo, so we can watch her S-L-O-W-L-Y finger herself. If she were more attractive here, that might be fun. As it is, things don''t pick up until Earl enters the picture, and even then it''s only mildly interesting. There are some nice shots of her spit-filled pussy and some good reverse cowgirl anal with Earl''s crooked cock sliding well in and out of Zoe''s tight bunghole, but it really doesn''t pay off all that much. Only some sidways doggy really looks hot. But the next chapter, "Maneater," has stacked and rockin'' Kendra Jade made up as a tiger (stripes and all) to maul Tom Chapman and John Strong, who pack a mean punch in their puds. Kendra may have fake tits, but they''re damn good fake tits, and her succulent ass is worth staring out for hours. John and Tom work her over good, tonguing her ass, feeding her manmeat, banging her plenty deep and offering a great DP before giving her two doses of goo all over her face. A keeper scene. Chapter 3, "Masterpiece," should be better than it is, mostly because it relies too much on slo-mo (there are those overtones to softcore again) and it doesn''t make good enough use of auburn-haired hottie Delilah Page. Instead, it''s really blonde model-type Sierra Knight''s scene, and she''s only half exciting. The scene takes place in a torture chamber, though no one is really properly tortured, merely chained up and made to eat pussy (gee, what punishment). Delilah is a great stunner -- full legs, big tits and a great smile, and she''s ably shared between the other two -- that is, when she''s not taking a big dildo up her snatch. Sierra doesn''t seem as interested, though she tries, and both offer Evan entry to their hershey highways, but the scene just never generates as much heat as it should. Kay London and Joelani, two fairly stunning blondes, are the focus of the next chapter -- called "Self-Esteem," but God knows why. All it consists of is the two going at each other''s quims in some black lingerie (nice) and some funky masks (whatever). There are two angles here, the finished product and the raw footage, which on a separate angle spills over into the next scene, but I guarantee you won''t care about the raw footage. Yeah, it''s more the real deal than the digitized finished product, but the camera is erratic and, like most sex, not every last bit of it is worth watching. Still, the pair go at each other with plenty of verve and definitely know how to take a dildo for a ride. The final chapter, "Concubine," barely establishes that the lead slut, the lovely, older Houston, is really a concubine, but it doesn''t really matter. The sex is so ordinary that you won''t care. There''s some cool black-and-white material here, and the anal shots are strong, with Houston''s sphincter stretching plenty to accept the aging Herschel log. But it''s nothing to write home about. In the end, Herschel turns out to be the devil, which I guess we''re supposed to read sinister meanings into, but they''re just not there. So what do you have here? One worthwhile scene, two almost worthwhile scenes (and worth checking out if you''re a fan of the performer) and a pair of duds. That''s average to me.  

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