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Title: Borrowed Bodies  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


You know, there''s really nothing wrong with this one. It''s got great-looking women, like Nici Sterling, one of the hottest sluts around, and Brittany O''Connell, a living doll who I''d give every limb but one to fuck. It''s got Nikki Sinn in a role that makes sense -- a frustrated but wise therapist in need of a super-huge orgasm. It''s even got a few studs I enjoy seeing from time to time. So what''s my beef with "Borrowed Bodies"? Well, see, I''ve seen John Leslie''s "Chameleon," as any true porn fan should, and this is just a steal of its premise. Out-of-body experiences -- or, as the box cover calls ''em, "Into-Body Experiences," whch I like even more -- with one horny lass sneaking her way into the mind of virtually every character we meet. Only difference is, Leslie took the concept and followed through on it; when Tori Welles would inhabit Debi Diamond''s hot bod for some boffing with Tom Byron, we still somehow sense Tori underneath it all. Maybe it was the way Debi banged, but more likely Leslie knew how to keep us in Tori''s head, placing clever shots of her face here and there so we knew she was in on it. Here, directors Teri Diver and Tom Elliott aren''t nearly as concerned. They''re just looking for a better-than-average premise to hang some scenes on. That''s fine, and the sex is decent, so let''s jump in -- as we find Nikki, big tattoo splayed across her chest, preparing for a lesson plan but soon daydreaming of sucking a big fuckstick. There are some outstanding between-the-legs shots here of Nikki having her mouthed pumped and some cool close-ups of the doggy action, as well as a cum splash on her sexy ass. But the story doesn''t click until the scene is over. Then we learn that Janine Tramell (Nikki) has been seeing absurd, Zorro-like shadowy figures and hearing voices in her head, telling her that she''s not qualified to instruct in the ways of the bom-bom-diggy because she herself hasn''t been fully satisfied. This nuisance interrupts a meeting with four lithesome hotties, including Nici and Brittany, who soon becomes the center of attention. After the session, we get an intercut sequence of Brit taking a shower (a wonderful sight in itself) while Nikki ponders her sex life while driving. The shadowy figure decides Nikki should have a better view of the action, and suddenly (magically!) thrusts Nikki into Brit''s body. Naturally, Brit loses all inhibition -- no more of that wifey routine here -- and becomes a fuck-a-holic, ready to take on her all-American hubby with vigor. And now some more slathering talk about Brit: She is just an absolute delight. I realize this is from a few years back and she''s not as popular a draw anymore, but I''m telling you, she''s heavenly, a little bundle of redheaded lust that can suck dick as expertly as the best of them and can make me believe that every moan is real. She delivers some fine knob-gobbling before planting her blondie boy on his back to sit on his face (oh what a fantasy!). Hubby''s got a thick but not very long dong which is no problem for Brit to engulf into her tight slit. There''s some great doggy action with some sexy dirty talk and a reverse cowgirl scene in the shower that gives us a great full view of Brit''s luscious body. And the cumshot is a dandy, with the ball batter splattering her tongue, cheeks and hair. For that alone, I''m hooked. Of course, the strangers yanked Nikki out of the action just as Brit was about to cum, leaving Nikki horny as hell (and pissed) and Brit utterly bewildered. Until the next session, that''s all Nikki gets -- except that the next session is all about women who don''t need the touch of a man, which means Nikki might need to wait even longer for that raging orgasm. Instead, Nikki has to watch (in fantasy only, of course) Nici Sterling get it on with a hot blond bombshell, both of whom leap into their 69 action as if they haven''t eaten in weeks. The scene is bathed in a pinkish purple light, which distracts after a while (artiness is fine, but in limited doses, I say), but there''s some outstanding two-finger penetration and grinding face-sitting here to recommend. Thankfully, that''s not the last we see of Nici, that buxom, slender-legged Aussie. She has a problem, she tells Dr. Nikki: Every time she comes home, her husband is too busy playing cards with the boys to fuck her. (What a dolt.) So the shadowy figure gets the bright idea to place Nikki in Nici''s body (is this getting confusing with all the Nikk(c)i''s), strap her in some biker gear and nail her man right there on the table. And make no mistake, the scene is hot, with some clever shots reflected in Nici''s mirrored sunglasses (the only hint we get that Nikki is really the one possessing her), some good dirty talk and some hard cowgirl riding. Plus, just about the time Nikki exits Nici''s body, thereby missing out on some deep anal penetration, the scene is getting close to scorching. But I got one big problem: No way does a woman as hot and trampy as Nici Sterling walk in on a poker game dressed in exposing biker wear and not take on all guys present. She''d be stuffed full of dick faster than you can say "DP." What results isn''t a bad scene by far, but it sure could have been something absolutely wild with a little more thought. Meanwhile, Nikki still hasn''t cum (what, this girl never heard of masturbation?). Before she can even get close she has to suffer through an adequate fucking between Alex Sanders and some long-faced blond ho in a parking lot. She''s not much to look at, but Alex pounds the holy hell out of her, and she returns the favor by slamming his cock up her ass reverse-cowgirl style. It''s a fair scene, with an average facial to finish. The rest you can surely guess, but I won''t give it away here. Suffice to say she still seeks the Big O, wants to know the identity of the shadowy figure (gee, who could it be?) but before she can do anything she simply must deep-throat some cock while candles burn all around her like she''s in the Police''s video for "Wrapped Around Your Finger." Nikki gets it in the ass, somehow has shaved off all her pubes (a bit of a continuity problem here) and yes, gets that orgasm at last. And then the big revelation: the mysterious figure is really ... Oh, please. See it for youserlf.  

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