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Title: MILF-O-Maniacs  
Reviewer: Doghouse Reilly  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B





128 Mins.

Wicked Pictures

DIRECTOR: Mark Stone




STARS: Lisa DeMarco, Chelsea Zinn, Maya Divine, Mia Smiles, Payton Leigh, T.J. Powers, Tyler Faith

Reviewed by: Doghouse Reilly

To be perfectly honest, I don't get the appeal of Milf porn. I want to see my ladies young, fit, and slutty. Generally speaking, most of the truly older ladies in Milf flicks are only one of those (I'll let you figure out which one). Really the only thing that gets me through Milf movies is the fact that there are always a couple scenes that involve women who are not that far removed from their 20s or 30s.
The first scene in Milf-O-Maniacs follows this trend. The gorgeous blonde Tyler Faith (early 30s) starts us off. They play off the fact that she's young by saying that she's a Milf in training and Eric Masterson is her trainer. We find out in the behind-the-scenes that Tyler really loves giving head and it shows. After showing off her perfect body in a multitude of positions, he sprays her mouth and chin.
Next up is Chelsea Zinn, who has a decent body despite being an actual Milf. After she tells us how much she likes to fuck, Voodoo walks in and starts taking care of business. She gives him a very enthusiastic blowjob before taking his cock in her ass with ease and gusto. The scene, which involves Chelsea calling Voodoo "Daddy" on a couple of occasions, ends with a facial.
Payton Leigh, another real Milf, takes on Chris Cannon next. After showing off her tight body, Payton takes a lengthy finger bang, coming to a screaming climax. She gets fucked in a couple positions on a pool table before kneeling for a weak facial.
The next scene involves real-life couple Lisa DeMarco and Marco Banderas in the kitchen. In her British accent she tells us that cooking makes her hot, convincing us by rubbing her big fake tits. After exchanging oral favors, they go at it in the standing doggie, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl positions before she takes a huge load in her mouth.
Next up is T.J. Powers, who looks the most like a mom out of everyone in this movie, complete with bob haircut. She meets Nick Manning on the couch and soon enough has her mouth attached to his dick, sucking and slobbering like a champ. T.J. orgasms a couple times in this scene, all while Nick pounds away screaming like a lunatic. When she kneels for her facial, he starts shouting very odd things, which I've noticed about him in other movies.
The movie finishes up with a lesbian Milf pairing between Mia Smiles and Maya (or Wendy) Divine. I'm not totally sold on either of these ladies but I have to admit that Mia has a very nice ass. The scene is very light and playful and sees Maya bang Mia with a strap-on. To end the flick, they both spread on the couch and try to cum together, kissing to send us out.
For extras, you get a Spanish language option, photo galleries, 8 trailers, phone sex ads, a Wicked promo reel, a bonus scene with Maya Divine and Eric Masterson, and a 34-minute behind-the-scenes that includes interviews with all the stars.
As I said up top, I'm not that big a fan of Milf flicks, but if you're really into the genre you should enjoy Milf-O-Maniacs.



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