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Title: Haiku  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Asian chicks are all the rage, and rightly so -- they can be stunning and defiantly sexy while still maintaining and innocence and youthfulness that other women can''t hold onto. Look at Leanni Lei, the star of this flick: She''s hot and experienced, but still comes off like she''s 18. Sure, other Asian sluts, such as Asia Carerre, are more womanly, and some, such as the mesmerizing Brooke Ashley here, hardly seem Asian at all anymore. But the true Asian sluts, such as Leanni and Kimi Ji, capture so many qualities all at once that they''re hard to resist. That is, they''re hard to resist when they''re in a picture worth watching. This is only so-so, mostly undone by its lack of plot and redundant let''s-fuck-the-geish setups. One scene with elaborate Japanese garb and face-paint would have been hot. Three is just dumb. It opens with Leanni, in the abovementioned Asian wear, servicing Kyle Stone, first with a massage, then with the full-body massage, if you know what I mean (and don''t even act like you don''t). I suppose this is meant to play off American fantasies of what a geisha will do for you, but hey, I''d like my geisha to be a bit hornier than this. Leanni''s knob-gobbling of Kyle is fair, as is the cowgirl fucking and the cumshot, but mostly I was in a hurry to get to the next scene. Why? Because it involves sexy newcomer Syren and slutty Kimi, who give strapping stud Brad Armstrong the once-over-twice by a darkened pool at nighttime. It''s a solid fucking, with Syren and her hot, bigger-than-expected tits and Kimi, looking marvelous and nurturing, giving a two-on-one lathering to Brad''s dick. The lighting to this scene is uncommonly good, with stage lights appearing like moonlight glowing on the young ladies'' bodies. There is some acrobatic sex, with Kimi taking a standing bang from Brad, before he drops a load onto their tickling tongues. It''s a better-than-average scene in a resolutely average flick. And the next scene proves how average it is. It''s not like Leanni to be so bored, but here, with Jonathan Morgan, it''s all she can do to feign interest in getting laid. She''s impossibly cute, with big dark eyes, and thank heavens the pasty-face makeup has been taken off for this scene, and it''s lovely to see her smiling as she takes a load of Jon''s cream onto her chin. But the rest of the fucking is so rote it''s not worth skimming over. Kimi ignites the next scene in ways that Leanni would learn well from -- mostly that a cute blowjob and some tasty ass-licking can lead to some powerful anal sex. In other words, an Asian geisha scene can have both elements, sweet and tender and raw and angry. Kimi fucks her boytoy right good in this clip, though his cumshot doesn''t live up to the rest of the sex. The final scene, though, involving comely Brooke Ashley and Tom Byron, almost saves this from ruin. Brooke is downright captivating (if she could, she should be a model now that she''s left porn) and Byron is understandably aroused and excited at the prospect of tasting and slamming her. Byron the master goes to work immediately, lubing up her twat and fingering her ass, and Brooke knows how to work it for the camera, giving us great shots of her shapely legs and ass and those amazing tits. There''s some reverse cowgirl action that has Brooke bouncing proudly, and some even better doggy anal work that has her moaning in wet delight. That Byron finishes with a mighty blast to her face is just icing on the cake for this one. But that and one other scene, the threesome with Kimi, don''t make a strong case for this one. It''s adequate, and if you dig Asians, you certainly should give it a spin. Myself, I need more.  

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