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Title: MILFs Gone Anal 3  
Reviewer: Stefani  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


MILF's Gone Anal Vol 3

Milf Seeker


Movie Type: Gonzo

123 + Minutes

Production Company: Pink Visual

DIRECTOR: Unstated



Production Date: 11/15/2007


Reviewed by: Stefani

Summer Storm heads this video when she is met at the airport by a couple college student, played by Kris Slater, and Donnie Long, who convince her they need her help with a video for class. Hum...Taken to Donnie's place; it doesn't take long for this threesome to shed their inhibitions, and their clothes. This scene is hot! Kris Slater is everywhere and it doesn't take long to figure out why. With his boyish face and obvious eagerness to please, his appearance is a sure sign of some hot action. Oh sorry, back to the review...

After a few weak protests, Summer allows these guys to strip her, and seems to bask in the adoration of her body. Before long, the clothes have fallen away, and she's begging for more. These three burn it up, as Summer tries to stuff Donnie Long's cock down her throat (we now know where he got his name), before moving on to Kris' cock, while Donnie fucks her from behind. There is a bit of awkwardness, but overall, a winning start for any good porn flick.

The second scene stars Kris Knight (using the name Myles) and Kris Slater, this time they have cornered an unsuspecting Diana Prince ( Kasey Kroft), who is playing the role of a producers assistant. It is unfortunate that she shows up at the studio, only to discover it is closed. Myles and Kris are more than happy to step in, and keep her entertained. It doesn't take much to persuade this horney momma that two are indeed better than one, as she makes all of her orifices available. She's a trooper, she takes one hell of an ass pounding.

Tyann Mason stars opposite Donnie Long and John Esposito, as they move onto scene three. Tyann is shopping for school supplies for her four kids, when she is asked to help Long and Esposito with a school project of their own. Initially she is reluctant but gives in, and finds herself being 'interviewed' in a bedroom. It takes a lot of coaxing to get this momma out of her clothes but once they are off, its no holds bared action...Tyann sets the stage as she sucks first one then the other, before she rides Long's cock, and continues to work Esposito with her mouth. They flip it around as she is slammed doggy style by Esposito while she sucks Long as deep as she dares. They each get a taste of her ass before they finish on her chest.

Kris Slater is back for the fourth scene, as is Myles (Kris Knight), the pair charm Gabrielle Romano who they have found in a donut shop, into an interview. They tell her they are looking for a model to go to Hawaii and represent their company. The promise of Hawaii is enough to get this girl to do anything...Of course, she requires a lot of hands on instruction...This must be her first anal, but I have to say, these guys have been extremely patient.

The final scene stars Gabrielle Rossi, Myles (Kris Knight), and Jason Hunter, but I have to say the acting in this scene is terrible! The guys spot Gabrielle as she is waiting to meet a girlfriend, but when the men approach; they discover her friend is a no-show. Plans change and Gabrielle agrees to hang out with the guys instead. As I said the acting sucks, and this broads voice is like nail on a chalk board...ewe! Natural whine...

Overall a great movie, just remember to hit the mute button for the last scene...

Milf Seeker


Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B-
Extras: B


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