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Title: Sins Of The Flesh  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Remember "Sirens," that softcore flick with Elle MacPherson baring her tits at every stop? Don''t you remember how much you wanted everyone in that house where Sam Neill lived would just get it on in an all-out orgy? "Sins of the Flesh" is your answer. It''s a none-too-clever redo of "Sirens," with our lust-crazed painter about to be stopped by young Republican Brandon Irons, a stiff and mostly dumb charge of hypocritically horny senator. (In the original, it was a priest, Hugh Grant, that tried to talk Neill out of his nudie art.) Of course, we can''t do anything here until we establish what this painter does, so within minutes we''re spying him doing a portrait (or something like that) of uncut stud Mark Davis doing the nasty with LeAnna Heart and Nicki Neals -- and already we know this isn''t going to go steamy places very fast. For one, everyone is so attached to odd bric-a-brac (gas-masks, mainly) that it becomes distracting, and the slo-mo work just makes it drag. I''m all for slo-mo, mind you, when it heightens the sensuality. Here it just put me to sleep.The ladies in this scene are hardly anything to scoff at; LeAnna, for one, is a doll. It just never takes off. Only a cum shot onto both of their tongues makes it faintly memorable. That set-up aside, things pick up once we''ve set the story in motion, with Herschel sending Tom (Brandon) out with his mission to stop Frank Wainwright, our freaky painter (God love him). Tom''s intrigued by the idea of what Wainwright''s up to, naturally, especially since he''s not exactly getting any from his super-fine wife Susan (total babe Marilyn Star). Once they''ve arrived at Wainwright''s estate and have settled in for the night, he tries eating her before they go to bed, but she doesn''t go for it, thinks it''s dirty. Clearly, this frigidity will be thawed before the full 80 minutes pass here. The timeline gets a little blurry at this point, as we see odd-looking Maya and odder Lea Stevenson in rubber cop outfits starting to get it on back at Wainwright Manor, but the more interesting heat is starting back at Herschel''s office, where he''s ushered in his secretary (the always stunning Southern belle Dakota) and petite sweetie Katie Gold. There''s some strange fun here, like when Herschel puts Dakota''s panties on his head while she gets a tongue-lashing from Katie (who is just a pro at pussy munching), as well as Katie smearing some of her lipstick on Dakota''s moist bush while D is busy sucking some of that Savage log. (And note: Here''s where you get some multi-angle play, and this time it''s not all bad. The first angle is the digitized treatment, which is artistically sound but a bit rote, and the second angle is the raw footage. It''s kinda fun to switch back and forth, I found.) Of course, the whole thing wraps with something I always love to see -- Dakota taking a faceful of cum while some hot young thing is stroking the exploding cock. Quite nice. Back at the happy house, Marilyn is starting to stir. She heads downstairs unnoticed to watch Lea and Maya get it on with Wainwright, who has handily whipped out his pecker for some close inspection. Soon Lea in braces is sucking hard on that tool while Maya helps -- that is, until Maya pushes that stiffy deep inside her cunt from behind. There''s also some great daisy-chain stuff, with each one eating the other''s ass. Ultimately, being the arrogant artist he is, Wainwright shoots his load across his own painting for his nubile babes to lick off. Freaky, slightly dim, but not unamusing. All this time, Marilyn has been fingering her glistening pussy on the stairs. The girls catch her in the act and offer to take her for a swim ... and more. But do things culminate in a spit-filled three-way girl-girl bomp? Hardly. Marilyn just doesn''t go for the pussy chomping. Now, I''m not one to spoil endings, even in flicks as predictable as this. Just know, it gets off to a solid start, has some solid orgy action once six or seven more girls jump in all at once after a lengthy session of posing, and never fear that Marilyn gets her proper banging in the end. It''s nothing special overall, but if you''ve got a jones for the star or the idea, it''s worth a look.  

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