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Title: Hillary For President  
Reviewer: EB  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Hillary For President


148 Mins.
Sex Z Pictures
www. sexz. com
DIRECTOR: Hillary Scott
THEMES: Dirty Talk, Anal Sex, Politics
STARS: Hillary Scott, Katja Kassin, Alexis Texas, Aline, Madison Young, Lee Stone and Derrick Pierce.

There is a Hillary running for President. No, not that Hillary, its mega porn star Hillary Scott. Hi gang, J.P. Barret here with a look at Sex Z Picture's video, Hillary For President. At first glance I thought this Hillary Scott directed film was a fun look at sex and politics. When I gave it a second glance I was able to see that this is a damn hot and sexy film with some hardcore sex. Hillary did well to make this one extra dirty with hot talk, lots of anal and choking thrown in for good measure. Technically speaking the lighting and sound were good with excellent close up of tight areas.

Katja Kassin & Lee Stone

The video opens with Hillary talking to Katja. Hillary is upset because her campaign swag is not cutting the mustard. She has run out of buttons and her posters are weak. Katja has an idea on a new promotional gimmick and introduces a shirtless Lee Stone wearing a vote for Hillary cape. Hillary is not crazy about the idea and walks away leaving a very sad Lee Stone. Katja tries to cheer him up by doing what she does best, fucking and sucking. The two starts making out as Katja is stripping off her clothes. Stone goes straight for the goodies as he tongues Katja back door opening. Katja licks her lips before taking Stone in her mouth. The two get into a heated sixty-nine before Katja climbs on top for some cowgirl action. Stone goes balls deep while putting two fingers in Katja ass. Soon two fingers aren't enough and Katja has to get the real thing in her bad place. Katja takes Stone's cock in a reverse cowgirl while she rubs her totally bald beaver. After some ass to mouth action Katja takes it doggie style in back door. Stone transitions to her pussy for a while before shooting a nice load on Katja's face. This scene started out playful but quickly became scorching hot. Katja is a thicker girl with a cute face and shapely ass that can turn on the sexual heat in an instant. Lee Stone is a great performer and came through with another great performance.

Alexis Texas & Derrick Pierce

This scene starts with Alexis talking on the phone and trying to find some dirt on Hillary's opponent Big Cock Obamo. There is some talk of pictures with black transsexuals that may give Hillary the edge. Alexis is pissed with a very gay acting Derrick Pierce. Alexis is upset with Derrick because he is proving to be a terrible clerical assistant and not taking notes of her phone conversation as he should. Derrick admits that he is much more an interior designer then clerical assistant and his dream job is to decorate the White House. Alexis says she may be able to help with this but Derrick has to do something for her first. This something proves to be fucking her hard and fast and Derrick agrees. The sex starts with Alexis climbing on Derrick's face and getting him to lick her pussy. From this angle we are able to see that Alexis has as ass any girl in a rap video would envy. Alexis offers to show how real women can suck dick and goes down on Derrick. After getting Derrick rock hard Alexis climbs on top for some cowgirl action. Texas holds her ass open to give a great view of some deep dick action. The two enjoy more positions to include reverse cowgirl, doggie and spoon. The scene ends with Derrick decorating Alexis' face with his jizz. Another good scene here. I have not scene Alexis in action prior to this video but she is a performer that I would like to see again.

Aline & Marco Bandares Second male

The next scene features Aline, Marco Bandares and another male performer . The male performers were not credited in this video so I was not exactly sure who the second guy was. After a quick shot of Aline talking on the phone we see the Marco talking to the second guy while sitting on a couch. The two are very happy because they know they have some sexual favors on the way. Their only complaint is that the donkey fell through. In walks Aline. As it turns out she is the sexual favor. It turns out that the two guys work for Hillary's campaign and before getting down to business, Aline asks if they have any stories to tell about working with Hillary they confess that prior to running for the Presidency our Hillary was a Columbian Drug Lord's prostitute. With this information out of the way the three get into some really hot action. It starts with Aline getting between the two guys and happily takes one in the mouth and gets slammed from behind by guy number two. Aline lets the boys know that she really wants them in her ass. Aline climbs on one taking him deep in the ass while she blows the other. The three get into some DP action when the guy in her mouth slides into her puss. After some heavy pounding the guys switch positions and holes as Aline enjoys a DP doggie style. This scene has some great close ups and Aline talks dirty non-stop which amps up the sexual energy. The scene ends with Aline taking the boys man chowder right in the face. After thanking the guys for either the hearty fuck, the information on Hillary or both Aline calls her contact and gives the information on Hillary's prior vocation.

Madison Young & Black Male

In this scene we finally get to see Hillary opponent in the campaign Big Cock Obamo. Obamo is a tall and then black male that talks with a Jamaican accent. Seems Obamo is worried about his victory chances due to Hillary's exposure. Just then his wife Madison Young tells him the information she just received from Aline. Obamo is over joyed with the news and decides to let Madison in on his good feelings. Madison releases Obamo's black snack from his pants and gets it into her mouth. After awhile, Obamo bends her over the couch and takes her from behind. Madison has an innocent face and her tits are on the smaller side boasting rock hard nipples. Madison talks during the scene also and her moans come out more as yodels. Madison rubs her pussy while telling Obamo how good his cock feels inside of her. Obamo takes her from behind again but this time he has his sights set on her tight ass. This scene goes on for a while and just when you think they are done the actions starts up again. It was incredible to see how much pounding Madison's ass takes in this one.

Hillary Scott & Male

Not until the final scene do we see Hillary in action but the wait is worth it. Hillary is talking to her male friend and confides that she is really sad because she is unsure how the election will turn out. Hillary asks her guy to help cheer her up. In porn talk that means, "Please fuck me". Too bad that doesn't work in real life. The male decides the best way to cheer up Hillary Scott is to lick her ass-hole which he does with great gusto. Hillary tells him to get her ass nice and wet for his cock. Hillary tells her guy to get his cock out and she waste no time showing off her oral skills. Hillary likes it rough and her guy holds her head while he fucks her face. Hillary takes it doggie style, missionary and spoon before she agrees to let the guy put it in her stink hole. The guy's slides it in slowly but quickly builds up speed. At one point he has two fingers in Hillary's pussy while he pounds her ass. Hillary takes it long and hard in the ass before she is literally thrown off the guys cock to take his load in her mouth, which she happily swallows.

This video is definitely worth watching. With just a little more effort Sex Z Pictures could have shown Hillary winning the election setting up several sequels. I can see Hillary picking her cabinet based on the oral skills or fucking foreign nationals into seeing things her way. Can anyway say U.S.A.

Bonus: Behind the Scenes, Trailers and Photo Gallery.


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