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Title: MILF Bone 4  
Reviewer: Nick Night  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B



125 Mins
DIRECTOR: Jack Mayhoff
STARS: Rachel Love, Roxanne Hall, Jazella Moore, Holly Sampson & Taylor Wane
Hot MILFs galore in this movie from Diabolic. Semi-celebrity political wife Jazella Moore joins returning UK cougars Roxanne Hall and Taylor Wane in a very good collection of MILFs who love the bone.

Jazella Moore

Political wife Jazella explains her story and that she loves young guys. She gets one and sucks his dick with little passion. The young guy fucks her from behind. She has a big ass and a soft tummy. He pumps her, but she is busy talking to the camera. Very little connection between the performers and the result is a rather boring fuck. I like MILFs a lot and Jazella is decent looking, but her energy level doesn't match her looks. She takes a facial, but even that seems flat and dull.

Holly Sampson

Holly knows she is hot and picks up guys at the gym. She looks really good, with a nice smile and a gym-rat body. Bypassing the foreplay Holly bends over and gets a dose of younger Austrian dick as Mick screws her from behind. She sucks his cock with a good deal more camera awareness than was demonstrated by Jazella. They roll around on the bed together fucking. She is moving too much to really appreciate her body, but it is clear that she has spent a lot of time at the gym. This is best displayed when she squats over him and bounces up and down showing off he definition in her upper thighs and buttocks. This is more like it. A well built cougar who can deep throat and screws like a woman in her sexual prime. He gives it to her hard and then decorates her face with his genetic material.

Taylor Wane

In the business for twenty years, Taylor has chosen now to come back because of all the young cock available these days. She is English and has a nice accent, but that is lost as soon as she stuffs his dick in her mouth. Taylor looks pretty good for her age with a great set of huge fake cans and a big ass. During cowgirl she sticks her own fingers up her ass for a makeshift double penetration. Though it gets lots of action from fingers, her ass does not get fucked. Her pussy does though. In fact it gets fucked long and hard while she extols the virtues of "big Latin cock" at the top of her lungs. Completing the scene the guy shoots a cum load onto her tongue so that Taylor can savor then swallow the sticky salty mess.

Rachel Love

Thirty Five year old Rachel is very thick around the middle with a huge pair of natural tits to round out her figure. When she gets naked the guy stands behind her and holds those heavy tits in his hands. He eases her back onto the bed and eats her out while she just smiles and looks comfortable. Sitting on her belly he puts his dick between her tits and has her feeding off of the tip. There is a lot of big ass footage when she is on top. Rachel has a big tattoo on her belly that is as noticeable as her big quivering hooters when she is getting slammed. Her pussy is completely shaved it easily handles all of his meat even when he is ramming her at full speed. Reverse cowgirl offers bouncing boobs and a shimmying stomach. The cumshot ends up in her mouth instead of all over those big boobs.

Roxanne Hall

Veteran performer Roxanne Hall is back. She is another British import with a sexy accent and smoking body. The blowjob features great intensity as she looks like she is sucking hard enough to siphon gas through a straw. Her tight, shaved pussy gives him a second snug place to plant his rod as she rides him up and down. While bent over she gets slammed and talks dirtier the harder he fucks her. They stop in the middle so she can deep throat again and taste herself on his dick. Things get rough and tumble as she claws at the sheets He has to work hard to keep up with her and finally shoots onto her tongue. Great finish to a very solid MILF collection. www.Diabolic.com



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