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Title: Lesbian Triangles 17  
Reviewer: Sexecutioner  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C+
Male looks: n/a
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: C-
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Lesbian Triangles 17

Movie Type: All-Girl
Mins. 156
Girlfriends Films
Director: Dan O'Connell
Themes: Age Gaps, "Sensuality"
Condoms: No
Stars: Ashlyn Rae, Claire Robbins, Janie Summers (NonSex), Prinzzess Sahara, Rayveness, Torri Secret
Reviewed by: The Sexecutioner

Lesbian Triangles 17 features, what else, a bunch of lesbos having at each other's pussies. Things start with an older gal and a younger one...

Rayveness is concerned that her home will be subject to foreclosure. After that, things get a little weird. Claire Robbins has a panty smelling fetish. She encourages Rayveness to join her as she sniffs women's undies. There's a ton of needless chatter and stage setting (18 minutes worth) before Claire's top finally comes off. There's some tit licking and kissing and Claire gets first dibs on the pussy when she strokes and licks away at Rayveness. Claire doesn't seem at all assertive. Rather than pump her finger into Rayveness, she ends up holding her finger in place and letting her partner thrust away at it. Rayveness seems like she enjoys this, but we mustn't forget that she's also a good actress. There's some more kissing, a little foot on nipple action, then Claire gets eaten and fingered by Rayveness. The latter also works her boob into Claire's vagina. Rayveness then gets into doggy and is fingered once more. She leans back and starts rubbing Claire's cooch. They close by humping, but there isn't much contact between pussies. A little kissing and this abominably long scene (50 minutes) finally ends.

Now comes Prinzzess Sahara and Torri Secret. Prinzzess has a pretty nice bod and long, blonde hair. Torri is an older, brunette chick and she's not really attractive. Prinzzess is having trouble with algebra and her basketball coach, played by Torri, tells her that she has to maintain good grades in class or she'll risk being cut from the team. Prinzzess says she's also had a lot of soreness in her back. Torri claims to have some massage experience and they move to a bedroom, so she can work some of the kinks out. Prinzzess is soon worked out of her clothing instead and the massage evolves into a makeout session. Torri tenderly kisses Prinzzess all over. As she lays on her stomach, Prinzzess gets her clit rubbed and really gets off on it. At last, Torri gets out of her clothes and there's more making out before Prinzzess gets on top and humps away. She rubs and licks Torri's clit before fingering it. Then there's more humping, during which Torri reaches down and rubs on Prinzzess' pussy. More kissing is followed by some 69. In this position, Prinzzess fingers Torri deeply and Torri returns the favor by rubbing away. In the last few minutes, Prinzzess fingers Torri before they end by kissing.

Prinzzess asks Torri to come with her to Ashlyn's house, as she doesn't want to be lonely. Ashlyn tells Prinzzess to leave because she has something to say to Torri. Ashlyn says she suspects the Prinzzess and Torri of being sexual partners, which leads to her blackmailing Torri into fucking her. Turns out that her father is a faculty member at the school where Torri works. Torri reluctantly agrees to have sex with Ashlyn so the truth isn't revealed. All the while, Janie Summers is standing by, watching with a disgusted look on her face. Ashlyn makes out with Torri and it isn't long before Janie gets completely grossed out and leaves. Apparently, this type of thing makes her queasy. Ashlyn licks away and Torri enjoys it thoroughly. Ashlyn continues to play the dominant one in this scene, as Torri isn't thrilled at being blackmailed. Torri gets rubbed and fingered for a while and there's also some kissing thrown into the mix. After this, there's some more humping, which seems to prompt Torri to let loose by doing lots of clit licking and rubbing on Ashlyn. They end the scene with (of course) kissing.

Ashlyn is up again, but with India Summer this time. Turns out that Ashlyn will soon be getting married. She shows up wearing her wedding dress and wants India to try on a fancy dress, too. After India's done playing dress up and they've gotten rid of their clothes, the action begins. There's a lot of kissing to start, then some clit rubbing. Ashlyn licks, rubs and fingers India. Then, India gets in on the act. Ashlyn points her butt skyward and India kisses it. She then licks, sucks and rubs Ashlyn's clit. Ashlyn then lays back and gets fingered and sucked simultaneously. This really gets Ashlyn off. After a little more kissing, India starts humping Ashlyn. Then, Ashlyn does the same to India. India has Ashlyn sit on her face and, as with the face sitting, they switch it up. India finishes the sex off by trying to fuck Ashlyn's nipple. With a little more kissing, Lesbian Triangles 17 comes to a close.

The only scene I enjoyed was the last one. India really takes a lot of initiative and seems to guide Ashlyn through the scene. She's got the kind of attitude that creates a spark between her and her chosen partner. Despite that, I can't recommend this DVD to anyone but lesbians. Lesbian Triangles 17 struck me as repetitive and bland. It seems Girlfriends Films were going for a sense of sensuality and realism, but I'm not feeling that at all. With the likely exception of the last scene, each pairing has an ugly girl in it. Claire Robbins isn't easy on the eyes. In fact, she's got a masculine looking face in this one. As for Torri Secret, she seems to play the role of the lesbian cougar and brings very little to the table in the way of beauty. Why Torri is featured in two scenes is beyond me. Ashlyn I can understand, but I'd still rather have seen some more in the way of variety. Six different girls in four scenes just doesn't cut it. Another thing that gets me is the lack of sexual creativity. There are no toys used in this movie and nobody ever really got nasty. So much of the sex ends up being repetitive and the pace of the movie is much too slow. To the lesbians, this might be something you'd enjoy. To the guys, this one's little more than a sleeper. Extras include previews, a photo gallery and some website info.




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