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Title: Orifice, The  
Reviewer: Stefani  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: C+
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Title: The Orifice


Movie Type: Feature

90 Minutes

Production Company: Pleasure Productions

DIRECTOR: Stuart Canterburry



Production Date: 12/13/2007

Stars; Tera Wray, Franchazca Valentina, Marina Maywood, Aliana Love, Eden De Garden, Van Damage, Marcus London, Trent Soluri, and Dino Bravo.

Reviewed by: Stefani

Boy, oh boy, does this movie bring back memories of porn from days gone by. I remember a time when porn stars had more hair on their body than anyone ever needed and they themselves were far from good looking, or good actors. We never wondered how or why they got into the porn business. It was there on their faces, or in the bad scripts, they recited like a third grader. Yes, this first scene brings back those memories, ah you do remember...

This first scene is terrible! The acting sucks, the single monotone the gal makes gets annoying, quickly. Not a very good start to any porn flick, next...

The next scene is actually quite funny. After the boss walks into his office to find his secretary banging the new temp, he fires them both. Only to go on to say "That stuff will never happen again." Ah, sorry guy, never say never!

His office manager is put in charge of hiring the new employee's, and he can think of no better reason to hire the next female recruit. The acting has gotten substantially better, and these two are just plain hot together.

When the office secretary requests a new temp, she discovers that the female interviewee is a bit put off by the prospect of sex with the boss.. She proudly adds, she doesn't do men, which is just what the hiring secretary wants to hear. These two get into their roles, even producing two dildos out of thin air.

When two prospective employee's turn up at the same time for an interview, the connection is instant and before they get the chance to interview they sneak off to the bathroom, for some good clean fun...Fucking in a bathroom stall doesn't look comfortable but these two never complain.

The final scene, the boss gets to do his own interviewing and my how things change. The temp who swore she only did girls, now has an inkling to change her ways. Just as the boss who swore sexual escapades would never happen in his office lied through his eyeteeth...

This movie is straight sex, no kink, and only one lesbian scene. Its not a bad movie if you are in the mood for something light hearted and mellow.


Overall rating: B
Female looks: C
Male looks: B
Sex: C
Plot/Acting: C
Extras: C


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