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Title: Photoplay  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


This one automatically presented a dilemma for me. I am admittedly not the biggest Jenna Jameson fan. Maybe it''s because she gets so much undue attention as it is, but I really think it has more to do with the fact that she''s just not THAT appealing. Yes, the pouty lips are undeniably attractive, she has incredible legs, and I don''t know that there''s a finer looking pussy in the biz. That said, she just never seems to get me hot. She always seems so vacant, as if she''s just going through the motions. (And her tits are abnormal.) Still, Ashlyn Gere is one of my absolute favorites, a classy, stunning package that is as down-to-earth as she is slutty. Without question, she is one of the 10 greatest porn stars we''ve ever had, even at this juncture of her career, when her glory days are behind her. So knowing that I''m going to get a Jenna-Ashlyn teaming in the midst of this one had me apprehensive. Would it work as well as I''d hope? Would it get my rocks off? Well, yes and no. What of it that did get me excited was all due to Ashlyn, but to be honest, the real heat comes from Dallas and (surprise!) Anna Malle, who turn in fairly torrential performances. Let''s get to the story, though. Jenna is a top-notch fashion photographer (uh-huh ... right ... sure) whose boyfriend (Hank Armstrong) just bailed on her with his mistress (Anna M.), all of Jenna''s cash and her latest (and presumably best) pics. This gives us an opening scene wherein Anna appears stark naked and tan as dirty Hawaiian sand, down on all fours with Hank rimming her and getting her cunt good and slicked up for a healthy dicking. Anna is another one who is hit-or-miss in my book. She''s always horny but her looks range from ravishing (as they are here) to somewhat scary. Here she''s on fire, taking Hank''s cock so deep down her throat in the blowjob sequence that you''d think she''d be gagging for dear life. She also endures some dandy spanking and some sturdy ass-fucking, before taking a load of Hank''s jizz across her tattooed tits. (Meanwhile, this is intercut, and badly, with scenes of a lonely Jenna getting herself off. None of that makes much of an impact until the Hank/Anna scene is over. That''s when Jenna takes a Pepto-Bismal-pink dildo out and starts jamming herself with it. Very tasty.) Downhearted but not down-and-out, Glenn (that''s Jenna''s character''s name) heads over to see her good pal Sal (Alex Sanders), who feels so sorry for her, he turns over a choice advertising account to her to help. The assignment? Find the new "It" girl for a lingerie line of some sort. Of course, those of us watching from afar know who that will be: Felecia, whom Jenna nearly ran over in an earlier scene while pondering life in Las Vegas (don''t ask) at the local airport. But for now, Jenna''s clueless. Sal''s not clueless, though, as he gets his assistant Dallas'' hints right away. Tired and tense, Sal has Dallas massage his shoulders to relax, but soon Dallas wants more. Within moments, she''s gnawing on his slender wonder log and feeing her kitty to a very hungry Alex, who eats way more than his fair share of gash. (Hey, buddy, mind sharing that around, huh?) Dallas, a comely auburn-haired thing with a great body, works her mouth over Alex''s dick like she''s sucking peanuts out of uncracked shells, all while fingering her hot box. Soon she''s offering up her great, round ass in a backdoor sequence (though not anal) until Alex cums a big load on her neck and chest. Back at her studio apartment, Jenna is found perusing pictures of possible "It" girls to no avail, when what do you know ... in comes her landlord, Ashlyn Gere, and her lackey Tom Byron. Hell, we should all be so lucky to have Ashlyn as our landlord! I''d pay $1,500 a month for a one-room shack just to have that. Anyway, Jenna is clearly past due on her rent and has no way to pay. (What a classic set-up, huh?) So to make good, she offers to go down on the heavenly Ashlyn. At first, Ms. Gere is reluctant -- oh, not to get eaten, she''ll gladly take that. She just wants the cold hard cash along with it. But titan-titted Jenna breaks down her resistance and is soon munching muff with glee. I''ll give Jenna this much credit, she sure knows how to eat pussy, even if Ashlyn outdoes her when she gets the chance. Of course, Ashlyn looks outrageously super-fine in her best get-up -- black nylons, mini skirt, black heels, white blouse buttoned to the neck. She''s so damn hot! Just when you think Tom Byron isn''t going to get into the action -- he''s so busy walking around, mugging at the camera and looking goofy, which he does with ease -- he finally leaps in and lets Jenna and Ashlyn have a go at his chewtoy. They bite at it through his briefs, then yank it out and engulf it one by one. The rest is a bit by-the-numbers (doggy, cowgirl, Ashlyn sucking Tom while Jenna eats Ashlyn, that sort of thing), but it''s by no means boring. And Ashlyn turns the heat up a notch by licking and toying with Tom''s ass. (That Tom, one of the few in the biz to really let a woman work his behind over good. He knows what''s best.) Surprisingly, Jenna even looks pretty good and gets really into having Tom''s spray splash across her cheek, though Ashlyn gets the bullseye into her mouth. Rent issues resolved, Jenna finally realizes which horny slut would make the perfect "It" girl. Now, how she finds Felecia so fast is beyond me, but who cares? This one''s skimpy on plot anyhow, so the sex is what matters. Felecia shows up for a photo shoot directed by Jenna with the help of Bobby Vitale and, well, you can figure out the rest. Felecia says she doesn''t wear underwear; soon she''s not wearing anything; soon after that she''s got Jenna sitting on her face; then she has Bobby''s wang stuffed into her mouth. All of it involving her is red hot, too. Overall, though, it''s a pretty decent scene, especially when Jenna takes a hard boffing from behind while munching on Felecia''s pretty quim. Why Felecia never gets to feel Bobby''s dick inside her is anyone''s guess, but it doesn''t ruin things that she doesn''t. Still, after some of the steamier work from earlier, it''s a slight anti-climax. Bottom line: If Jenna gets you hard, you can''t go wrong; if Ashlyn gets you hard, you must have this (along with everything else she does); and if Anna Malle getting deep-tongued from behind while on all fours is a sight for sore eyes (and it is), this is worth more than a look. Yank away, mateys.  

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