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Title: Virtual Sex With Jenna  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


This is it. This is what Woody Allen warned we''d come to. This one''s like the fictitious Orgasmatron from his "Sleeper." Step inside and fuck your brains out without having to do a whole lot of work. And thank God it arrived. Like, oh, 99.9% of the world, I will never have an opportunity to fuck Jenna Jameson, let alone in every position imaginable. Even as porn stars go, she''s seriously untouchable -- almost plastic. Just a perfect American cutie-pie face on a perfectly stacked (if unreal) American body made for the horizontal bop. And now I can pop her into the machine, watch her spread her legs or suck cock just for me on my 36'''' set, then shoot my load wherever I want! What a country! The conceit is simple: With the special features that DVD can utilize, you call the action and the angles. You want to have a bit of sensual foreplay fun with Jenna, be it with your fingers or a vibrator? Go for it. She''ll have it greedily. Want her to suck cock? It''s just a click away. Want to see on her back, on her knees, riding reverse cowgirl or bouncing like a kangaroo on some fine schlong? Check, check, check and check. You make every move -- or, if you have a hankering for one thing in particular, say a blowjob, you can watch her do it again and again and again hands-free. You decide when she starts or stops, and best of all, you decide if she''s going to talk to you sweet and innocently or nasty like a $50 whore. (Myself, I like ''em both; just depends on the mood. Sometimes you want to hear her coo, and sometimes you want her to shout about banging her cunt.) That''s the beauty of Jenna, that she can play it both ways and make it believable. She''s not exactly my most favorite porn slut -- though she''s certainly instantly watchable. But I''m so impressed with the layout of this one, I can wait until we get ''round to Chloe or Nici Sterling doing one. There are glitches, however, and they''re not in the menu-operating. (Those you can make disappear, if you can''t stand the sight of them, and it doesn''t take long to understand what icon does what.) Rather, it''s the cumshots. To be honest, there''s really only one, and you''ll easily find it. But for each position, as it reaches climax, there should be a real, full-blast cum shot. Instead, there''s some ridiculous, computerized spary that''s drawn over Jenna''s body. It''s just absurd and totally spoils the moment. You get all good and lathered up, prepare to spew, and then you see a cartoon. Just doesn''t work. Right, the guy in question certainly couldn''t shoot again and again. But he could take breaks, or shoot on different days, and get the full blast each time. Or better yet: Substitute a different stud for each position. It''s just a cock, we don''t see his face or even much of his body. It''s supposed to be OURS after all, right? What difference does it make whose cock it is? Just give us a full cumshot each time. That''s all we ask. Still, that''s a minor complaint. This shit is gonna do gangbusters business, so experience it soon before everyone else is on the bandwagon. Myself, I have to go bang Jenna from behind again.  

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