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Title: Claudia (Harmony)  
Reviewer: Doghouse Reilly  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A




MOVIE TYPE: Compilation, All Sex

326 Mins.

Harmony Films/Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Gazzman, Steven Angelo, and Tanya Hyde

THEMES: Anal, Gangbang



STARS: Claudia Rossi, Katy Caro, Angelica Black, Lucy Belle, Sharka Blue, Jane Darling

Reviewed by: Doghouse Reilly

It took three sittings for me to get through Claudia, which weighs in at ridiculous five-and-a-half hours long. The inability to get through it in one shot is a testament to how hot Claudia Rossi is, as showcased in a compilation of 11 of her scenes for Harmony Films (two of them previously unreleased). I've seen her in many films before but always thought of her as just another generic smoking-hot European beauty. No more. She's certainly on my radar screen now after watching what is one of the hottest DVDs (two discs actually) I've watched in a while. I'll skip to some of the better scenes because you certainly don't want to read a detailed description of every one.

The fun starts out with an unreleased blowbang with six guys. We all know how these things go so I'll save my breath. Next up is a scene from Backstage: The Movie that has Claudia and Katy Caro oiling each other up outside and shoving dildos in any hole they can find. These two scenes are a good start but the best is yet to come.

The third scene is more unreleased footage and takes place in a dark mansion. Claudia struts down the stairs in black lingerie where she's met by Angelica Black and Lucy Belle, two slender, dark-haired beauties. They have an assortment of sex toys on trays, which they dutifully pass out six gentlemen sitting around a large wooden table. Claudia serves herself for dinner, taking dildos and cocks in every one of her orifices while her two helpers keep the room happy with their mouths. You have ass-to-mouth, anal gaping, and even some licking of man ass in one incredible scene. Highly recommended.

Skipping the next scene we come to scene five, which is from Orgazm Addictz. Everyone in this scene is in fetish gear, and Claudia starts us off by toying with one of her male slaves and riding him like a pony. Then she moves into the next room, where she's joined by Marco Banderas. He takes her pussy and ass in multiple positions before the action cuts back to the other room, where the slave is now sealed under latex on the floor. Jane Darling, sporting a pointy Madonna-like bra rubs him down, unzips his cock, briefly fucks him cowgirl style, and then sprays his cum all over him. Eventually all parties involved join together for a nice, little orgy. Jane takes a cumshot to her ass and Claudia takes a facial.

We'll skip ahead to scene seven over on disc two, which is another one from Backstage: The Movie. Jazz Duro and three of his buddies are playing cards while Claudia is inexplicably napping in the next room wearing red and black lingerie. You know what's coming. The friends all take turns stretching out her pussy and ass one at a time before running a train on her asshole. She takes a double penetration and a double anal like the professional she is before taking four blasts to the face.

Jumping ahead to scene nine - from Ariana Jollee's Fuck Me - we have a hot threesome with Jazz, Marco, and Claudia. She's wearing white lingerie and rubbing herself on a bed. The guys walk in and after a little foreplay go straight to her ass in the pile driver position, which is one of my favorites. She's in this position with her ass high for several minutes, and takes it in both her ass and pussy with plenty of gaping. The guys double penetrate her while she's on her stomach and she tastes her juices off both of their cocks. She inhales both of them in her mouth at the same time and takes one blast and one dribbler to the face to close it out.

Following a blowjob scene with Jazz, we come to the final scene, which comes from The Party. Claudia unlocks a heavy oak door with a skeleton key and promptly finds a huge cock in her mouth. Sharka Blue is taped to a chair with her ass presented nearby, which is being tapped by another guy. She seems to be an afterthought for part of the scene because both of the guys join forces on Claudia often, leaving Sharka still taped and lonely. Eventually she's freed and all four of them have themselves an orgy with anal for both ladies. The scene ends with separate facials for our hardworking women.

Extras are a little sparse, with a photo gallery, cumshot recap, cast list, and five trailers, but we can forgive them since they just gave us five-and-a-half hours of pornographic fun.

The only downside about Claudia is that there wasn't an option to play all of the scenes. At the end of each scene you have to manually select the next one. Maybe I'm nitpicking but it seemed like an odd thing to have to do. Regardless, each one of these scenes features world-class women and the unbeatable action you've come to expect from the Evil Empire. You won't want to miss this one, especially if you're a fan of Claudia Rossi.




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