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Title: Naked Truth  
Reviewer: Nick Nite  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


I gotta be straight up about this one right away: I couldn''t stop laughing, and I wasn''t supposed to. It''s the opening. I could barely get past it. See, Alex Jordon is a fashion photographer, apparently into softcore but no hard stuff -- or at least she doesn''t sell to any hardcore porn publications. Anyway, she''s doing a shoot with Shayla (what a doll), Marc Wallice (Mr. HIV) and the dorkiest blonde dude, Damien Zeus, whose pageboy haircut was almost enough to have me roaring with yuks. They''re supposed to come gliding down a staircase, but freeze from time to time, as if they''re playing some kinky version of Red Light Green Light. And it looks so absolutely absurd, the way those Fabio photo shoots do, that I couldn''t stop laughing at it all -- and it certainly didn''t help that Alex is constantly staring down the camera and saying things like, "Show me the love. Make love to each other. Make love to the camera. Make love to me." I don''t know, maybe there are some people who get into this sort of thing, and I don''t mean to be knocking them. It just seemed so ridiculous, perhaps because I couldn''t possibly believe that these people were getting into each other -- certainly not enough to have things lead to an almost torrid three-way that Alex finally gives in to. At that point, I''ve watched Shayla and her boy toys come down the stairs at least three times and my sides ache from howling. Still, once they get down to business, it''s not without its merits, as Shayla is a delectable thing to ogle. She may not be the fanciest ball handler this side of the PBA tour, but she''s so pretty to look at (in that dyed blonde campus goddess way) that you can''t help but get into it. Alex is more my speed, I must say. Sort of the slightly older tramp who loves to deck herself out in classy clothes and slinky nylons. I dig that and wish that Alex had been more the focus of this scene. As it is, each girl gets a full-on banging from Marc and Damien before experiencing a splash of baby batter. Meanwhile -- there''s always a "meanwhile" -- Tom Byron has been eyeing his client, Shayla, from atop the staircase. Apparently Shayla is a major Hollywood starlet and Tom thinks she''s ruining his career with these tawdry photo shoots. Then again, what does he care so long as he gets to put the moves on Sierra, that baby-doll brunette with the perky tits and the famously lip-curling mouth. He gets a hearty taste of her slender ass, complete with some thunderous backdoor pounding, as does Damien, who we next find sitting stupidly in a bathtub with no water in it (huh?) trying to explain his life''s problems to Sierra. Apparently everyone is having second thoughts about the photo shoot, or at least Shayla''s involvement in it. (As if this were really a major problem.) Sierra''s about to just blow it all off, but instead decides to blow Damien in all his glory -- and damn, can Sierra suck a thick cock or what? If you haven''t seen her deep-throating action in, say, "Face Dance 2," you owe it to yourself to check her out, if not here then somewhere. Her curvy mouth was designed for spelunking by a tonsil-tickling boner and the slatternly beauty rarely fails to deliver. The bathtub boffing with Damien also has some tasty pussy eating and a nice reverse ride from Sierra, but mostly I couldn''t stop chuckling at Damien''s I-am-Thor hairdo. The rest is filled with more group action, though not much of it is intermingled (meaning each couple sticks to their neutral corner); a lively fuck between Tom and Shayla that should have been played more prominently; and a cool girl-girl with Shayla and ultra-hot Alicia Rio (where did she come from?) that finds Shayla bent over and taking Alicia''s hot tongue up her twat. Overall, I was mildly interested and stayed half-hard throughout, which is par for the course. Bottom line: There are better places to see some of these stars, but if you absolutely crave them, you''ll need this.  

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