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Title: Just 18 8  
Reviewer: Sexecutioner  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C-
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Just Over 18 8


Movie Type: Teens
140 Mins.
Pink Visual
Director: Uncredited
Themes: Group sex
Condoms: No
Stars: Armani, Lexi, Hailey Young, Lauren Lee, Rachel Solari, Rikki Love, Tiffani
Reviewed by: The Sexecutioner

You know precisely what you're going to get with Just Over 18 8 " a bunch of girls that are supposed to radiate the vibrancy and youthfulness that comes with being a teen. The first of these young gals goes by the name of Lexi. She doesn't have much to offer in the looks department unless you're into girls with dark hair, pale skin and small boobs. Come to think of it, Rod Fontana's got bigger breasts than she does. He's joined by another older gentleman. They proceed to use cold, hard cash as a means for getting her to cater to their perverse whims. She consistently services one guy with her mouth while the other taps away at her puss. There's no anal or DP action to speak of. Both of the old dicks drop loads on her face. Unfortunately, there's nothing at all impressive about this scene.

The next chick's a blonde named Tiffani. She's trying to obtain a party pass so she can hit all the hot spots where her fellow teens hang out. Wouldn't you know that the person who has the pass expects her to fuck in order to get it? This girl's a bit cuter than the last one, but not by much. Her boobs have actually got a little girth to them. She acts really reluctant at first, but is so determined to get the pass that she starts giving him a blow. The oral, both his and hers, isn't special. The same could be said for the majority of the sex, although she deserves some credit for being a decent cowgirl. The best thing about this scene is the cumshot. She wants it directed toward her tits and he's aiming right for them. Suddenly, he pulls up and blasts her face instead! Not sure if that was planned, but she certainly acts as if it wasn't.

Now we transition into some group sex. Rachel Solari is a blonde with a fake rack and a couple extra pounds. She also has braces, reinforcing the teen feel. Rikki Love is a brunette with decent sized naturals and a bit of a strange demeanor. The looks on this girl's face, particularly while she's blowing, are downright quirky. Anyway, Rachel shows up outside of an older dude's house looking to use a phone. Her cell is out of service and she has to call Rikki to pick her up from work. The guy shows her to his bedroom, she makes the call and Rikki gets there in no time. He offers them some cash for sex, the girls talk it over in private, and agree to fuck him. Neither lady shows much in the way of skill. They don't interact particularly well while the other's pussy is being plugged. This is nothing but a processional fuck and the ending is particularly terrible. Rachel is being filled in missionary and the guy's obviously about to cum. Inexplicably, the scene comes to an end. With no sign of semen in sight.

Another group sex scene features Lauren Lee and Frank Towers along with Hailey Young. The latter is hanging out in a tropical fish shop when the others show. Hailey's into fish and is encouraged to check out Lauren's “350 gallon” tank, which is back at her house. Eventually, all three make their way to the couple's bedroom. It's there that Hailey acts uncomfortable while subjected to questions from Frank. In order to loosen her up, Lauren exposes her fairly big rack.. Hailey then pops out her own substantially small ones. With that done, the sex soon commences. Problem is, Hailey never gets a cock in her cooch. Lauren is the one that's subjected to the screwing. The one thing this scene has going for it is Hailey's oral. She gives an energetic and sloppy blowjob. She also seems to take a liking to Lauren's love-juice, which she eagerly slurps off Frank's schlong. A weak cumshot on Hailey's tongue closes it.

Last up, we've got a girl by the name of Armani and two young guys. They approach her while she's tanning on the beach, saying they represent Channel 69. They claim to host an aptly named show that's called TAP (Teen Anal Pounding) TV. Armani isn't all that attractive and has a bit of a gut. Thinking she has a chance to become a television star, she heads back to one of the guys' pad. They show her some toys and she finally figures out what they're really after. At first, she doesn't want to have to have anything to do with these dweebs, but her longing for fame wins out and brings us to the double BJ. This turns out to be the nastiest scene, in that Armani takes it up the bum-bum and also gets DP'd. Nasty she may be, but that doesn't make her an enthusiastic performer or someone that's pleasing to watch. Both guys stroke themselves off on her face to bring this feature to a merciful end.

This is very disappointing stuff. And not just because of the looks on these girls. None of these chicks struck me as being great in terms of their performances. Hailey clearly had potential, but it was spoiled by her oral exclusivity. This feels more like a comp than a new release. If you watch Armani's scene, she repeatedly talks about how she wants to be “tapped in 2007.” Hey, Pink Visual, it is 2010, right? Adding to the compilation sense is Hailey's scene, which could easily have been pulled from one of PV's “Couples Seduce Teens” movies. There are some instances where the camera is inexplicably directed away from the real action. Even if you're into the teen type, this is something you'll want to avoid.




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