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Title: Taking Control  
Reviewer: Doghouse Reilly  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Taboo: Taking Control


112 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Anastasia Pierce and Liam Pierce

THEMES: Domination, Latex



STARS: Ariel X, Anastasia Pierce, Adrianna Nicole, Shannon Kelly, Roxy Deville

Reviewed by: Doghouse Reilly
I don't usually venture too far into the bondage/domination genre but when I do, I like for there to be sex involved, which isn't always the case in these movies. Luckily, Hustler doesn't let me down with Taboo: Taking Control.

The movie opens with Ariel X, a petite brunette with perky B-cups, writhing on a bed with her hands chained to the headboard. She's wearing red latex fetish gear and has her mouth propped open with a rubber ring. In walks Anastasia Pierce wearing black latex from head to toe. She starts playing with her pet and has Ariel suck her tits. After spanking and teasing her, Anastasia puts on a strap-on and whips Ariel's ass until it's bright red. Ariel is propped up with her ass in the air and takes the strap-on doggie style until cumming in a screaming orgasm. Anastasia wants to get fucked and straps a dildo in Ariel's mouth. She has her fun and leaves Ariel chained to the bed.

We get a taste of medical fetish in the next scene, which has Adrianna Nicole strapped to a gynecologist's chair wearing black fetish gear. Evan Stone is the doctor and he walks in wearing a black surgical mask. He places breast pumps on Adrianna and turns them on, sucking her tits against the clear plastic cups. The vibrator he pulls out to tease her with looks like it came straight out of the 60's - it plugs in and everything. After shoving a large metal plug in her ass he finger fucks her. He bangs her missionary style for a while and then props her mouth open with fish hooks and slides his dick down her throat. He gives her the ultimate teabag and shoves both of his balls in her mouth. Then, after prepping her ass a little more, he fucks her missionary up the back door. We then cut to her strapped to a bondage horse with her ass held high. He goes balls deep anally and finishes off by giving her a facial.

The next scene seems to be some sort of interrogation, with Marco Banderas looking like one of the Village People getting rough with hard-bodied Shannon Kelly in a dungeon of sorts. She's wearing orange latex and her hands are chained. He's questioning her in Spanish and whipping her when he doesn't get the answers he's looking for. She doesn't seem to mind so he takes it up a notch and straps her to an X-shaped wooden rack. After he realizes he won't get any information from her he decides to at least get some ass. He licks her pussy and asshole and then drops her to her knees so she can blow him. After fucking her in a couple positions, Marco locks Shannon's head and arms in the stocks. He bangs her from behind before walking around front and shooting all over her face.

The last scene might be a little too far out there for all but the most devoted fans of domination. Roxy Deville, decked out in purple latex, is shaving Christian's head with an old-fashioned straight blade. She's obviously in charge and demeans him by calling him cupcake. She sticks her ass in his face and smothers him before paddling his ass. He's forced to lick her boots before lying on his back so she can sit on his face. She blows him and strokes his cock. Then she climbs on in reverse cowgirl before telling him to get up and bang her doggie style. This is when it gets a little weird. Roxy puts on black rubber gloves and lubes them up before telling Christian to lie on his back. While she strokes and blows him, she slips one, then two fingers in his ass to give him a prostate massage. She strokes him until he cums on her glove and makes him lick it off.

For extras you get a slide show, ads for the Hustler Hollywood store and phone sex, website info, 6 Hustler trailers, and 1 VCA trailer.

Although the last scene won't be for everyone, if you're looking for high quality domination- or bondage-flavored hardcore with good-looking talent, you really can't go wrong with Taboo: Taking Control.



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