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Title: Who’s Your Momma 2  
Reviewer: Stefani  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Title: Who's Your Momma 2

Movie Type: Feature

140 Minutes

Production Company: Mayhem

DIRECTOR: Sammy Slater



Production Date: 9-24-07

Reviewed by: Stefani

Tyann Mason starts this movie as a real estate agent showing a property to a perspective buyer. When her client starts to show apprehension, she finds other ways to close this deal. The acting isn't very good but who cares? The lighting is perfect, the camera angles are good and there is lots of close up shots of these two as they move from one position to the next. All in a days work for this real estate agent, but I really did expect her to close the deal after letting her "client" plunder her ass like that.

Scene two stars, Diana Doll and Kylie Worthy, old friends reunited after they had both married with kids. When they stop at a light and notice a homeless man sitting on the side of the road, they offer to take him home, let him shower and feed him. After he showers, he looks like an entirely different person and these gals cannot help but have some fun with this guy. The acting has gotten better and the lights and camera are very good. Lots of close ups as the three try out various positions and combinations. Yum!

Victoria Valentino is on the telephone when the neighbors son come over to borrow a bar of soap, she sends him up to her room to get it but when she heads up to retrieve her phone book she finds him stealing her panties. Being the understanding Mom that she is, she promises not to tell his mom but she can do better than a pair of panties, and proceeds to show him just what he's been missing.

Austin Kincaid finds herself running interference for her husband after he stands up one of his employee's whom he had scheduled a game of basketball with. After a quick phone call she has to break the news that her husband "forgot" and has no intentions of returning in time to catch a game. Austin doesn't mind giving this guy the message, nor does she mind giving him other things as well.

Joslyn James heads home after being fired from her job when the boss hires an eighteen year old to take her place. To prove she is still young she is determined to take on both the available men, and she does with an amazing DP. WOW!

I'm impressed with this video, the lighting is good, camera angle are awesome and the sex is just HOT! Can't ask for more.


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