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Title: Milk Nymphos 2  
Reviewer: EB  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Milk Nymphos 2


Milk Nymphos 2

MOVIE TYPE: Anal Squirting

Running Time: 203 min.

Evil Angel DVD

www. evilangel. com

www. buttmanmagazine. com


THEMES: Anal Squirting, Schoolgirl, Nurse, Cowgirl, Fetish

Condoms: None


Stars: Tia Sweet, Chelsie Rae, Emma Heart, Jenny Hendrix, Jennifer
Love, Lucy Belle,
Harmony, Paris

www. evilangel. com
I wise person once said, " Milk, it does the body good". After
watching this video I can say truer words were never spoken. Hi folks,
rookie Rog reviewer J.P. Barret here to talk about Evil Angel's Milk
Nymphos 2. This Jay Sin directed video has tons of squirting but we
are not talking about the clear liquid that comes out of a girl's
cooch, we are talking about girl's asses being filled with milk that they
shoot out with such velocity that it will leave you scratching your
heads. Jay admitted that the hardest part of making these videos was
getting all the squirted milk off the camera lens during shooting. That
should give you a clue of what this film is about. I found this video to
be sick, vile and disgusting and I could not stop watching! This two
disc Buttman magazine Choice video is an afternoon of freaky viewing
clocking in at well over three hours. If you are like me and want to be
well versed in your porn viewing, this video is for you. If you really
enjoy watching some freaked out stuff, this video is a must see. If
you are lactose intolerant be afraid, be very afraid.


The first scene starts out with Emma Heart playing the part of a
naughty schoolgirl. Emma takes a quick shot of whipped cream before
heading off to her next class. Unfortunately the whipped cream gives her a
stomach ache so she does what any schoolgirl would do in her situation.
She squats in front of her locker and shits it out leaving a little
puddle. Emma's pains continue so she goes to see the sexy school
nurse played by DVD cover girl Tia Sweet. Tia looks incredible in a red
and white latex nurse's outfit. Tia assesses the situation and finds
that Emma's problem is she eats entirely too many sweets. Nurse Sweet
decides to help Emma get rid of her sweet tooth. She shoots more
whipped cream in Emma's mouth and fucks her mouth with a huge black dildo.
That should teach her. In the process Tia finds that our schoolgirl
is not wearing panties so she covers her body with more whipped cream
and licks it off. After licking Emma's ass clean, Tia fills it with
whipped cream and has Emma Squirt it out. Emma has a great ass and
the Sub schoolgirl and Dom nurse makes this scene really works well.
After more squirting hijinx, the two switch sides and it nurse Tia's
turn to have her ass filled with whipped cream and a huge red dildo. One
portion of the scene has Tia having her assed filled and Emma sipping
it out through a straw. O.K. she didn't actually drink it but it was
wild to look at. Just like a bad car wreck this scene was very messy
and you have to stop and stare. From start to finish, I kept wondering
what are these two going to do next.


The next scene features Hee Haw Honeys Paris Gables and Harmony. It
starts with the two girls leaving a barn with a huge jug of milk.
After sampling the milk and some light petting the two start to walk and
come upon a sleeping Andrew Andretti passed out by a white picket fence.
The two girls decide to have a little fun and tie him to the fence.
The two take turns filling up their asses with the milk and shooting
it right in Andrew's face. They throw in some forced ass smothering
and rimming to let him know that they are in control. After a few
rounds of this the girls get another idea and take out Andrew's cock.
Paris covers it with milk/ass juice while Harmony takes him deep in her
pie hole. Deciding that a hard man is good to find the two girls
release Andrew. The two take turns getting his hard cock in their mouths.
What happens next is one of the wildest scenes I've ever seen. Paris
gets tied to the fence with a clear plastic bag put over her head. The
plastic bag contains a mouth hole and Andrew uses it to face fuck her
mouth well. The scene goes on from there and ends with Andrew
shooting a nice load on the girls. Just like the previous, this scene was a
must see also. Proving once again that this is not your dad's porno.

Euro girls

Euro talent Lucy Belle and Jennifer Love star in the next scene.
These two have very tight bodies and cute accents. The two start of by
making out before jumping into the shower for some messy fun. Jen covers
Lucy's body with milk and licks it off paying special attention to
her to Lucy's ass. Jen gets Lucy's ass ready for a creamy deposit
and shoots milk in her ass. Lucy's shoots the milk right in Jen's
face. Jen fills her ass again with first milk then a dildo and fucks
her well. It's Jen's turn now for some anal attention. Lucy squirts
milk in Jen's pussy and licks it out. Lucy fucks Jen's ass with a
dildo and her tongue. The scene ends with Lucy taking a vibrator in
the ass creating a huge gape. This scene may have been the weakest of
the video. The girls were smoking hot but the action was repetitive.
I can't believe I'm saying this but how many times can you squirt
milk in a girl's ass and watch her shoot it out.

Pinstripes and Top Hats

The forth scene actually starts on the second disc and brings back
the sexual energy in this video. Jenny Hendrix and AVN award winner for
best anal scene Chelsie Rae headline this portion. Chelsie was
featured in an interview segment as part of the extra features. It was quite
a contrast seeing her in jeans and flip-flops during the interview
verses seeing her and Jenny now in matching black and white pinstripe
vest, shorts and high heels. In the jeans, she looks like any girl you
would see in the bookstore or mall. In this outfit she looks like the
girls that wet dreams of made of. This scene starts with Jenny showing
off her incredibly well shaped ass and getting her ass-hole to wink for
the camera. Chelsie covers her ass with milk and rubs it in. Chelsie
shoots Jenny's ass full of milk, which she squirts out into
Chelsie's top hat. A top hat, this is now a classy movie. Chelsie shoots more
milk in Jenny's ass but this time Jen shoots it out right into
Chelsie's mouth. After a short make out session the girls switch
places and its Chelsie's ass that is getting filled. Chelsie shoots
the milk out and hits Jen right between the eyes. Enter porn stud Tony
T. Both girls dropped to their knees taking Tony into the mouths.
After some heavy oral attention, Chelsie climbs on top taking Tony's man
meat right in her ass. Jenny gives herself a milk enema and shoots off
onto Tony's cock while he is fucking Chelsie. After some heavy
pounding, Jenny bends over doggie style to take Tony anally. The scene
ends with Tony shooting off in the girl's faces before Chelsie pours the
remainder of the milk over Jenny.

Bonus: Bonus sex scene, BTS, Interviews, Bloopers/Outtakes Photo
gallery, Cum shot re-cap, Trailers and Website.



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