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Title: Sodomania Slopshots  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


I''m gonna make this super simple, as this barely requires a review: Buy this. Now. If there is such a thing as a no-brainer in porn -- and given how hit-or-miss the production quality and sex is these days, there isn''t -- this one just might qualify. Essentially it''s nothing more than two hours of the best of the "Sodomania" series, Patrick Collins'' superbly minimalist fuck frenzy that always features damn fine ass-plugging and always a tremendous assortment of cum facials, the sort that so many other features boast but never deliver. Collins'' cheek splatters are some of the best around, with each wanton slut giving herself over to the full blast, letting it soak their hair and forehead and nose and eyes ... and just about anything else! Remember those great old loops from the ''70s? That''s how this plays, which is why it''s review-proof. You either love two-minute summaries of hardcore sex with a mighty finish or you don''t -- and if you don''t, there''s no need in us talking. This has some of the hottest babes around, from natural wonders like Rebecca Bardoux and Alicia Rio (a gorgeous, dark-haired babe who gets it in the glasses) to Euro dolls like Nikita, from little things like Francesca Le to bigger things like, well, let''s not name names, huh? There''s every type of scene in here and more cum than most guys can produce in a season -- and for the ultimate perv (hey, who isn''t?) there''s even a few ass-to-mouth finales that are as filthy dirty as you''d expect. (Not shitty, if you know what I mean, just raunchy.) And, as any follower of the "Sodomania" series would rightfully expect, it comes with one of the undeniably massive facials of the era -- Kaitlyn Ashley''s three-blast goo bliss after being doubly penetrated. It''s galvanizing, believe me. If you don''t drop a load shooting it, check your strokers license; it''s likely been revoked. I could go on and on about which scene come from what tape and who really got my rocks off (suffice it to say, I watched it with my girlfriend and we got so hot and horny we had to start and stop it three times; right, she''s not your average girlfriend, but that''s why I love her). There''s only one glitch, and it''s a hilarious one: For some reason, the soundtrack is off by about 15-20 seconds. So you hear Sid Deuce demand you fuck her tight hole hard as you can, but she actually has her mouth shut. It can be annoying, or you can just shut the sound off and groove with some cool tunes. Really, there''s no point in detailing this one. It''s just a must for those nights alone with nothing but your hand to keep you company.  

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