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Title: Private: Best of Castings 3  
Reviewer: Stefani  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Title: Best of Castings No. 03


Movie Type: Compilation

180 Minutes

Production Company: Private

DIRECTOR: Unstated



Production Date: 2/1/2008

Stars: Kata Lynn, Suzan Nielson, Reka, Henriette, Black Widow, Veronika Stark, Natasha Storm, Sandra Russo, Eva Falk, Nikky Andersson

Reviewed by: Stefani

This is an interesting video; the interviews are just as captivating as the sexual scenes. You will have to look past the subtitles, most of the actors are non-English speaking, but it doesn't take anything away from the heat. The audio is a little off, and the lighting is not great, but for variation, and beautiful people, those things can easily be overlooked.

The first interview is with Kata Lynn, and I have to say this woman has one of the best natural bodies that I have ever seen! Her first sexual scene is with an unidentified male, and while he isn't speaking in English, the ecstasy on his face, tells his story rather clearly. The next scene Kata enters the room, dressed in lingerie to find a female partner waiting. There is some girl/girl action but they are soon joined by a voyer who can't wait to sink his cock into this newbie. They sure are not planning to leave any hole innocent as he takes her every way he can.

Scene two is...interesting. Suzan Nielsen is a hard sell. After proclaiming porn 'Shit" she refuses to undress for the camera, yet somehow they talk her into a threesome on the beach. The lighting is great for this scene, shot outdoors with the ocean as a backdrop. Suzan speaks English, although at times it is difficult to understand, and the volume can jump, so I suggest keeping the remote handy. This gal takes a DP like a pro!

Reka is a Manicurist, and lucky for her they have been looking for a woman to play the part of one. Happy to oblige she jumps right into this role and soon, she's blowing her client. When that isn't enough, she sits on his lap, and gives a hell of a ride. She doesn't speak English but she takes it up the ass like she was meant to do it.. Reka, I think you were in the wrong profession, porn suits you so much better...

Black Widow starts her film career by telling the producer that she wants to make a name for herself. After a series of questions, and a lot of giggling, we travel with Black Widow to Egypt where her sexual fantasy is played out. The voice over is terrible, but the lighting is adequate, and the stage is perfect for an Egyptian love affair. This scene was shot to look more like a dream than real-time, but don't grab the remote just yet, the director isn't quite done shooting this gal. Without warning, you are thrust into the present, and caught in the middle of a voyeurs delight, complete with the sweaty cameraman looking on...I can't say this makes any sense but the shots are good.

Henriette works in a pharmaceutical lab but when asked if she enjoyed it, she said it was boring...I don't think she's bored anymore...This scene is bad...the voice over sucks! Yet, Henriette is cute, and she looks really good sucking cock. There are also some great anal shots here, so not all is lost...

Natasha Storm resembles a young Angelina Jolie, although she doesn't speak a work of English, so prepare to read the subtitles. When the initial interview is over, you travel with this beauty to an Island, where the fun in the sun-really is... fun in the sun. This gal really is a Angelina look alike, Damn! I don't think I need to elaborate on this one, you will have to see for yourself...

Sandra Russo, Eva Falk, and Nikky Andersson share the limelight in this scene of group sex. The interview portion is with Sandra Russo, alone but the sexual scenes involve a variety of people. Blowjobs, anal, and great DP shots await you, as these men and women try every position in the book...

Tamara N-Joy, Kristina, and Victoria share the limelight for this group scene. There is a wide variety among the three women and two men here folks. The audio is substantially better, the lighting is great, and the sexual scenes vary to include just about everything. There are even some solo scenes with toys, damn; I think this movie just about covers everything.

Veronica Stark is entertaining in her interview, as she tells the photographer what he should be looking for. Her first scene takes place in a public bathroom, and I didn't find it too exciting, but the next scene was a change of pace. As Veronika begs to have her ass slapped, and her hair pulled. I told you, there was something for everyone - I meant it!



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